Install DD-WRT Firmware on Linksys WRT150N, WRT160N Wireless Routers

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linksys wrt150n wireless router

Recently I bought a new Linksys WRT150N wireless router because I was fed up with my current one and because I had heard the famed DD-WRT firmware could be installed on it, effectively turning a cheap router into an expensive one. My old SMC router would drop connections about once a month and it really lacked the customizability that I required for my networking needs. For example, do you know how much of a pain it is to forward port ranges one port at a time with a 10 port limit? I also was not able to assign static IPs to my computers within the subnet (though to give my even older router credit, I could do this before).

I’ve documented the steps so you can follow along too should you decide one day that your standard router firmware just isn’t doing enough for you. Though these steps are for the Linksys WRT150N and WRT160N routers, they are pretty much applicable to any router (that can support DD-WRT that is).

  1. Find out if your router can support DD-WRT firmware or before you purchase a new router, check this list beforehand. It also helps to do a bit of research by reading user comments. I first found out the WRT150N could support DD-WRT by reading user comments on amazon and then later confirmed on newegg and confirmed the same for the WRT160N.
  2. To figure out which firmware version to download, you’ll need to know the chipset maker. For the WRT150N, it has a Broadcom chip so download the binary from the Broadcom folder. To find out which chipset your router has, figure it out from the supported devices list and use that to figure out whichi DD-WRT firmware to download. As of the time of this writing, I used the stable version of v24 firmware but this may change in the future. Always stick with the stable version, however.
  3. Since the WRT150N router is v1.1, it has a gimped flash memory size so you actually need to install the “mini generic” version first to remove this limitation, then the “std generic” (again this information was revealed by reading through user reviews on the product). Make sure you download those two binaries and save them somewhere on your computer. You will use them in the next steps.
  4. Connect the router directly to your computer and connect the power supply. Use any port but the blue Internet one. Do you see the picture above of that sticker taped over the ethernet ports on my router? Tear it off and laugh maniacally because you will not be following the instructions. Got a manual with a CD that you need to insert before you do anything? Toss it in the trash. These instructions are the only manual you’ll need.
  5. Access the router setup page by opening a browser and visiting The default login and password for my new router was admin/admin. If that doesn’t work try logging in as admin without a password.
  6. Browse to the firmware upgrade page below
    • linksys firmware wrt150n
  7. Click browse to load the mini generic .bin to replace the stock firmware. Once the upgrade completes you will get a continue button. Wait 5 minutes before clicking continue. Why? I have no idea, it was revealed during my research which may have been old information. But I waited to be on the safe side and besides the Laker game was on.
  8. After the update successfully finishes, visit again. Now that you have DD-WRT firmware installed, you need to login with default credentials as root/admin.
  9. Browse to the firmware upgrade page below
    • dd-wrt firmware wrt150n
  10. Click browse to load the std generic .bin you downloaded earlier and reinstall the firmware. This will allow you to get over the 3MB flash memory limit and get a real tool on that router.

A notable tweak with DD-WRT is the Tx Power which allows you to amplify the antenna strength for a better connection throughout your house. Make sure you change your password as now you and everyone else who’s read this post now knows that root/admin can get into the router setup screen. Also check out an earlier post on a wireless speedup hack.

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141 Responses to “Install DD-WRT Firmware on Linksys WRT150N, WRT160N Wireless Routers”

  • Comment from Clifford

    Somebody linked a Slickdeals post to this article today…good job, you outlined the proper procedure perfectly. I just did the same last night on my own router. Only one thing I might take exception with, and if you know better than myself, please email and let me know. 150mW xmit power? You can burn out your radio over time if you amp it up that much. 70 is the default for a reason with DD-WRT.

    Nice job – thanks for educating our Slickdealers.

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Duly noted Clifford. Thanks for your input.

  • Comment from Brett

    If I bought a wrt160n router, would the dd-wrt installation instructions be the exact same?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Brett the 160N has the same Broadcom chip and initial memory restriction so the exact same procedure to install DD-WRT will work on the WRT160N as well.

  • Comment from Jason Kimberson


  • Comment from Russ

    What does this firmware actually do? I have the WRT150N.

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Russ, a better question is what doesn’t DD-WRT do? Even if you don’t need all that extra configurability in your router, DD-WRT is much stabler than the Linksys firmware so it is worth it to install just for that.

  • Comment from Russ

    So it extends range?

  • Comment from Russ

    And, I’ve installed the latest Linksys firmware, 1.01.9. Can I still install the DD-WRT one? BTW so far I’ve had no problems at all with my WRT150N.

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    You can extend the range by tweaking the Tx power if necessary. If you’ve had no problems with the Linksys firmware and you don’t need all the extra configurability that DD-WRT offers then there’s no need to upgrade. Regardless of what Linksys firmware you are on, you can always install DD-WRT by following the procedures. For me personally, even if the Linksys firmware was as stable, I would install DD-WRT just for all the things it can let me do that a dumbed down stock firmware can not.

  • Comment from Chuck

    My firmware dd-wrt is in chinese. How do I change it back to english?

  • Comment from jim

    Thanks so much for this !! I bought the WRT150N so I could use DD-WRT, however after reading some how-to (including on the DDWRT site), I just stuck with the stock Linksys firmware.

    Today, I used your instructions, and was up and running in minutes. In fact, the 5 minute wait after flashing the mini was the longest step ! Thanks

  • Comment from jim

    CHUCK, click the “administration” tab (and its not clear in Chinese, but its the second tab from the RIGHT). Scroll down to the bottom half of page, you will see a drop-down box, select “english” from here. Then “SAVE”, which is the far-left button at the bottom of the page.

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    If you want some screen shots of what Jim’s talking about:

    Admin tab is the second from the right on the top.

    Language selection, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the admin page, is the 6th box from the bottom. And the drop down will contain “English.” Then hit the “Save” or “Apply Settings” buttons to make the change.

  • Comment from ellis

    Can the xcvr power also be reduced below the default? I’m only interested in saturating a small area and don’t want to blanket the neighborhood. Wireless vs. wired for other reasons (g/f laptop).


  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    My DD-WRT reports “(Default: 70, Range: 0 – 251mW)” as the valid range for Tx power.

  • Comment from gimli

    am I able to restore the original firmware of the WRT150N if I need to in case of sell it later on?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    That’s a tough one. It could be as simple as loading the Linksys firmware through the firmware update interface in DD-WRT or as complicated as using TFTP or command line to reflash the firmware. You’ll have to research that. My recommendation is to stick with the original if you’re going to sell it later. Russ reports Linksys firmware 1.01.9 is stable.

  • Comment from gimli

    I’ve installed the firmware one week ago and it really works fine. I’m really surprised what that Router can do with the right firmware.
    But I can’t understand why there is less oppurtunity in settings by the manufacturer

  • Comment from Dave

    Thanks alot…I had read some conflicting info on the proper way to upgrade but with this simple step by step approach, it was painless & quick…I’ve had some connectivity issues w/dropouts so I’ll be interested in seeing how this affects my wireless connection..I did freak for a second when I changed the login details and upon saving thought I had bricked it when it came back with mostly question marks (?) in all the tabs but finally realized it had changed to Chinese (like previous post)…thanks for the easy to read/understand instructions

  • Comment from Pierre

    Hey Guys, can someone help? I have dd-wrt on a WRT150N. Works pretty well, but I can only connect my laptop with a Wireless-N d-link card to it. Can’t connect either of my roommates laptops to it, nor my work laptop. All of them only support wireless G. Is this because I am using WEP2?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    What wireless network mode are you in? Make sure it’s not set to “N-only.” I don’t have any N-compatible wireless devices so I can’t say for sure, but “Mixed” mode seems to be the only mode that support G and N devices. I’m going to assume you’re talking about WPA2 since WEP2 does not exist. If so, set your wireless security mode to WPA2 as it automatically switches to WPA if necessary. And just stay away from WEP period.

  • Comment from dgs

    i tried to install dd-wrt to my router wrt150n and now i can´t enter to the firmware and i dont have internet, so i press de reset button and now dosen´t work i cant reinstall or do something how can i fix it?

  • Comment from Kenji

    Glad I found this as the wrt150n does not perform as well as i was led to believe when i bought it. I will give this firmware a shot for sure… however, I really wish it could utilize some of the saved info like the list of permitted MAC addresses I will need to retype lol…

    @ dgs, you may have fried your device! you need to take it to a computer store and ask them if they can save it.

  • Comment from Kenji

    RE: post 2644, don’t know where i got the idea that it wouldn’t keep the previous settings!? Worked like a charm!:) once I enabled MAC filtering.

    @dgs, you should read the FAQ’s for more info on your situation, you may be in luck!

  • Comment from GL

    Hi, thanks for the great guide. Everything works but I can’t turn on WPA. Anytime I try it doesn’t connect at all. WEP works but only at 54 Mbps. N only mode only works with no encryption.

    • Comment from Joe Mard

      WPA2/AES…DONT USE TKIP. If you use TKIP on “N” theres not much of a chance that transmission speed would be greater than 54Mbps. Just for all you fellows out there thats Megabits not megabytes. Another marketing ploy like the hard drive thing. 8-bits in a byte-1024 bytes in kilobytes and 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte. So bits and bytes aint the samething. Is there a forum on how to tie my shoes somewhere?

  • Comment from Will

    I just bought this today , hooked it up . it ran just fine for like 6 hours , then the wireless started cutting off and on . So I followed your steps . And now it works perfect , even gives a stronger signal in default . So please keeps this page up for the people who got problems with this router . And thanks for the srep by step directions .

  • Comment from Gary

    Installed DD-WRT on a 150N and having a problem with wireless connection. Signal strength is strong but it takes forever to connect to the internet. Did not have this problem with my previous G router. Can anyone shed some light on what I can do to correct this situation?

  • Comment from Bart

    Gary i have the same problem with my 150N, when i connect with a cable everything works fine but wireless it takes forever. When i try to ping to my gateway i sometimes get a time-out…can someone help me get rid of this problem?Thanks…

  • Comment from Gary

    Bart, I got fed up and went back to my Netgear router, where the wireless works fine at 54mbps. I read somewhere DD-WRT on the 150N does not work well for wireless. So I have a brand new 150N I cannot use or return, since I don’t think you can revert back to original firmware.

  • Comment from scandune

    if you want i can send you my back-up config file so you can reflash your router :) or you can go to

    click on firmware > firmware and then the disk then reflash it that way

  • Comment from jayhut

    does reflashin it put it back to linksys access page.

  • Comment from anna

    THX. your post are very good. i just brough the WRT150N and follow your instruction, i had successfully installed DD WRT. But i have problem with wireless setup. This router suppose make things go faster. but it is doing the opposite. my laptop is acting slower than usual.
    I hope you can post another post about wireless advance setup to help those newbies like me. =p
    And again, this post has been very informative.

  • Comment from Bill

    I bought a WRT310N and a WRT160N at Future Shop last week and installed the DD-WRT firmware. The firmware flash procedure was identical in both. Afterwards both also had identical bugs. For example, at one point I could get a changed IP address to stick. I would change the IP address and it would change back. I then connected from IE instead of Firefox and I was able to change the IP address of the router. Another bug is after enabling wireless, no traffic was actually routed though the wireless. My laptop could not connect to the internet even after cold booting the router several times. I then added a second SSID and my wireless worked on the original SSID. I then removed the second SSID and my wireless continued to work. However, the second SSID persisted even after I removed it, until I cold booted the router.

    After my tests, I decided to return the 310N back to the store, as it had no advantage for me over the 160N. I used the firmware upgrade to restore the original firmware (which you have do download from Australia due to a bug in the Linksys website). After installing the Linksys firmware, I had to use the reset button to restore to the factor Linksys settings.

  • Comment from Nermin

    Hello is it normal for wrt150n to run really hot i mean hot

  • Comment from Kenji

    Nermin, mine doesn’t run hot at all and i even expected it to since i boosted the Xmit to 150 at first then 100. I reduced it to 100 after some clients were complaining about connection and i was also seeing many packet errors.

  • Comment from rich

    2 questions…

    1 how do i find the signal strength my 2nd router is receiving from my first?

    2 where do i change the power settings?

    BTW great instructions

  • Comment from ctjk

    Hi, i just got a 150N. And my laptop is N-abled. Now I can connect to the internet and the signal is good. But the speed maintains at 54mbps. I heard that with wireless-N it can run up to 100mbps. I tried to change the channel but my laptop can detect the network once I changed anything. If I install the DD-wrt-filmware, will it help?

    • Comment from orlando


  • Comment from Doug

    I have a wrt160n router. Installed the standard firmware that came with it. Seems to be working fine so far. Tried to upgrade the firmware as described above using mini generic.bin file(via mac notebook) but every time I get the message “Firmware upgrade failed” Any ideas? Thanks

  • Comment from Nancy

    Hello, I just purchased a wrt160n and getting frequent disconnect (every 30 minutes) when using wifi. The firmware version that came with it is v2.0.02 build 008Jul 27, 2008. If I flash to dd-wrt, will that work?

  • Comment from Chris

    Hi, I have a wrt160n and I flashed it. Now The router doesnt work. I can still get into the router settings and change stuff, but there is no internet connection. I did the Mini flash then Standard. Am I missing something?


  • Comment from Markus

    Can someone help me ? I’ve clicked continue after flashing, without waiting 5 minutes and now i don’t have webinterface only telnet. I google and found this article and i see that was a mistake. How to restore linksys firmware ? or do something to repair dd-wrt ?

  • Comment from mooMoo

    To Nancy –> You can’t flash your Router as it’s WRT160NV2, this version appear to have a different CPU than BROADCOM and DD WRT do not support it.
    Regarding disconnects, try to work without P2P software…

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    I finally got a chance to verify that indeed, the WRT150N router running DD-WRT will support wireless N mode, if you choose the “Mixed” wireless mode in the wireless setup tab. I saw speeds in excess of 500kb/s that I could not get with 802.11g. “Mixed” mode continues to support b and g modes as well.

  • Comment from o” doubble

    wireless does not work “wrt150N” router
    after flashing with ddwrt firmware v24

    any solutions to make it work? wireless will not connect on my laptop (mixed mode is selected, and no wireless security enabled)


  • Comment from Al

    Just got a WRT!^)N and it is Version 2.0, can it be upgraded? The firmware list and directions seem to be for 1.0 and 1.1.


  • Comment from Will “Zeusenergy” Shaw

    Worked for me too. It’s only running the micro version of DD-WRT right now and it gets great coverage and also works more reliably plus the features can’t be beat.

  • Comment from Stefan

    Perfect, installed and setup in 10 minutes. QOS works perfectly with my Asterisk PBX. Now the kids YouTube and Yahoo Music have no effect on voice quality. Stock firmware QOS had no effect! Set QOS with the MAC address of the Asterisk box and forwarded the correct ports and all is GOOD!

  • Comment from Jon Stahl

    Nicely done how-to, thank you!

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    I don’t believe WRT160Nv2 can run DD-WRT, it uses a Ralink processor, not the Broadcom that’s found in the WRT150N and older WRT160Nv1 which these instructions are for.

  • Comment from ButchP

    everything installed and working right but i am in the eastern us time zone & clock will not set right i am iHr off????

  • Comment from mahram

    tanks for you

  • Comment from matt

    i have a wrt160n version 2 and it uses ralink not broadcom . is there any way to get the firmware on this router?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    No, DD-WRT cannot be installed on the v2 Ralink router.

  • Comment from BAH

    is there a special version of ddwrt for ralink (wrt160n v2) as it is listed under supported devices?

  • Comment from Darko

    I have WRT160N (firmware ver. 1.53.0) and it worked several months perfectly. But now it just disconnects very very frequently until the time it stops connecting at all and it says it cannot get an IP from the server. I tried to resolve this problem with my network administrator in real time, and he said that my router isn’t sendind request to connect to the server at all. On his recomendation I put the router to it’s Factory Defaults, and after that it worked for half a day and the same thing started all over again and again and again. I can read what realy good features the DD-WRT firmware offers but does it solve this problem, bacause other guys in the thread here had the same problems but I couldn’t read anywhere that flashing to DD-WRT resolved this issue. Any clever suggestions you guys?

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    While it’s listed on the page, it doesn’t mean it’s supported. In fact if you read the comment you see it specifically says the Ralink is not supported.

    I can’t vouch for DD-WRT’s effectiveness because I never used the original Linksys firmware. Have you got anything to lose by switching to DD-WRT because your router sounds pretty useless right now anyways? Plus what you said is not true, Will said installing DD-WRT stopped his wireless from cutting off.

  • Comment from Sam

    I bought a WRT-150N to flash with DD-WRT v24 last week and I think this was a little over my head. I literally know nothing about networking. I tried originally to connect before flashing and I couldn’t get past my modem. I decided to go ahead with DD-WRT and see if it would fix that problem. My plan was to hardwire my current pc to the router and connect my secondary pc to wireless. I was able to sucessfully flash my router with mini, then generic. Sadly the router seemed still unable to bypass the router. My current problem is that I can no longer access my router’s config page @ . Now IE says I have to connect to internet to view my router’s config page and when I click “work offline” it goes to the cannot display webpage screen.

    I am extremely ignorant in this field as this is my first time setting up a network, all help and patience is greatly appreciated.

  • Comment from rick

    i have question.
    size of flash and memory?
    i search a n-draft linksys with 4mb flash and 16mb memory for linux usage aka 54gl or 54g before v5.
    works the mimo tech and 300mode on openwrt

  • Comment from erik Reimers

    is it a problem if i connect to it wirelessly as opposed to connecting with a wire? my guess is there is because it might stop transcieving when it uptdates but i was just wondering

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    Actually I don’t think your router will even let you update the firmware through a wireless connection.

  • Comment from zmancartfan

    I’m having a problem with stock firmware on a WRT160n v1, and I’m wondering if the DD-WRT firmware would help.

    I’ve got G & N devices that connect just fine, but I can’t get a new PSP 3000 to connect. I THINK it’s because the PSP require a B connection only. I can get the PSP to connect if I drop the router down to B only, but Mixed Mode results in an immediate connection error on the PSP even wih no other security enabled.

    Can anyone confirm that the DD-WRT firmware does indeed support simultaneous B, G, and N connections?

    Or is it a PSP problem?

    Has anybody run into this?


  • Comment from Bob Purinton

    I installed DD-WRT on my WRT160N not expecting the kind of results I got. I’m impressed. Thanks.

    The only thing I noticed was a yellow light in front of the Cisco button. Is there a setting that needs tweaked to fix this or is it normal?
    I don’t know what it is for.

    Thanks again

  • Comment from Justalurka

    I purchased a refurbished a WRT-150N from Tiger Direct just to try this DD-WRT 24. I followed the instructions and so far its working great. I read horror stories about using the regular Linksys software and was curious about this DD-WRT. So far no complaints.

  • Comment from thegreat48

    After setting up the DD-WRT firmware on my Linksys WRT-150N, the text in DD-WRT menus turned to rectangles e.g. “000000 0000″ (totally unreadable). The language option was set to English. Luckily I was able to find the “update” menu from memory and install Linksys OEM firmware again. What happened? I would like to give DD-WRT a try.

  • Comment from cocolio


    i have upgraded my wrt150n to this firmware and it has a lot of features y really love, but i have a problem, i like to use subnetting in my network, basically for security reasons, but as soon i change the network config to subnets the DHCP server stops working and i have to configure my interfaces manually wich i really hate to do so.

    my config is as follows:

    net: 192.168.x.x

    anyway the DHCP server works fine with a netmask like: or /24

    Is there any way to solve the problem? i would appreciate any help thanks!!!

  • Comment from adm_snackbar


    Try a different browser, maybe the language encoding was screwed up.

  • Comment from mtbsam

    Hi, I have the WRT160N. It was acting up so I started looking around online and found out about the DD-WRT. Very impressed with what it is supposed to do. However, I got the mini flashed with no problems but now it fails flashing the standard. It goes for a few seconds and then gives a message saying:
    “Connection Interupted
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading”.

    I can go back into the router with no problems but even after a hard reboot of router and my computer it still does the same thing. Anyone else have a problem getting the standard to flash?

  • Comment from mtbsam

    Sorry guys, spoke too soon. I kept looking around after that last post and it turns out that Firefox causes the problem and once I tried it in IE it worked just fine. Another one up and running!!

  • Comment from Foolsville

    Thanks for the step by step, worked like a charm. Gave ya a link.

  • [...] some research, (I read the step by step @ code retard), I decided to go for it. I downloaded the firmware from the links provided, I needed both. The [...]

  • Comment from LinkSysUser

    I have a LinkSys WRT160Nv2 (version 2) router.
    An alternative firmware exists to model??


  • Comment from NEWI

    LinkSysUser, your version 2 won’t work period with this firmware. Your’s has the Ralink chip, look for an older version perhaps at a rural walmart. I had a electronics manager let me open a box to find a version 1.

  • Comment from Bashir

    Hii..i have WRT160N Linksys Router.I have 1 Desktop and 1 laptop.I have connet router to the Desktop and i m using wi_fi in my laptop both are on the same place.My Router has WEP optio but my 2 nd laptop has not WEP option … what to do at this time…Pls Do the needfull ASAP….

  • Comment from Bashir

    Pls give me firmware setting.What i should setup in the router so it can work in Desktop and also in My laptop VIA WI-Fi……

    Its on Urgent Bases….PLs

  • Comment from dolphinman1964

    HELP! Can anyone out there help me with this? I did what you said above and entered “root” and “admin” for the user name and pw to login to the new dd-wrt firmware and now I need to get in again and update to the standard binary file (per your instructions) and it is asking me to enter a username and pw and it won’t take root/admin or anything else? any ideas? Please! Thanks!

    • Comment from Guru

      Did you solve the issue . I have the same problem. I am not able to log back in after I fashed the factory fw

  • Comment from adm_snackbar


    Get yourself a new laptop that supports WEP, a new wireless network adaptor that supports WEP, or turn off encryption.


    As per the instructions, it’s admin/admin to get in, or admin/<blank>

    • Comment from Joe Mard

      Unsecure yeah whatever. Ummmmm. MAC Address Filtering…..Been around since like eniac. Or you could just spend $1200 for no reason whatever.

  • Comment from Jason

    Followed all the steps and everything came up OK but when I go to System information the radio reads error. What does that mean and what do I need to do to fix it?

    • Comment from Juan

      Check the default language of the router, maybe chinesse is selected. Then try change to english or another language.

  • Comment from Jason

    NM Hard reboot fixed it My PS3 is now connecting thanks for the info.

  • Comment from Terry Fabbri

    Thanks for the clear instructions.

    I had my WRT150N (bought refurbished on a good deal) – and I was having multiple “hang ups” during the day which required me to do a cold boot/restart to restore both my wired and wireless internet.

    After the changeover – and the changeover was smooth following the instructions here – everything has been rock steady !

    Thanks again.

  • Comment from Mike Mendoza

    Having issues making it connect through PPOE since i use dsl

  • Comment from Foxtrot_01

    I bought a refurbished 150N from Tigerdirect yesterday, went home and did everything step by step although I used firefox, I am not sure if I screwed up but everything seem to have gone well except for the ERROR message on the tab of the firefox windows, but everything was uploaded successfully, although it asked me to connect to the internet and I connected the Ethernet to the blue jack and hit continue. At the end everything changed to Chinese and I switched back to English. I am still on the original screen for DD, I changed the name and the password. I still cant get anything to work, any ideas?

  • Comment from aabeckeren

    I have question regarding WRT160N V1
    (European)Firmware Version: v1.02.2

    -wireless connection works fine for laptop connection, and cable sockets also work fine
    -the Playstation has wireless access, update and gameupdate, interactive (not live) play.
    (limitation is connecting in direct play with another playstation through internet)

    UPnP functions is not accessable when Playstation sends request, game communication mention NAT type 3 as problem?

    maybe another Firmware version, or can DD-WRT work?

  • Comment from Mike Ferguson

    Thanks for the help/tutorial. This firmware rocks! All the bells and whistles I could ever ask for!

  • Comment from Dagoberto Martinez

    How can i reset de user and pw to the default ones… root/admin again? for some reason they worked first time but they dont work anymore.. now i cant log into my router do u know what can i do?

  • Comment from Chuck M

    I completed all the steps and see my wireless connection on my laptop, but my laptop will not connect. I have the Linksys WRT150N.

    Please help!
    Side note: the reason I installed the firmware is b/c my connection to the router was going in and out.

  • Comment from AlePal

    I have a WRT160N, with Firmware Version: v1.02.6-LA.
    I would like to download it before trying to flash dd-wrt but can’t find it.
    any help?
    Thank you for your help!

  • Comment from George

    I successfully flashed the firmware on my WRT150N and everything seems to work fine. I enabled the wireless security and what not, but I noticed the the Security LED does not turn on anymore. Is this common with DD WRT for the 150N? I flashed back to linksys and it works, but when I go back to DD WRT it does not light up. Any help would be great thanks

  • Comment from skip08

    I think I messed up my Linksys wrt54gs trying to install different firm ware, now it doesn’t work. anybody have any suggestions? I’d like to use DD WRT

  • Comment from PandaBear

    Hi all, I just realize after I purchased a WRT160N that it is a V2. I’m looking for a V1 if anyone want to trade I would like to exchange with you and throw in something extra.



  • Comment from kurt

    Hi all, I’m just wondering if possible to configure the VLAN in DD-WRT with my WRT160n router?

    This forum is very informative.



  • Comment from kurt

    Is it possible to make a customized notification message if the website is blocked in DD-WRT firmware?
    (i.e)the default “The Page Cannot be displayed”.i want it to change this default.



  • Comment from Cong-Kien Dang

    Thank you for your post. I have a WRT160N v2. I could upgrade to DD-WRT. The upgrading is always failed. I don’t know the reason. Maybe, my old setting is the network address is Any help?? Thanx

    • Comment from TheWickedClown

      To: Cong-Kien Dang
      About Your [Linksys WRT160N v2] You Can’t Use The DD-WRT Firmware On Your Router…
      I Tried Every Where For Info And Found Out That The Chipset Won’t Allow The DD-WRT To Work.. I Was Able To Use The DD-WRT On My [Linksys WRT150N v1.1] But, Not My [Linksys WRT160N v2] I Hope This Helps..

  • Comment from thegreat48

    RE: Try a different browser, maybe the language encoding was screwed up.

    I tried ie explorer 7 and firefox – did not help. My DD-WRT menus and config pages read like this in explorer: “??” and “Internet??? and “???????ISP???????” and “?DHCP??DNSMasq” etc.

    And FireFox displays little numbers and letters inside boxes where the text should be.

    Any other ideas? Thank you.

    • Comment from thegreat48

      The text problem is dealt with. It was switching the language to Chinese for an unknown reason. The router is working 2x better than it did with the OEM firmware. Thank you DD-WRT!

  • Comment from LatnSenator

    Basic Question: Is there a significant increase in speed with DD-WRT or is the benefit simply signal strength and in functionality? I read where a user increased his download speed from 6 Mbps to 20 Mbps by inceasing the max ports from 1024 to 4096.

  • Comment from edde

    ive installed this with no probs at all…but ever since i installed it (2 weeks ago) i find that my ports are not forwared anymore with utorrent..ive set them up to be forwared just like always but now iam unconnectable at certain sites…ill fiddle around with it more to see if i can get this resolved..any input would be appreciated

  • Comment from Mike

    Perfect, works like a charm…..I almost messed my router at first but I was able to get round it. Use Internet explorer not mozilla!


  • Comment from JabbaTheNut

    Can someone explain me what the following statement means:
    “Click browse to load the std generic bin you downloaded earlier and reinstall the firmware. This will allow you to get over the 3MB flash memory limit and get a real tool on that router.”
    So in my understanding after loading these 2 DD-WRT bins (generic and std) I have to load OEM (factory) firmware or not. The phrase “reinstall the firmware” is confusing. Which firmware to reinstall?
    Thanks for your comments.

  • [...] How to Install DD-WRT FW on WRT150N Router [...]

  • Comment from Rick

    Hi! I took a look to the “support DD-WRT firmware” web page and it seems my router isn’t listed.

    It’s brand new and it’s the WRT-160N V3

    I won’t take any chance, so I won’t install DD-WRT for now. Is there any further release scheduled to work perfectly with my router?

    At least I upgraded the OEM firmware to Firmware Version: v3.0.00 build 012Apr 23, 2009


  • Comment from Clayton


    WRT160N, V1, flashed with the Canadian firmware.

    My problem: ALWAYS dropping the wireless connection on my Dell – at least 5 times a day, often once every 15 minutes

    Read about this for an hour or so to make sure i knew the benefits and how to do it… Then I did the flash to mini and then flash to standard.

    NOW it works perfectly! Things I love:

    -No more connection drops
    -WPA2-PSK security with no connection problems
    -slight increase in range (tx pwr set to 70)
    -VPN works
    -multiple network connected (G/N)
    -so much more functional than the stock firmware!!

    THANK YOU for this helpful guide!

    • Comment from Richard

      Set ‘Sensitivity Range (ACK Timing)’ to 0

    • Comment from Zain

      Thanks for your helpful comments, I just wanted to know how were you able to set up VPN, please help me a little bit. Thanks

  • Comment from Mark

    HELP! After I flashed my router, and changed the login password all the text characters changed. They looked like some kind of chinese characters, but now like square type figures. Any ideas how to fix this?

    • Comment from Propy


      The squares have to do with text encoding. Try re-flashing, resetting or return to original bin if you backed it up or can get from your router manufacturer; then download a new version of the bin and try again.

  • Comment from rajash

    hello bro, i want to ask for wrt150N,
    i know and i see that wrt150N have a reserved button on the top, but latest firmware from linksys are not support WPS(wifi protected setup) button like they say as “reserved in the future”
    so when i flash my router to DDWRT, how with WPS??can this router supported??
    or reserved button can work fine for WPS??

    BTW can you show me latest link DDWRT firmware for WRT150N, where i can find stable firmware.
    can WRT150N support DDWRT special edition for enhanced function and menu??

    please answer

  • Comment from Yohani c

    Instale el nuevo firmware, pero ahora en el mismo router, solo se prende la segunda luz, no pre,de ni la de on ni ninguna otra.

  • Comment from Nick

    Hi i have been trying to fix my router, but for some reason after i upgraded my wrt160n version 1 to mini generic i try to go back and put in my password to update to std generic, but my password doesn’t work and i tried a lot of things, but no luck. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? or if it doesnt work at least how to get it back to the way it originally was?

    • Comment from Joe Mard

      Reset button…Just a guess???

  • Comment from Craig

    Have a WRT160N v3 and after the second code update (std) (worked after the first mimi) my little router is dead. I cannot get it to boot up and login to it. Is there a way to “reset these” or somehow get a code load on them? Tried the linksys program that came with it, but it is not seeing the router. Dang! Help! just want to get any firmware back on it.

    • Comment from Alex

      Have exact same problem. Have WRT160N V3. Mini part worked like a magic but after installing regular STD I no longer can access the setup page of the router. Anybody have any suggestions.

      • Comment from Joe Mard

        You’re both retards and so is the guy below. If you don’t have any sense don’t attempt these sort of things. The router has a 4MB flash. STD is how big smarty parts. 4MB – 5MB = not enough space. No JTAG option so just give Linksys another $60. Ever wonder why they don’t care that DD-WRT makes firmware for there routers. Because it doubles there sales. 70% of the retards in this post should just stick to flipping dem burgos.

        • Comment from Joe Mard

          There is their. Cant anyone spell anymore.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Me too, have wrt160n v3, totally dead, every led is off, including power led!!!!

  • Comment from Zain

    I really want to Thank the person who initiated the post, and helped me install this software. It was easy because he had the link to softwares that were needed, rest of it was a breeze. I want to ask if we can setup VPN ( I don’t have a static IP adress), I want to login from Office and School into my computer. Please help with that.

  • Comment from Kris

    Where to plug the cable when flashing? in the blue one or any in yellow?

    • Comment from Joe Mard

      If you can’t figure out where to plug in the cable don’t attempt to flash the router. I will bet that if you continue, you will just be donating more money to Linksys.

    • Comment from Joe Mard

      Go to where you got the firmware and read through the thousands of pages of documentation, like someone who’s sensible would do. Whats wrong with people. READ…Information will set you free.

      I bet after reading a few dozens pages you’ll find an answer. Like start on page 1?

  • Comment from Joe Mard

    Now that we figured out how to tie our shoes. Can someone tell me why my ping is at 1500ms.
    WRT160N V3 DD-WRT B13575. WAN-LAN 1MS, LAN-WIRELESS 1MS, WIRELESS-WIRELESS 2MS, WAN-WIRELESS 1500MS. ALL 5 Wireless connections are doing the samething. 4 of the 5 wireless connections are variations of -N- hardware. There is no b or g connections. DNS working but not well. Wireless G-OING…Wireless N-OWHERE.

    • Comment from Joe Mard

      Now my WAN pings are not responding at all, even at 10000ms allowance, but DNS is resolving? Is this just some firewall issue? I’m absolutely dumbfounded by this. I know for sure it’s something to do with the router. The only other constant is toredo tunneling is running on all 3 clients.

  • Comment from Asher Rahl

    Ok, flashed the firmware with the mini from the 160N compatibility page, gave it the 5 mins just in case and tried to flash the nohotspot it starts to flash it displays a please wait 256 ms and then gives me the standard “server connection was reset” page at which point it displays the Firmware ver. as the mini and will not flash up to the nohotspot, so what am i doing wrong?

  • Comment from gm1019

    I updated the firmware on my WRT150N as per the instructions, all went very smoothly until the control panel turned into mostly gibberish, any ideas?

  • Comment from mixmasterVII

    Hi! My office have WRT160n and I want to extend the range to my house which is a couple of meters away.maybe it possible? help please on what to do? thanks!

  • Comment from orlando


  • Comment from Superchad245

    what are you talking about, i dont download stuff illegaly, and i got the advice to get netgear from someone on age of empires III ESO. besides 3 routers dieing is annoying.

  • Comment from Tyler

    Can this firmware make a LAN port a WAN? Because the default WAN port does not work anymore on my WRT150N and i do not need the LAN

  • Comment from Aaron

    How to find out what version of WRT160N router I have? I would like to give this a try, for the boosted signal :)

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I have a linksys WTR160n with the latrest firmware installed by linksys support. We also have a Linksys 54G Range expander with the latest firmware installed by support. I would like to extend my signal about 225 feet from my 160N and the range expander is not doing the trick.
    Also l think l read somewhere here there is an order of plugging in the ports of the 160N as in which port the cable modem goes in and each wired desktop?
    if my order is wrong will it matter or effect my range.. please help

  • Comment from soifer doss

    Go to the routers default IP address,, in your web browser and assuming you haven't set a username/password the default is a blank username and admin for password.

    The WEP should be listed somewhere in there. Not sure exactly where.

  • Comment from pilsent

    Would this work on the wrt54g2 v1? Where can I get antennas

  • Comment from Igor

    Its tottaly worked!

  • Comment from Satisfied

    Thx man, it’s working.

  • Comment from Gabbar

    I have a WRT 160N v2 router, is there any third-party firmware that can be installed on this piece of shit. The predecessors of v2 are using Broadcom chips, wonder why Linksys used Ralink for the v2, and then went back to using Broadcom for its successors.

    Why these hardware manufacturers have to make 10 versions of the same product, and then not print the version number on the packaging.

  • Comment from Jim

    I tried to install this on my WRT-160N v3. I waited the 5 mins as stated in the directions. it never updated my Firmware. still have the Original. what did I do wrong?

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