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AT&T Will Provide 3G For Sony’s $250/$300 Portable, ‘Vita’
/* Posted June 7th, 2011 at 2:50am */
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Live coverage begins at 5 p.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday. Refresh page for latest additions. LOS ANGELES — Want more power in your portable gaming? Sony will give it to you in the form of PlayStation Vita. Sony unveiled the final name and pricing — but not a launch window — for its […]

PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15. Fixes videos not playing in 6.xx
/* Posted April 30th, 2011 at 2:41am */
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Cooleyes has released PMPlayer Advance 3.15, this version fixes the problem with some videos not playing under firmware 6.xx. PPA is a media player that can play MKV, MP4, PMP, FLV formats. PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15 changelog: – fixed some videos can not play in FW6xx [ Control ] browse view: LTRIGGER + UP : […]

PSP2 (NGP) Announced! Dual Analog Sticks with Touch-Sensitive OLED
/* Posted January 28th, 2011 at 7:34am */
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Update #3 OK some more on the system specs, that screen res is very nice! 960 x 544 Full PSP2 system specs: CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core) GPU: SGX543MP4+ External Dimensions: Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection) Rear touch pad: Multi touch pad (capacitive type) […]

PSP2 Announced! Dual Analog Sticks wiht Touch-Sensitive OLED
/* Posted January 27th, 2011 at 7:33am */
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The PSP2 announced today. Uncharted demo on the PSP2! Update #3 OK some more on the system specs, that screen res is very nice! 960 x 544 CPU: TBD RAM: TBD Storage: Unidentified “new media” for games, on-board Flash storage Display: 5 inch OLED with 960 x 544 resolution Wireless: WiFi, 3G, GPS Inputs: Touchscreen, […]