Artoo Star Wars Craft: Lovable Crochet R2D2 Plush

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r2d2 crochet artoo front star wars craft

Check out this lovable crochet R2D2 plush toy! This little fellow was a precious birthday gift, made all the more special because it took the efforts of two people to make it, one to crochet, and the other to cut, glue, and sew. Of course, it being R2D2, appealing to the Star Wars geek within also scores it massive points. Artoo stands at a noble 5 inches tall and sports an intricate and faithful reproduction of his markings from the Star Wars movies, including a glass bead eye as a nice finishing touch.

r2d2 artoo crochet star wars craft side

Here’s the loyal but stubborn astromech droid as viewed from the side. Note how his arms were separate pieces that were later stitched on. The body and middle leg were all one piece though. R2D2′s markings were done with precisely cut and glued fabric.

r2d2 crochet artoo star wars top

And here’s little R2 from the top.

This is really a one of a kind Star Wars craft and we’ve not seen anything like it before… and we’re Star Wars geeks! Heck, not one but two of us at Code Retard have the Luke Skywalker FX light up Master Replica lightsaber sitting on our mantels at home. Too bad you can’t buy these Artoos in the store. The R2D2 plush matches our site’s theme really well, and we think he might make a great mascot, what do you think?

Update: If you liked her work, she’s now got pictures of a Super Mario Bros themed Waluigi amigurumi plush toy.

Update 2: If you really liked her work or are an avid crocheter yourself, she’s now got an online store on etsy selling the actual R2D2 plush itself as well as the pattern if you are so technically inclined.

Update 3: More research on her etsy store has revealed she’s got her own website Cute Amigurumi! so you can head on there for more of her creations.


25 Responses to “Artoo Star Wars Craft: Lovable Crochet R2D2 Plush”

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  • Comment from Lola

    I wat to make one myself.
    Can I have the pattern?

  • Comment from Mr. Gray

    I cant make this one because I have no arms… now who can explain me how I wrote this?

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  • Comment from Dustin Roberts

    I must have one for my collection! please put me in touch with the creator!

    • Comment from adm_snackbar

      The very limited R2D2 plush toy is now available on etsy. I think she’s only got one or two of them so better act fast.

  • Comment from Jennifer

    I would like to get the pattern, too!

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  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    I spoke with the crafter and she said she just eyeballed it and didn’t follow any pattern. I know the arms and body are separate pieces sewn together, and the insides are stuffed with cotton. Exactly cut felt with some glue gives it the finishing touch.

    • Comment from biz!

      Is it possible that she could come up with a pattern? I am willing to pay!

      There is another one online that is cute but not like this one!


  • Comment from amy

    would you share your pattern?? great job.

  • Comment from biz!

    will you please recontact her!!

  • Comment from biz!


  • Comment from Kaye Reid

    I have 2 grand sons who are keen starwars watchers introduced by their Uncle
    I would love to have 2 of the R2D2 or the pattern
    many thanks
    We are in Perth Australia

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  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Found out the artist’s website: Cute Amigurumi!. Yeah, you can thank me later.

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  • Comment from aleen folczenmug

    The Star Wars Crafts Book has crafts for all levels of craftsters – kids & adults plus stuff just for guys who never craft!

  • Comment from klie

    Cool! I love their size… veyr cute.

  • Comment from des vec

    RT #StarWars text crawl dress #crafts

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