How to remove MacDefender fake antivirus program

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A new malware infection has apparently been spreading relatively rapidly among
Mac users, and it’s unclear both how pervasive the infection is and whether Apple is addressing the problem. What is known, however, is how to get rid of it.


By manipulating Safari and its Open safe files after downloading option, rogue antivirus programs like MacDefender can automatically begin their installation process when downloaded. Screenshot taken from YouTube video.

Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET via Intego)


What is it?
Most often called MacDefender, but also known as MacProtector and MacSecurity, this bit of malware is a socially engineered threat of a type that’s more familiar to Windows users. It often starts with a Web advertisement that suckers you into downloading a rogue antivirus program, which purports to protect you. In fact, once installed it engages in several malicious activities. These can include stealing your usernames and passwords; disabling your firewall and other legitimate security programs you might have installed; and pummeling you with repeated pop-ups that nag you to buy a fake upgrade (which, if you get it, just sends money to the malware’s developer).

In this particular case, MacDefender runs after you install it, and then tells you your computer is infected. To “clean” the infections, you have to register the program, which involves providing your credit card number. If you’ve happened to fall victim to this and you’ve submitted your credit card info, cancel the card immediately and verify that all recent charges are legitimate.

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Rogue antivirus programs like MacDefender can steal your log-in information, but thats not their primary target. Screenshot taken from YouTube video.

Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET via Intego)


There have also been Web-forum reports from MacDefender victims that the malware has been popping up pornographic Web sites and ads, though these reports remain unverified.

MacDefender has been targeting
Safari users, though it could easily aim for users of other browsers. Be sure you’ve changed your browser settings so that the computer doesn’t automatically install downloaded programs. You can do this in Safari by going to Preferences, then General, and uncheck the “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading” box. There is no option in
Firefox for Mac to automatically run downloaded files. Chrome 11 users not only appear to have the option, there also doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off.

How to remove rogue antivirus programs
On any platform, rogue antivirus programs are resistant to standard program removal procedures. This means you can’t just drag one to the trash.


Once installed, the malicious program runs a scan and warns you that your computers been infected. You cant remove the infections until you upgrade the program, though. Screenshot taken from YouTube video.

Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET via Intego)


First, close the Scan window that’s opened. Then launch the Activity Monitor by going to your Applications folder, then the Utilities folder. You can also use the hot key combo of Shift+Command+U from the desktop. Manually find all processes with names that match the rogue antivirus infection. These include the aforementioned MacDefender, MacProtector, and MacSecurity, but you might be infected with a new variant that will have a similar but not identical name.

Highlight the process, then click the Quit Process button. If a pop-up appears asking if you are sure, click the Force Quit button on the left.

Next, go back to the Applications folder, and find your rogue antivirus program. Again, it will likely be called MacDefender, MacProtector, or MacSecurity. Move the program to the Trash, and then empty the Trash. It’s OK to enter your system password if prompted when emptying the Trash.

Now click the Apple Menu from the upper left of the desktop taskbar and go to System Preferences, then System, Accounts, and click Login Items. This will open a window with a list of programs that automatically start when OS X boots up. Find the rogue antivirus program in the list, MacDefender or one of its malevolent brethren, click on it and then find the Minus button at the bottom of the window. Click the Minus button, which will remove the program from startup.


The rogue antivirus program will finally ask for your credit card information, its real target. Screenshot taken from YouTube video.

Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET via Intego)


Be sure you’ve followed all these steps, otherwise the rogue antivirus program will reinstall itself the next time you reboot your computer. Also, be extremely careful about installing programs from unknown sources. It’s never a good idea, on any platform, to automatically install a program or app after downloading, unless you’re 100 percent positive it comes from a safe source.

Just as with Windows, there are numerous paid and free antivirus programs for Mac. ClamX AV, iAntiVirus Free, and Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Free are all good, reputable, and free Mac antivirus programs.

Design or Tweak Cursors With Free RealWorld Cursor Editor

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The name of RealWorld Cursor Editor (free) is deceptive, since this program can help you create–not just edit–your own unique cursors easily, without the help of a separate graphic design program. Unlike other basic cursor editors, such as the free AniTuner and Stardock’s $10 CursorFX, which just edit, Cursor Editor uses familiar graphic design tools and menu items to create cursors from scratch or from existing images.

RealWorld Cursor Editor screenshotThe familiar design tools utilized by RealWorld Cursor Editor help you figure out what works and what doesn’t on such a small scale. The beauty of Cursor Editor is how quickly and easily you can pick this up: If you’re proficient in any image manipulation program, you can master it in a few trial runs. The essential drawing and coloring process is simple and intuitive; basic cursor shapes like arrows and circles are included. Animated cursors take a little more planning and some skill since you need to place moving parts in separate layers. If you set it up correctly, simply duplicate the frame and change, move, or rotate the parts as you would any stop-motion animation, on a pixel by pixel scale. You can adjust the time each frame appears, by fractions of a second, until you are happy with the cycle.

The hardest thing to get to grips with is probably the scale of your design. Because a standard size cursor is 32 pixels square, think abstract, not detail: a freehand blob moving toward a patch of blue actually transforms into water dripping into a pool with minimum effort. Accurately replicating Harry Potter’s spell-swishing wand with RealWorld Cursor Editor is a different matter entirely.

Although it’s handy that Cursor Editor can import JPEG, PNG, and Bitmap files in addition to .ani files, the inherent size of a cursor limits the usefulness of starting with an existing image. Often you’re better off creating something from scratch or adapting an existing cursor than trying to make your image legible. Fortunately, the perpetual animation in the preview window and a neat test area makes it a snap to see if your creation works … or doesn’t.

This version of Cursor Editor doesn’t have 3D modeling, a feature that was previously included as a 30-day trial. But RealWorld promises the 3D version will reappear in RealWorld Designer, their new image, icon, and cursor editor which will be available Fall 2011.

After you’ve used Cursor Editor to create your artwork, how you use it is entirely up to you. Switching to your unique cursors in Windows requires you change your mouse properties in the Control Panel; and RealWorld has created a utility to make this even easier on systems running 2000 through Vista, although Change Cursor is a separate (freeware) download.

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a great program, but outside of the ultra geeky and/or software developers, it’s hard to think of someone who’d actually need this program. Since it’s freeware though, why not give it a go. After all, don’t we all want to have a laser-firing Dalek save our work rather than a boring arrow pointer?

SEO Disasters That Could Bury Your Company

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Like just about anything else in the business world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a set of rules that everyone involved is expected to play by. As long as SEO firms play by those rules their clients will enjoy profitable search engine rankings. But if they break the rules and Google finds out, their client’s sites could be buried so deep they become essentially useless.

One recent example of such disaster came by way of JCPenney’s rankings throughout the busy holiday season. From about November 2010 to early February 2011, the giant retailer owned the number one position for everything from clothing to furniture to household goods. And it wasn’t just generic search terms either. It was very specific terms that would seem unreasonable for JCPenney to own. It wasn’t coincidence, by the way

Black Hat Practices

In SEO you have what are called “white hat” and “black hat” practices. White hat practices are those that play by the rules and don’t use any deceptive tactics to boost page ranking. Black hat practices are exactly the opposite. In JCPenney’s case, they used the black hat practice of saturating the web with paid links. It worked successfully because Google takes into consideration, among other things, the number of back links a site has all across the Internet.

For example, if you have a website offering advice and tips on antique furniture, Google would give you a higher page ranking if there were a dozen or more websites linking back to yours. They assume that those links are created by fans of your site or those with whom you regulate conduct business, and they link back to you as recommendation. However, paying to insert links over thousands of websites is a Google no-no.

An investigation by the New York Times revealed that someone had paid for more than 2,000 links back to JCPenney on pages that were mostly irrelevant. It was these links that vaulted the company to the number one position under so many keywords and helped them to remain there for so long.

A Disaster for Your Company

This may not seem disastrous if you are the SEO client, but consider what happened to JCPenney. As soon as the New York Times offered the evidence to Google, officials at the search engine promised corrective action. That corrective action came in the form of manually dropping JCPenney’s search rank all across their chosen keywords. For example, where they were number one for the phrase “living room furniture” prior to the corrective action, they ranked number 68 after the action.

The lesson in all of this is to make sure you hire an SEO firm with reputation for integrity. If you find your vendor employs any black hat practices you’re better off finding a new vendor – even if it costs you more money. In the end, being forcibly dropped in the ratings by Google is bad business, and possibly bad press that you don’t need.

Guest blog post by David Beau, a freelance writer for Absolute Music who sell a range of musical instruments including the epiphone les paul standard and gibson sg.

Twitter 2.0 for BlackBerry is official

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A mere two weeks after Twitter 2.0′s arrival in BlackBerry Beta Zone, it looks like the newly-refreshed client has emerged unscathed. Twitter 2.0 for Blackberry is official, and will be generally available in BlackBerry App World over the next 24 hours.

For those who weren’t on the beta train, Twitter 2.0 boasts speedier and more streamlined Twitter Search via a single screen combining the Find People, Search, and Popular Topics functions, along with Trends and Saved Searches. For BlackBerry 6 users, Universal Search on your phone now pulls results from Twitter as well. And finally, the app sports some cosmetic improvements with a sleek black-chrome color scheme and Compose Tweet button right on the global navigation bar for easy tweeting from anywhere in the app.

Check out Twitter 2.0 today in BlackBerry App World. And if you don’t see it yet, fear not, it’ll be there in a few short hours.



GameStop talks 3DS sales

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GameStop president Tony Bartel recently commented on the sales of the Nintendo 3DS, and whether or not they reached GameStop’s predictions.


“We were very excited about 3DS when it launched. [It] was one of the highest market shares we’ve ever had for a Nintendo launch at 45 percent. We were excited about market share. I think there have been reports that the numbers are lagging from what the expectations were in the U.S., and I think our results will be in line with that. In [fiscal] Q2 [ending July], we do expect we will fall slightly short of what we expected. We were excited at the launch, but in Q2 we believe it will slightly lag [behind] our expectation. …but it hasn’t been a significant increase in there (portable sales in general). We anticipate the 3DS is going to continue to be the hottest handheld platform for at least the second quarter.” — GameStop president Tony Bartel.


As many industry analysts and developers have noted, the lack of a true killer app for the 3DS at launch has slowed its initial sales down.


via GoNintendo


WinX DVD Copy Pro Free Download With License Code

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WinX DVD Copy Pro, from Digiarty Software, is a new, powerful and simple-to-use DVD backup software which allows users to backup DVD to DVD disc, VIDEO_TS folder, ISO image or MPEG2 file – all without compromising the quality. In addition, one of the most notable selling-point of the software that makes it special compared to other DVD copy applications is its capability of flawlessly supporting Disney’s Fake Checker, severely scratched DVDs and Sony ARccOS bad sector. According to the developer, the DVD Copy Pro also offers unrestricted access to all region codes and copy protection systems.

WinX DVD Copy Pro

Main features of WinX DVD Copy Pro:

  • Entire DVD backup with 1:1 ratio including video, audio, menus, subtitles and languages bonus
  • Continually support newest DVD Protections
  • Advanced bad sector recover engine to fix corrupted sectors while copying scratched, dirty, worn as well as minor cracked DVDs
  • Disney’s Fake Checker helps users to backup latest DVDs with 99 titles
  • Support Sony ARccOS bad sectors that purposely generate corrupted sectors

WinX DVD Copy Pro usually priced at $35.95 per single license. As part of Digiarty Software promotion, the interested users are now entitled to download the full version of WinX DVD Copy Pro at no cost. This limited-time promotion offer will be ended on May 22, 2011!

To grab a free copy of WinX DVD Copy Pro, originally you have to visit and like the Digiarty’s Facebook page. But you can skip the step to download the DVD backup app directly using link below and then input the provided license serial key to unlock it.

Download URL –

Note: The free license serial code can be found in the License Code.txt file in the ZIP archive.

WinX DVD Copy Pro is compatible with Windows 7 (32 64 bit), 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista (32 64 bit) OS.

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New Xbox 360 System Update Starts Rolling Out

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As leaked a few days ago, Microsoft is rolling out the new dashboard upgrade (2.0.13146.0) starting today. We of course suggest people with a modified DVD FW do NOT update for now until the update has been analysed, but as we know from the beta dashboards this update will probably flash your DVD firmware with a new one (mostly done to support the XGD3 disc format). If you decide to upgrade anyway, we HIGHLY suggest you get your DVD KEY before the update. You can then eventually try to reflash the modified FW after the update is done. But a new modified FW will probably be required (certainly to support those new XGD3 discs).

I am happy to announce that, as a part of a new Xbox 360 System Update, we’re expanding our integration with PayPal to allow U.S. and international Xbox LIVE users to make purchases on their Xbox 360 consoles with their PayPal accounts.* Once you’ve linked your PayPal account to your Xbox LIVE account on, you’ll be off and running to use it as a billing option, allowing you to buy content such as Microsoft Points, Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions and Games on Demand titles.

We are rolling out the Xbox 360 System Update gradually to all Xbox LIVE users starting today and throughout the next couple weeks to ensure a high quality deployment. Just like any other update to our service, you will know you’ve received it when you turn on your Xbox 360 console, connect to Xbox LIVE and receive a notification to download the update. It’s important to note that it may take a few days to make its way around the globe. Thanks for your patience if you don’t get it right away!

This particular update will also bring an auto-standby feature that places your console on standby if it’s idle for more than one hour, helping to reduce power consumption. This feature will be automatically enabled after you download the update. You can change this setting in the System Settings on your console.

Finally, thank you to all who participated in the preview program for this Xbox 360 System Update. Your contributions helped us prepare for the updated Xbox 360 disc format capability that comes with this release.

*PayPal functionality will not be available in the following Xbox LIVE regions: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan

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Soul eater: training for a meister beta 8 (signed)

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At the PSP Genesis Competition appears a PSP homebrew game called Soul Eater: Training for a meister. Created by the developer fullarms and largely inspired by the eponymous manga / anime. The homebrew is composed of three mini-games that each takes its cue from a different characteristic of the manga.

Developer’s note:

This game is entirely based around the universe of the manga soul eater; it will enable you to go through 3 trainings to become a professional meister.
-In the first game, you’ll need to learn how to successfully do a “resonance of souls”

*Operating the game : There is a button in the middle of the screen, two souls are coming from each side of the screen. When they are one on top of the other, you have to push the right button to win points. But beware, the souls may speed up and if you miss, or get it wrong, you will lose a life.

-In the second game, your aim is to enable you to differentiate the human souls from the souls of the great devourer.
*Operating the game: You have a curser and there are 6 souls on the screen. If one of them becomes red, all you have to do is put the curser on it and press the X button. This will enable you to gain points. But if you destroy a blue soul, you will lose points.

-In the third game, you need to learn how to use the energie of the dark lame without being submerged by the negative energy.
*Operating the game: You can move in 16 position and the positive energie appear, you have to capture it but without be touched by negative energie that approximates by the sides of the screen.



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Report: Sony Will Relaunch PlayStation Store May 24

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Sony plans to relaunch its online PlayStation Store next Tuesday, according to a report Thursday.

In a memo sent by Sony to game developers and publishers, and obtained by videogame news site Gamasutra, the company reportedly lays out plans to restore the digital distribution channel for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

The PlayStation Store has been down since April 20, when Sony disabled its online services following a massive security breach of its servers. The hack attack left at risk personal data and possibly the credit card information of more than 70 million users of Sony’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity streaming media service.

Though Sony started restoring some features of its PlayStation Network earlier this week, the PlayStation Store remains offline, preventing customers from purchasing games online or downloading extra content.

In addition to the May 24 relaunch date, the memo reportedly contains a schedule for the distribution of games originally slated to be released during the past month’s outage. Games originally scheduled for release April 26 and May 3 will be made available next week. Games slated for May 10, May 17 and May 24 will be planned for distribution the following week — though Sony says it will be flexible based on the wishes of developers and publishers.

“If there are concerns, we are willing to consider adjusting the release date of your content on this schedule,” Sony reportedly said in the memo. “Adjustments will be made on a case by case basis.”

Once the store is online, customers can pick from a selection of free games as compensation for the PlayStation Network’s downtime. PlayStation 3 users will be able to select two titles from a list including LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout HD, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty and Dead Nation.

Sony did not respond by press time to’s request for confirmation of the store’s scheduled relaunch.

Mythbusting: SQL Server isn’t secure

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This is a myth that Microsoft have been fighting against for years. Some bad history has left us with a reputation that we’ve been struggling to overcome ever since. To get over this history, Microsoft have come up with procedures around security, fault-discovery and patching that are incredibly tight, with many companies aspiring to copy our techniques.

Microsoft are leading the way in terms of time computers are vulnerable. This is measured as being the time between a vulnerability being discovered and it being fixed.

In terms of numbers of flaws, Microsoft are ahead of the other players, particularly in terms of the number of high severity vulnerabilities. And it’s not just Microsoft saying this. When Forrester wrote about SQL Server 2008, they said: “Unlike Oracle and IBM, SQL Server continues to enjoy the lowest database security vulnerabilities in the industry.”

That was three years ago and we’ve continued this trend.

Myth: busted!

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