iPhone 3G 2.2.1 Custom Restore Firmware (Windows and Mac)

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The newest iPhone 3G 2.2.1 firmware update from Apple was released earlier this week and iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool has just been released yesterday. With PwnageTool, you can create your own custom iPhone 3G firmware from Apple’s official IPSW file so that you can continue to run the yellowsn0w software unlock. The 2.2.1 firmware update contains a baseband firmware update (02.30.03) which is not compatible with yellowsn0w. This is a major problem for iPhone 3G users who wish to update to 2.2.1 firmware but still want to keep their iPhones unlocked to use outside of AT&T. This is only possible with a custom firmware created with Pwnage Tool that strips out the baseband update from the upgrade. This is great… if you have a Mac. Windows users are left in the dark for now, at least until QuickPwn for Windows gets released.

But if you don’t want to wait, we’re actually providing the custom IPSW firmware as a free direct download created with Pwnage Tool for you to update your firmware without needing to wait for QuickPwn for Windows to come out. This only works, however, if you’ve previously pwned your iPhone before. With this firmware update, you simply need to put your iPhone in DFU recovery mode, launch iTunes and shift-click (Mac users option-click) on restore and browse to this custom firmware and use it to update your iPhone’s firmware. And that’s it. Since you’ve previously pwned your iPhone before, QuickPwn isn’t necessary for you and you won’t need to wait for QuickPwn Windows to be release. If it hasn’t been pwned before, then you’re out of luck and you’ll need to wait.

  1. Download the iPhone 3G iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw from us (MD5 sum = 93c379cb80b573c41580bfb56619ff34). This excludes the baseband upgrade so you can be sure 2.2.1 will be compatible with yellowsn0w unlock. It also contains Cydia and Installer. The custom boot logos were excluded.
  2. Connect your iPhone via USB cable and put it in DFU mode. To put it in DFU mode, turn the phone off. Hold power and home together for precisely 10 seconds. Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized. At no point will the display come on. If this doesn’t work, try to press and hold power only. Keep holding power. As soon as you see any display on the screen of any sort press and hold the home button. Hold power and home together for precisely 10 seconds. Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized.
  3. Launch iTunes and shift-click on the Restore button (option click for Mac users). Then browse to the custom restore 2.2.1 firmware you downloaded from us and let iTunes do the rest.
  4. Once your iPhone has been jailbroken to 2.2.1 firmware, follow our yellowsn0w soft unlock guide to unlock your 3G iPhone if so desired, starting from step 9.

Remember, this shortcut is for previously pwned iPhones only. You don’t need QuickPwn to upgrade to 2.2.1 if you can get your hands on a custom restore firmware like ours.



114 Responses to “iPhone 3G 2.2.1 Custom Restore Firmware (Windows and Mac)”

  • Comment from vanka

    Awesome post guys thanks alot for the link to pwned 2.2.1 .ipsw

    :) Good Job.

  • Comment from FreeWay

    nice, Great work uploadin the ipsw Thanks Guys!

  • Comment from Packard

    Hey! this firmware (2.2.1) (5H11) has a new bug!! On music sorting!
    Tracks/Artists/Albums that starts with “A” or “The” are re-sorted by your second word!
    Look an example of “T” Artists!!

    S =======================
    Steve Vai
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    T =======================
    B =======================
    The Beatles
    The Bolshoi
    C =======================
    The Cranberries
    M =======================
    The Magic Numbers
    U =======================

  • Comment from demdoo

    anybody else can confirm that?

  • Comment from hossi

    Could you please provide a sha1sum for your custom ipsw, as the download comes from a third party?


  • Comment from savior

    For some reason I am not getting a signal after installing the custom firmware…

  • Comment from adm_snackbar




    You need to install the yellowsn0w app again.

  • Comment from kawai

    Packard, I think that arrangement might sound quite logical, going by how librarian sort index cards in library.

  • Comment from Harry

    i cant download (Download the iPhone 3G iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw)
    any other link?

  • Comment from Packard

    Hi kawai!
    But, why before update the firmware this wasn’t like this?? This “sorting mode” is new! From this version! I was noticed when I searched for an album and I don’t found at first glance!
    I think that the solution is keeping the same order, but without letters separation (in the second sub-order)

  • Comment from adm_snackbar


    Click on the link (not right-click).

  • Comment from Henry

    I did it and it works great, can you guys provide a customer IPSW without the installer I don’t really care for it much since everything is now in Cydia;)

  • Comment from Bo

    When restoring from the downloaded iPhone1,2_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw I get a message saying “The iPhone “xxx” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1604)”. Anyone else got this message?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    1604 means your iPhone is not in DFU mode.

  • Comment from -{H}-

    You guys ROCK!!!

    just finished restoring & installed yellowsn0w works like a charm! :)

    thx a million guys!
    great job!

  • Comment from hossi

    Thanks a lot for your custom ipsw!!
    After installing I too had no signal at all, neither with original nor 3rd party sim; after a couple of reinsertions and reboots however everything (both sim cards that is) works perfectly!!

    Well done guys!

  • Comment from ikkoku

    thanks for the download… I flashed it but get no signal… was activation not set for this custom firmware?

  • Comment from mike

    it wont work for me is it because my phone is from the uk

  • Comment from vinc

    Its work on the network but the sms portion still encountering the problme of “error sending sms”.

  • Comment from snc

    Itunes gets an error when i try to install this firmware. Tried re downloading and on another computer. :/

  • Comment from hossi

    Unfortunately, yesterday I was wrong with my success message :-(

    This update actually has serious issues. I won’t get any signal at all when a sim card is introduced, that has a pin set! Even if it is the original card.

    Before, this was only the case, when inserting a 3rd party card.
    Now it wont’t work with ANY card that has it’s pin set.

    This is the only sequence that works:
    1) remove (original) sim from iPhone
    2) insert this sim to other phone and unset sim pin
    3) reinsert unset sim card in iPhone
    4) still no signal
    5) reboot with unset sim card and signal is back

    I also tried to remove yellowsn0w. Even after an uninstall of yellowsn0w and reboot, the iPhone (with original sim) gets no signal, if sim has its pin set!

    Reinstalled yellowsn0w: no difference still no signal.

    Third and different try:
    1) keep original sim card with sim pin set
    2) remove original card from iPhone
    3) insert 3rd party sim card that has sim pin unset into iPhone
    4) iPhone receives signal
    5) reinsert original sim card (that has sim pin set)
    6) unlock sim card
    7) iPhone receives signal

    So the bottomline of all this is:
    After a REBOOT of your iPhone, you won’t get any signal if the sim card (original or third party) has a sim pin set. The iPhone MUST reboot to a card (original or 3rd party) with sim pin unset. Only afterwards you can insert a sim card which has its sim pin set!

    I consider this actually a major flaw, as it gives you the unpleasant alternative of either
    1) never to turn off your iPhone
    2) or use an unsecured sim card.

    @adm_snackbar: guys could you please check your building process (activation…) of the custom ipsw and perhaps provide an alternative one?



  • Comment from peppers

    It’s not working, I had 2.2.1 with baseband 2.30.0 and tried to restore to this custom IPSW so that I can unlock using yellowsn0w. Unfortunately, at the end, there’s a error message pop up.

    Anyone can help?

  • Comment from peppers

    it pops out ” It can not be restored, unknown error 1604 “

  • Comment from adm_snackbar


    You are obviously not aware of yellowsn0w’s SIM PIN lock limitation. And activation is set in this custom firmware.


    This firmware does NOT include any baseband update, so it won’t affect your existing baseband version.

  • Comment from TiNSON

    @ peppers
    you have already updated your baseband to 2.30.0 which you cannot downgrade unfortunatley so it is impossible for yellowsn0w to help you until if and when a new unlock is made for your 2.30.0 baseband :-(
    hope this helps

  • Comment from evolved

    everything works like a charm! tested it out with another sim card and everything.

    only problem i encountered (but it fixed itself) was that cydia was crashing while i tried to get my jailbroken apps back… but i just restarted the phone and it works now.

    thanks for the custom ipsw!! great work!

  • Comment from Haider Ali

    hey im confused on what it means when it says that the custom firmware will only work on previously pwned iphones???????
    how do i know my iphone 3g has been previously pwned.

    I have a 3g iphone 16GB white running on 2.2 firmware. Bought it on PAYG (UK) jailbroke it using quickpwn for windows then unlocked it using yellowsn0w via cydia.

    Am i able to update using the custom firmware then able to unlock it via yellowsn0w again????

  • Comment from Meko

    Hey guys,i just got my iphone and apply the 2.2.1 version,i jailbroken the phone using quickpwn but No signal,from what i read,i have no chance of using it again!!,any hope it could be craked?!!!!!

  • Comment from Jared

    I am having the same problem of NO SIGNAL.

    I upgraded from 2.2 jailbroken phone, but have not installed yellowsnow.

    I have no signal! HELLLLLP!

  • [...] Hallo mensen, ik had ook problemen met cydia. Toch maar een gok gewaagd en heb op google wat zitten snuffelen. Hier onder een custom IPSW 2.2.1 met cydia en installer. Heb dit geinstalleerd zonder problemen en Yellowsn0w werkt dus ook gewoon. Baseband word niet geupdate. HET BLIJFT 02.28.00 http://www.filesavr.com/iphone112215h11customrestore (MD5 sum = 93c379cb80b573c41580bfb56619ff34) Of voor mensen met een Rapidshare.com premium account RapidShare: Easy Filehosting ("rapidshare" heb deze zelf geupload de CI achter restore staat voor Cydia en Installer) (MD5 sum = 93c379cb80b573c41580bfb56619ff34) Voor meer informatie zie bron. Bron is iPhone 3G 2.2.1 Custom Restore Firmware (Windows and Mac) | Code Retard [...]

  • Comment from Yianni

    PLEASE HELP!! Every time i try restoring my iPhone to this 2.2.1 firmware it fails and shows me “Error 21″. What is the fix if there is one? Also when I tried using QuickPwn instead, my phone gets stuck on a blank black screen before eventually rebooting and going back into DFU mode. HELP PLEASE

  • Comment from dan stine

    This does not work…and my question is WHY???!!! I have gotten an error 1600, error 1603, and error 1604. Then when i tried a completely different restore I got an error 1013. What is wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Comment from dan stine

    also received an error 13 message.

  • Comment from Nat Turner

    This custom firmware blows. Error 1600. I should’ve done it the old-fashion way.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Can anybody give a anather link, like rapidshare or torrent?

  • Comment from lom73

    Can anybody give a anather link, like rapidshare or torrent?

  • Comment from J.E.Turner

    Doesn’t work for me. I updated the official 2.1 to 2.2, jailbroke 2.2 w/ QuickPwn 225-2, then restored the custom 2.2.1 (found here) in iTunes DFU mode and got error “(1600).” I then went back to a clean 2.2 (did not restore backup), jailbroke that, and tried again with the same results.

    16GB iPhone 3G here.

  • Comment from Sector Y

    Worked for me :)

  • Comment from J.E.Turner

    I tried the older version or QuickPwn and a different PC (still WindowsXp with the latest iTunes). Same results (error 1600).

  • Comment from Biff

    Anyone having trouble getting any signal, go to cydia, and search for yellowsn0w, install it. That is the only way your phone will see any signal. Yellowsn0w is the answer.

  • Comment from iphone user


    Iphone 3g 8GB

    Firmware 2.1

    Currently my Iphone works with Tornado sim.

    I want to update too 2.2.1 (I don’t know if was pwnd befored.. I bought from somebody)

    Can I start restoring your custom ipsw directly? from itunes.,?


  • Comment from Ben

    J.E. Turner, This is what you did wrong. Do not put your phone into GFU mode. Just simply jailbreak 2.2,,,,, (1st)download microsoft net frame v2.0. (2nd)quickpwn and the 2.2.1 restore firware. (3rd) unzip quickpwn into a created file whick you can create on your deksktop, just name it pwnpage, Next take the 2.2.1 firware restore and put it in the pwnpage folder. Next connect your iphone to itunes and hold the shift key on your pc keyboard and click restore. browse the pwn folde and select the 2.2.1 firmware. after the iphone has been restore go ahead and run quickpwn and follow the steps

    • Comment from inno

      hey,i dwonloaded the iphone softwareupdates with out itunes,but i don’t know how them evern in the itunes,can you help me that.and give me any way to do it-(to restore&update my iphone3g)with out or with itunes.

  • Comment from RDV099

    Hey i have a question… after installing this custom firmware, do i have to activate the iphone 3G with quickpwn ( i have Windows Vista), because i need to modify the Mobilleinstallation.framweork, so i can install cracked apps from the appstore, and in order to do that, i need to jailbreak it with quickpwn..
    Can someone answer? please

  • Comment from J.E.Turner

    Ben: Your solution doesn’t make any sense. First of all, the guide specifically says to enter DFU mode before restoring the CFW over the jailbroken 2.2FW. Even so, I already tried it without because the guys in #iPhone on EFNET said it wouldn’t make a difference and that didn’t work either. Also, I have .net Framework fully up to date and have successfully pwned 2.1 &2.2 many times, so that’s not the issue. I’m not really sure why you mention restoring 2.2.1 in your second step (mistake?) and then instruct me to do it again in the next (going into details). It doesn’t matter what folder (or drive) I have the 2.2.1 CFW in and I have no problems all the way up until iTunes extracts the 2.2.1 CFW and begins installing (error 1600).

  • Comment from Scottless

    Custom firmware worked like a charm. I didn’t put iPhone in DFU manually. iTunes did it form me when I shift+left click “Restore” and selected custom firmware. Upon successfull update completion I installed yellowsn0w 0.98 and rebooted iPhone. Thanks dude!

  • Comment from Tonww

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a pre-owned 3g Iphone which as been already updated with the latest firmware. So, my question is I can not jailbreak/unlock this phone? If not, what about the customer restore ipsw what is it for? Is for people WANTED to upgraded to the 2.2.1 firm not ALREADY UPGRADED?

    I would appreciates for any help.

  • Comment from DG


    I had problem with error 1600 by putting iphone manually in DFU mode. If you step the DFU mode steps and just do the shift+restore directly then no error will occur and everything works as advertise ;p.


    • Comment from RD

      Works!!! Thanks..
      Not the DFU way but the way mentioned by DG…

  • Comment from AS

    I have a question about my firmware. I have a 3G running on 02.28.00 but my firmware is 2.1, will yellowsn0w still unlock my iphone?

  • Comment from Carlis Sweden TELE2

    Worked perfect.

    Best regards Carlis

  • Comment from hopeless1

    ey everybody,

    seems like everyone who updated his iphone to the latest firmware gets the modem-firmware (baseband) 02.30.03 !! this kinda sux, cuz anything you do is useless. i downgraded my iphone 3G to FW 2.0.1 ans still baseband is the same.

    this CFW is only working for iphone 3G upgraded max. 2.2, isn´t it?!

  • Comment from Chris


  • Comment from Marion

    Hi guys,

    How can I find out if my Iphone 3G was previously pwned?Any log file I can look into?



  • Comment from KevinT

    Bought an iphone 3g from india and am having programs unlocking it. can get it to unlock but no carrier or signal. any help be greatly appreciated

  • Comment from mr iphone

    the problem with you guys just because that you already at firmware 2.2.1 or baseband 02.30 then u try to push this custom firmware…

    tahts its preety much retard because its already too late, your baseband alredy going up and imposible to put it down… downgrade its only for the firwmare not the baseband so no matter its firmware 2.0 or its 2.2.1 the baseband its still the same…

    so i think if you want this method is working you should upgrade using this custom firmware when you in position 2.2 firmware not after you in 2.2.1

  • Comment from MC

    I did not follow the procedure but its working perfect with what I did.

    Here is what I did:

    1) Download the custom firmware 2.2.1 on this site.

    2) Connect the phone to itunes (My phone was already jailbroken and unlocked with 2.2. )

    3) Goto device and restore by SHIFT + RESTORE

    4) No need to jailbreak it again since it was already jailbroken.

    5) goto cydia and delete dev team program

    6) reinstall yellowsn0w

    7) restart phone and everything works perfect..

    basically, you have to delete dev-team program and reinstall yellowsn0w.

    • Comment from kandukuri

      i done what you excatly done but i am not getting any service i mean signal
      can any one help me out!!!!!!!!
      thanks in advance

      • Comment from svet

        hi, i’ve got same issue, did you get any respond to it ? if so, i would appreciate if you can pass it to me.

        many thanks

    • Comment from Eucharia

      Works like a charm!!!!! THANX

    • Comment from mike

      hey i have a iphone 3g unlocked and jailbtoken 2.2 2.28.00 and i am gonna try what you did. did you start at the same plkace asme? have you hadany problems?

    • Comment from Anonymous


  • Comment from mds

    so i’m running 16gb 3g on tmobile. i had been running 2.2 jailbroken with a turbosim. today i upgraded to a pwned version of 2.2.1 trying to get the 2.28 baseband that was not in my pwned 2.2 firmware. firmware updated, connected back to tmobile with turbo sim but baseband still at 2.11.

    so i restored to factory untouched 2.2 to upgrade baseband. connects to itunes fine but the firmware is unactivated. my plan was just to restore to one of my previously working firmware bundles and keep the upgraded baseband, ultimately trying to loose the turbo sim and run yellowsn0w.

    in order to restore, i must put the phone in DFU mode. itunes recognizes a phone in recovery mode. i option+click the restore and select one of my custom firmware bundles i have previously used on the phone with tmobile. it extracts the package, and when it goes to prepare the iphone for restore it says the iphone cannot be restored due to an error 1600. can’t find a way around this. any help with the error 1600 appreciated.

    i was having the problem or error 2001 when i put the phone into DFU mode but i have gotten around that by running the phone through a powered usb hub. i read this is a common problem with the white macbooks which i am using.

  • Comment from mds

    i get the same result on my 15″ powerbook g4

  • Comment from alwaeli

    unlock my iphone 2.2.1 modem 02.30.03

  • Comment from ackmn

    It worked:)But why is it when i remove yellowsn0w i dont get any signals,nor it displays my carrier? before i updated using this custom firmware, my “SOFTBANK” carrier works fine even without yellowsn0w. Yes i jailbroke my 2.2 before,..I just want to ask you guys if using yellowsn0w to get signal from my carrier (which is SOFTBANK in japan) keeps my PLAN (i have the unlimited packet plan).Or will i end up with a huge ammount to pay? sorry for my english and lenghty post,thankx..

    • Comment from Glocknine


      hey bro could you contact me on msn garnet.crows@hotmail.com i am from japan too and i own a 3g iphone locked to softbank carrier i would like to discuss something to you about our status on this method since we wont be able to get any answers anywhere

      • Comment from Anonymous

        Bro im AckMN

        i Dont have an MSN account..but i do have a YM id add me up if you feel like contacting me:) here`s my ID


        take care..

  • Comment from ackmn

    another bug found, it doesnt display my own number on contacts.Usually iphone displays my number on the uppermost part of “CONTACTS” but after i updated using this Custom firmware it`s not there. but it works great :) despite the bugs :) i wish someone can fix this…thanks…

  • Comment from haha

    Do i lose my Cydia-installed apps ?

  • Comment from LALIT JAIN


    • Comment from Anonymous


      • Comment from Anoman

        Sit and wait and drink a coffee Lalit JAIN…
        More Inoframtions needed!!!.

        • Comment from KIRTAN CREATIVE

          hi m from mumbai m using 3g2.2.1 right now no netwrk can n e one help me can n e phone me pl. mail

    • Comment from Anonymous

      i would say,learn to read english as well as to type civilizedly not like a noob with fingers and no brains

  • Comment from KIRTAN CREATIVE

    hi m from mumbai m using 3g2.2.1 right now no netwrk can n e one help me can n e phone me pl. mail


  • Comment from jbryan

    Thanks. That worked perfectly!

  • Comment from Rupesh

    Hi Guys,

    I am having an iPhone 3G 2.2.1 version locked with AT&T. I will appreciate if anyone of you could guide me in unlocking it.

    Many Thanks in advance.


  • Comment from svet

    Hi! I’ve jailbreaked my O2/UK iphone 3G couple of months ago to FW2.2
    today i followed steps below to upgrade it to FW2.2.1

    1. Download custom firmware 2.2.1 file
    2. Launch iTunes, shift-click restore and select this firmware file.

    everything went fine, all my apps are back but i’ve got network not available. (NO SERVICE)

    i appreciate your help.


    • Comment from adm_snackbar

      Install the yellowsn0w app.

  • Comment from jose

    My problem is my phone fails to install jailbreak apps. In case if i will upgrade with this custom firmware can i still install yellowsnow?
    Any help please.


  • Comment from XanderK

    For those who need to downgrade their baseband back to 2.28, you need to jailbreak your iPhone and then go into cydia. Then do a search for 3g baseband downgrader. It is an effortless program that worked great for me. I thought I was screwed, but it brought me back from the dead.

    • Comment from Austin

      i tried to just search for 3g baseband downgrader and it says bootloader version is 6.2 on my phone and it requires 5.8????

  • Comment from Austin

    i have iphone in dfu mode tried to restore with custom restore from the link on this page and continuously getting error. iphone doesnt seem to be responding to this software?????????

  • Comment from Jason

    If I follow these instructions and upgrade to 2.2.1 from 2.2 (I am jailbroken and unlocked) will I lose all my apps, settings, music, etc.?

  • Comment from Ivan Greenhut

    Not Good! I have 2.2 and baseband 2.28, downloaded the file, put phone in DFU mode, shift click on restore, getting error 1600, can’t restore phone? what happened? HELP!

  • Comment from dcm

    Hey guys, Where is the actual ISPW file?? When I get it into DFU mode and open to restore in Itunes, there is no file highlghted. Meaning there is no ISPW file in this download from this page. I can not find it anywhere, downloaded 3 times. WHAT IS GOING ON?? HELP ME PLEASE!

  • Comment from Maria Corleone

    For Unlock iPhone 3G 2.2.1 downloads

  • Comment from Hey jiigaa

    HEY KEVIN T if u are using a non AT&T SIM CARD PLZ TURN OFF 3G Service from boss prefs downloadable from Cydia!!!! HOPE THS HELPS

    • Comment from Anonymous

      sorry I am so not tech savy.. have an unlocked iphone and it was working fine..downloaded the
      new Itune upate and now my phone does not work
      went to Etisalat and one of the tech was kind enough and told me to “download an old version of itunes …press shift…hit restart
      his boss arrived and I could not ask him how I need to do all this…can someone help me step by step :-(

  • Comment from alaa alakhayat

    hiiii please why i have this problem i get iphone 3g 8g frimware 2.30 and don’t work in syria and i ask alot of people about the unlock but nobody can help me becuase don’t found a way to unlock so any one can help me please tell me thanks

  • Comment from alaa alakhayat

    and yes i get the iphone from usa AT&T ok thanks

  • Comment from Krushevo

    pls help mi i need to unloket pls send mi programs Sotirmk@hotmail.com

  • Comment from hector

    i keep getting error 1600 i read somewhere that using itunes 8.0.2 solves it and it worked fine for my 3g 8gb but now i have a white 16gb and it wont work. i know im putting the phone into dfu mode correctly and ive upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.2 with no problems and jailbroken and unlocked fine but when i try and do this upgrade i get the same error. can someone please help….im running windows vista 32bit itunes 8.0.2 and white 3g 16gb

  • Comment from tajaret

    hi i got i phone 8g 2.2.1 firmware but i cant unlocked my phone and confuse they to many thing to do and do i need to unlock my phone first

  • Comment from Dark_heaven

    whenever i tried to restore the custom .ipsw in DFU mode it came up with a error 1600. but whenever i did a normal restore, it worked perfectly. so if anybody facing trouble in DFU mode with some error , can try a normal restore.
    All Thanks goes to the Dev-Team :)

  • Comment from quicksilver

    i had 3g iphon 2.2 with base band 02.28.00.
    loaded itunes (latest version 8.2) then plug iphone in with usb. hold down shift button then click restore button. used custom firmware from above link 2.2.1. then after restore checked version.

    firmware 2.2.1 base band still 02.28.00 it worked!!! thanks!!!

    tried to unlock to t-mobile…works!!!

  • Comment from hansen

    can we downgrade bootloader???
    plz some one help me

  • Comment from l3stat

    I have an issue i am a newbie my phone details are as below

    iphone 3g 8b
    firmware 2.2
    modem firmware 2.28
    bootloader 6.2

    now i checked throu terminal and it has the package yellowsnow i want to know is it possible to update thru itunes.

  • Comment from l3stat

    i checked my phone again.. i have the yellowsnow.com package installed i checked the info of deb file and it says its only repository sources.. soo how do i find out if my fone is running on yellowsnow or not.

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  • Comment from Kreigz

    At some time did the SHIFT+RESTORE stop working in iTunes? I have version 8.2 and SHIFT+RESTORE never brings up the Open File dialogue box.

    • Comment from Kreigz

      I neglected to mention this is with iTunes for Windows.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    this damn thing isnt working right, i have vista

  • Comment from d1srupt3r

    i have iphone 3g jailbroken running in 3.0 but i would like to downgrade to 2.2.1. is it safe 2 use this custom firmware regardless my iphone is 7A341 vesion? please advice. thank u!

  • Comment from mo

    the problem i’m having is it says no service everytime i insert a sim card i have 3g 2.2.1 already what do i do

  • Comment from dipchand

    hi ……. my name is Dipchand howlader……..
    and i live in kolkata in india……

    i have a big problem from my iphone………….

    the problem is .. after 1 year letter one day i calling my friend using my iphone but i can’t here any single word…… but when i used my iphone head phone i here everyting …………

    then i disided i restore my iphone …….. and i successfully do this …… but i cant see menu option like…… message, ipode,itune,setting, etc……

    only i see the usb port is connected and you only use emergency call,,,,,,, or nothing…………

    so………. please please tell me how can i see every thing in my iphone,,,,,,,,,

    so ………..

    i begging all the computer genius persion please please tell me……..

    my email id— dipchandhowlader@hotmail.com

  • Comment from MommyPR

    PLUNGE! What do you think? computer custom programming

  • Comment from niri

    where can i get custom 221.ipsw software for free..above link is not working

  • Comment from osby schi

    Pig Shot is now available on the #AppStore.Experience an EPIC Pig-Slinging Madness on #iPhone – - #PigShot

  • Comment from dahl

    A friend asked me: "is there an #iPhone app that will auto-forward ALL SMS messages *automatically*?" Even in #cydia? I've no idea. You?

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I am trying to restore my iphone 3g. and all that comes up is error (6) it gets to where it is saying verifying iphone and then it cuts out. It was jailbroke at one point but I let a friend put music on and they upgraded it so I lost tha jailbreak. I just wanna restore but it won’t let me. what do I do??

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