Use Empty CD Spindles for Cable Storage

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CD Spindle Storage

Ever not know what to do with all your leftover CD spindle cases? I usually just throw them out, not really wanting to stick my bagels in there. But I discovered a few days ago a new use for them: as cable organizers. My room is a huge mess of odd cables that I try to keep clean by keeping them in boxes. Since I have so many of them, finding a particular cable is a huge chore of pulling out boxes from underneath other boxes and digging through each box for the right one. Well, with an empty CD spindle, you can easily wrap your cables around the central spindle and tuck them away neatly since multiple CD spindles can stack on top of each other. Finding them is an easier matter of looking through the see-through plastic casing for the right plug (the plugs are the easiest to identify in that tangle of black wire).

Some tips: you don’t need to perfectly wrap your cables around the spindle, just keep them within the confines of the base. When you’re ready to cover your cables, take the cover and put it upside down. Then turn the base and spindle upside down and put it into the cover while it’s upside down. Then shove any lose cables on the side in. Trust me, it’ll be a lot easier than trying to cap the cover onto the base upright. Another tip is to group different colored cables together to make it easier to distinguish among cables. You could also just group the same cables together.


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    とうとう iTunes のアイコンから CD が消えたか。

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