How to Install iPhone v2.0 Firmware with Pwnage 2.0 IPSW on Windows

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iphone 2.0 snapshot

Sunday marked a big day in the iPhone homebrew world because that was the day that the iPhone Dev Team released the highly anticipated Pwnage 2.0 Tool to jailbreak all flavors of iPhone and iPod and unlock the first-generation 2.5G iPhone to boot. Unfortunately, a majority of users were disappointed by the fact that the tool was for Mac only, leaving all Windows users in the dark. Well not any longer. We’ve upgraded our own first-gen iPhones to v2.0 firmware, fully unlocked, jailbroken, and awesome and everything was done on Windows. The method is actually quite painless and is only made possible by having available a custom-built albeit vanilla v2.0 firmware created with none other by Pwnage 2.0 on a Mac (so Windows fanboys have to show some love). With the custom IPSW, Windows users can easily upgrade to v2.0 firmware as well as their Macbook-wielding counterparts by fulfilling just a few requirements. Without much further ado, we give you the tutorial on how to install the iPhone 2.0 update through Windows, fully jailbroken and possibly unlocked:

  1. Download the v1.1.4 restore firmware.
  2. Download winpwn and install it onto your system. Winpwn requires .NET framework 2.0.
  3. Launch winpwn (the silly Pineapple icon now sitting on your desktop).
  4. Click on “Browse .ipsw”
  5. Browse to the path where you saved the v1.1.4 restore firmware you just downloaded and select the ipsw file.
  6. Make sure your iPhone is already off, then connect it to your computer with the USB cable.
  7. Now click on “iPwner”
  8. Winpwn will attempt to put your iPhone into recovery mode but in case you get an error, simply press and hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears. When that happens, let go of the Power button but continue to hold the Home button until you see the iTunes connection.
    • iphone itunes connection picture
  9. When the iPhone successfully enters recovery mode, winpwn will proceed to pwn the iPhone.
    • winpwn recovery dialog
  10. Expect your iPhone’s screen to turn into a scary hacker terminal. No need to do anything except feel really cool. When the process completes, winpwn will notify you. You can close the program as you will no longer need it.
    • winpwn pwned dialog
  11. Install the BootNeuter 1.00 app on your iPhone
  12. Launch BootNeuter and set the baseband to 4.6 (I hear it saves on battery, wish I’d known this sooner), neuter to on, and unlock to on:
    • iphone bootneuter
  13. Hit the red “Flash” button at the top right corner and wait. You’ll get a few notes notifying that the bootloader is flashing and how you should not interrupt. Then the next message you’ll get is that the bootload was successfully flashed and the baseband is next. After the baseband, you’ll get a nice message that the bootloader and baseband were successfully flashed.
  14. Download the iPhone v2.0 custom firmware IPSW (5A347) generated with Pwnage 2.0.
  15. Launch iTunes 7.7. It may throw an error message at you which you can ignore. At some point it will tell you that it has detected your iPhone is in recovery mode and that you must restore it. Well, you better listen to Apple!
    • itunes recover restore message
  16. Then shift click on the “Restore” button to get the dialog to browse for an IPSW file.
  17. Browse to the location of the v2.0 IPSW file you downloaded from bittorrent.
    • itunes ipsw browse
  18. iTunes will install the 2.0 firmware on your iPhone for you. It will give you a series of dialogs like so. The whole process took about 5 minutes for me
    • itunes prepare dialog
  19. When the process completes, iTunes will restart your iPhone and do a re-sync. The re-sync took about 10 minutes, but it depends on how much stuff you have to restore.
    • itunes done
  20. Meanwhile on your iPhone, you will see BootNeuter 2.0 automatically come up to flash your bootloader and baseband. The process takes about 2 minutes. I know, the anticipation is probably killing you.
  21. iTunes should now report that your iPhone is running on software version 2.0. Check it out, 2.5G iPhone running 2.0 firmware on a T-Mobile network!
    • itunes shows iphone on 2.0 software

Remember that this will erase all previous third-party apps you were running on v1.1.4. The number of third party apps that can run on v2.0 firmware is very few right now as all the developers are still in the process of porting them over from v1.1.4.


80 Responses to “How to Install iPhone v2.0 Firmware with Pwnage 2.0 IPSW on Windows”

  • Comment from Sam

    Hi,i having the problem at the bootneuter section where it keep on giving me the error 5 (the bootloader flash failed), anyone can help on this?

  • Comment from Son Riku


  • Comment from Pascal

    When i put my iphone in recovery mode, winpwn stay in search for it…any suggestion?

  • Comment from gaurav g

    cant trace ipsw file. could u please tell how to find this file.

  • Comment from pat

    cannot find the ipsw file either…can you help?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    The ipsw is available from bittorrent – a P2P sharing protocol, so you will need a bittorrent client like from to open the .torrent.

  • Comment from Lorin

    This guide was perfect, easy to follow and understand!

    Excluding download times this all took about 20mins!

    Great work and keep it going

    Many thanks!!

  • Comment from Actsplosive

    Can’t find the ipsw file in the 1.1.4 firmware download. Any ideas on what I should access with winpwn instead or where i could get the 1.1.4 recovery firmware with the ipsw.

  • Comment from T M

    I tried procedures above, but winpwn cannot detect the phone. It is already in recovery mode ( detected by iTune 7.7 ). I tried the Power button and home button part , still winpwn says connect iphone in recovery mode. My iphone “was 1.1.4 and accidentally updated by iTune and I need to restore ONLY 1.1.4 Please help

  • Comment from Sambhav K Jain

    i tried the procedure above please help me as my winpwn does not search for the iphone and instead just states”CONNECT YOUR IPHONE AND PUT IT IN RECOVERY MODE” Whereas my itunes recognises it and states it is in recovery mode. i had 1.1.4… please help me…

  • Comment from adm_snackbar


    Click on the link provided in step 1 to download 1.1.4 IPSW.

    Pascal & T M & Sambhav K Jain:

    Somehow you all must not have followed step 8 exactly. Not only will you see the iTunes connection but Windows will detect that a USB connection is detected and play a sound and one of the pop up notifications you see should be an iPhone in recovery mode. If you don’t get that, you did not do it correctly. Just keep trying.

  • Comment from nonPlusultra

    I was wondering what to do. step 20 failed. the flashing of the bootloader and baseband failed. i can’t get out of recovery mode and… i can’t recover what do i do?

  • Comment from Nicci

    The bootloader flash failed (error 5) which is at step 13 – Any ideas?

  • Comment from Hungunian

    My window has detected the iphone in DFU, but it continues to be there for more than ten hours. What will I do? I need your help

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    If you encountered issues doing this, try Winpwn which should solve a lot of problems. The steps will be different. When this writeup was written only Winpwn 1.0 was out and this was just an early workaround which worked well. In my opinion this method is still easier but you can try your luck with the newer version if you need.

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    If you can’t find or download the 2.0 vanilla firmware from bittorrent, get it directly from Code Retard.

  • Comment from Seth Caldwell

    Does t-mobiles normal data plan work for you for using google maps, youtube, etc?

  • Comment from kuymax

    this very very nice software applications for iphone 2.0 ! nice job discover the new things; good & easy steps to follow the installation & nice job great!!
    i have installed to my iphone without any problems!!!

  • Comment from Nicci

    As mentioned It all worked up until the part where I have to use bootloader. The bootloader flash failed (error 5) which is at step 13. I used winpwn 2.0 instead of 1.0 as per the instructions, so what are the other steps I would need to do please? Adam Snackbar u seem to know a fair bit, so any help would be appreicated.

  • Comment from Jason Kimberson

    hey seth,

    the t-mobile data plan works perfectly on the iPhone. When you call them you have to let them know what phone you are using and they will talk you through the setup process

  • Comment from Mohan

    Dear All,
    My iphone is just dispalying apple logo and USB ( Not docking jack ). ITune detects in recovery mode but can not PWNed with winpwn. Please help me.If I start recovering from Itune it alway saying waiting for iphone….

  • Comment from Jeanziano

    I tried and tried to unlock the new Iphone 3G on windows following the instructions provided on this website but never worked. I never get the message “your Iphone has been pwned” HELP please

  • Comment from Mr. Cool

    how to install the bootneuter? is that from installer after that step?


  • Comment from Richard


    I have a problem. When I press shift+restore and load that file… I get an error(6) after that loading bar reach the end..
    Please help me!
    Thank You.

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Mr. Cool:

    Yes BootNeuter can be installed from Installer.


    Try to download the ipsw file again, maybe it’s corrupted.

  • Comment from YT

    Thanx for info, everything works now :))

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    YT, you’ve joined the dark side! No more downgrading for you anymore?!?

  • Comment from YT

    I didnt realize unlocked 2.0 is out :)) So now I am on 2.0 with T-mobile.

  • Comment from Very confused

    I have installed all the required programs in steps 1 & 2. Now I am upto step 5, When I try to browse firmware there is no IPSW file??? the instructions state that you must connect the iPhone after this step so where is the IPSW file?

  • Comment from YT

    You can download Iphone v2.0 IPSW file this way :
    1. download Bittorrent from
    2. download this torrent ( its only 37 KB) from
    3. Open this torrent in bittorrent and wait for iPhone1,1_2 0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw file to download ( It’s size is 235 mb)

    See pictures below

    Picture 1

    Now wait for it to download

    Picture 2

  • Comment from juley

    i need help. i just got this phone and i tried to do all that now im stuck in the recovery mode…..please help!!!!!

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    I see the following message below saying the phone will be on the TMOBLE network. DOES THAT mean the phone will have version 2.0 but locked to TMOBILE or will I be ablt to use any network sim??

    Meanwhile on your iPhone, you will see BootNeuter 2.0 automatically come up to flash your bootloader and baseband. The process takes about 2 minutes. I know, the anticipation is probably killing you.
    iTunes should now report that your iPhone is running on software version 2.0. Check it out, 2.5G iPhone running 2.0 firmware on a T-Mobile network!

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Edward Chemal:

    You will be able to use it on any GSM network provider once it is unlocked.

  • Comment from Anand

    airtel network will work or not…..??

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Is airtel a GSM network? If so yes, if not no.

  • Comment from zak

    hi I’m from the I’m I just got a 3g on 02 will I still be able to do this or is it a pointless operation for me cheers I. Advance

  • Comment from zak

    Sorry I’m actually using the iPhone now I meant to say UK

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    It will work, but only to jailbreak your 3G iPhone. No unlock is out yet for 3G iPhones.

  • Comment from zak

    thanks that’s all I really need it for

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    I follwed the process but when I launched Itunes 7.7 it did not say I hvae to restore, it said a new version 2.0 is available. Should I say yes??

  • Comment from YT

    No you shouldn’t restore your iphone with Itunes at all, you must select Shirt + Click on Restore and Browse to Custom iPhone1,1_2 0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw file. See instructions on how to download the custom 2.0 verson of filmware above.

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    But how come the Itunes did not say I am in recovery mode??

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    I did download the file it looks like the following on my desk top”iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore”
    It does not allow me to use it when I browse I onle see the file”iPhone1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore”

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Make sure the extension didn’t get lost or renamed. Make sure it is *.ipsw.

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    I am tring it in the Bittorent program

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    OK So I have downloaded the Custom iPhone1,1_2 0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw Bitorrent but when I hit SHift restore in Itunes I browse to Bitorrent but the the Bitorrent program does not show the ipsw file. Now what do I do???

  • Comment from Edward Chemal

    OK I got it working Great!! Now is there a program you may offer to transfer all of my contacts from sim to Iphone??

  • Comment from ak

    hello there….i need some help guys..
    how can i download this file:


    please help meeeeeeeeeeeee……thank you

  • Comment from YT

    ak see my post above with screen shots on how to download that file.

  • Comment from johntex

    everything works fine to me, except when i try to recovery on itunes.
    error 1604 or 1602
    the itunes waitin´ a long time to put the iphone em recovery mode, but the iphone is alredy in DFU.
    somebody with the same problem ?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar


    If you want to run 2.0.1, there is a new post covering that.


    Try it on a different computer or try uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes.

  • Comment from Sandy

    I accidently upgraded my iphone to 2.0 and locked my phone. I am struggling like crazy from past 48 hours to get it back. I followed all the steps on iClarified to first get it to 1.1.4 then ran winpwn without any luck, then tried iLiberty with some luck. I was able to turn on the iphone, but now it doesnt recognize the sim. I tried running bootneuter but it gives the dreaded Error: 5.
    Its on 1.1.4 but hte firmware is: 04.05.04_G.

    Can anyone please link me to some tutorial as to what to do next to activate my sim… thanks… much appreciated,


  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Consider looking at the post on how to downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1.4. You will need to run ZiPhone to downgrade the baseband first, then follow the regular procedure to unlock the SIM.

  • Comment from kevinho

    i tried this now my ipod wont boot, the screen stays black, i cant put it in recovery mode, nothing seems to work, someone knows what to do?


    • Comment from Maeni

      I have the same problem!
      Can somebody help?

      Black screen and nothing seems to work now…
      (how can i download bootneuter??)

      thanks for answering

  • Comment from Rafi

    What should i do after step ten. how can I find boot neuter if my iphone is on recovery and you can see only itunes logo with an usb cable in it?
    Please help

  • Comment from Moin

    My iphone is unlocked and running on Version : 1.1.4. How can i get onto the latest version available. Please let me know.

  • Comment from Moin

    My Iphone is unlocked and is running on version : 1.1.4. I would like to go on the latest version available. Please let me know how can i do it.

  • Comment from Natty151

    hi, i was just wondering if this will work on an ipod touch and weather or not it will wipe the songs and photos off my ipod

  • Comment from Sujay

    I have a problem in step20…”Meanwhile on your iPhone, you will see BootNeuter 2.0 automatically come up to flash your bootloader and baseband”

    This application launches and then tries to flash and finally fails “unable to flash” or something like that and finally says ” Restore failed , Please restore again”..

    The Apple logo reappears..
    If i leave the phone as is.. it restarts after 20 mins and says “Unable to make of receive calls, Contact Apple support”..
    and the Wi-Fi is disabled as well..
    Can someone please help me..
    I need this upgrade desperately..
    Please guys..

  • Comment from makrand

    does winpwn work on firmware 1.1.3. I want to upgrade it to 2.0.

  • Comment from Jay PR

    HELP. I have a 2G unlocked (was) I updated to 2.1 firmware on apple website and now is locked! I need help to unlock it.

    Was running great on AT&T 1.4.1 firmware

    I am running on Win XP – not very experienced with winpwn

  • Comment from eddy

    job well done…thanks a lot mate for the clear instrustions…although it took me ages to get the tricks up my sleeve..

  • Comment from Helpppp

    step 14….
    how can i download the file….
    i tried everything but of no use……helppppppp

  • Comment from malibu

    hey, my problem is it says iphone is in recovery mode but it only says cancel under it, it wont go past that. any help?

  • Comment from Not Lucky

    I have an unlocked iphone 2G , I accidentally updated the iphone and now its locked I don’t have any backup for my phone, I’m trying to restore a hacked version but it didn’t work, if I connected to itunes it gives me the NAME: iphone – Capacity: n/a – Software Version: n/a – Serial Number: 7Rxxxxxxx, please can someone help me solving my problem, please please please

  • Comment from artan polena


  • Comment from Josh

    i can enter recovery mode with my ipod touch but it wont detect it for stage 9. in winpwn it says that the “iphone” has been disconnected after i begin pwning. i don’t know what to do. can anyone help with my situation?

  • Comment from shinko

    things with winpwn doesn’t work…

    i just downloaded 2.0 custom ipsw and used my iPhone in DFU mode and iTunes… that’s the only way i could make it…

    thanx to all of you who are trying to make our life better

  • Comment from Marco Villi

    I downloaded the ipsw torrent but once its downloaded i only get a folder with a bunch of .dmg files in it and no ipsw file. help

  • Comment from oXy

    my ipod went off and never back on again!
    is it damaged or what? what do i have to do?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Wait a few days for its battery to completely drain, then try to charge it and see if it will power on again.

    • Comment from Maeni

      does’nt work… i’ve the same problem.

  • Comment from hari

    i cont do after recovery mode. i cont recover my phone please help…

  • Comment from Karlo

    maybe i’m stupid but i can’t find the .ipsw file, where is it, i extract the rar and is not there, someone help me plz

  • Comment from ord raverdo

    In a word,Iphone can do what ipod touch do,but ipod touch can't.
    Iphone is more practical in some other aspects all the while,such as lots of apps.In my experience,many of my friends felt a little regretted after they buy touch instead of iphone :D

  • Comment from periannen sch

    There is no way to do it without using third-party software. Apple simply did not design it to work that way.
    Here is an application that I would recommend
    This is the "My Computer" for the iPhone.
    Make sure auto-sync is turned off. If the laptop has iTunes installed already, simply connect your phone to the laptop and once iTunes appear, click on your device and uncheck "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected". Then proceed using the iPhone Browser application mentioned above to restore the data from your iPhone onto your laptop.

  • Comment from kauinckt

    If you’ve ever experienced the blue screen error, affectionately called the “blue screen of death,” then you’ll know that it isn’t the greatest experience in the world. It usually means that there’s something somewhat seriously wrong with your system. The problem with trying to come up with a blue screen error fix is that so [...]

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