Mythbusting: SQL Server doesn’t scale

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There are some stories and myths around SQL Server. Like a lot of myths, these stories may have some origins in truth, but that doesn’t mean they are true now. This series of blog posts will address some of the key myths and give you the facts around them.

The first myth on my list is that SQL Server doesn’t scale.

How to answer this depends on your definition of scale. This is a term that could be applied to different things. You could be talking about scale in terms of the size of the database or the number of processes or the number of concurrent users. Whichever your definition, there are case studies to answer it.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company has a data warehouse of shipping data with 22TB of data in it. That’s pretty well scaled if you’re talking size. It also handles 397000 transactions per minute. So scalability of transactions isn’t in question either.

A French web analytics company, AT Internet, monitors more than 350000 websites and 25billion pages per month, with around 20TB of data. Again, that sounds scaled to me.

But it’s not just about being capable of handling large volumes of data. The database has to be fast as well. SQL Server 2008 set the world record for 1TB data load in just under 30 minutes. The previous record holder was Oracle, with about 45 minutes. SQL also set the world record for price/performance (i.e. performing well but at a lower price).

If you want some really big numbers, as well as a name you might be familiar with, there’s Myspace. 130 million monthly users, with about 300000 new users a day, resulting in about 1Pb of data. And it all runs on SQL Server.

Myth: busted!

Linux / UNIX Desktop Fun: Steam Locomotive

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One of the most common mistake is typing sl instead of ls command. I actually set an alias i.e. alias sl=ls; but then you may miss out the steam train with whistle.

sl is a joke software or classic UNIX game. It is a steam locomotive runs across your screen if you type “sl” (Steam Locomotive) instead of “ls” by mistake.

Install sl

Type the following command under Debian / Ubuntu Linux, enter:
# apt-get install sl
It is also available on FreeBSD and other UNIX like operating systems. Next, mistyped ls command as sl:
$ sl

Fig.01: Run steam locomotive across the screen if you type sl instead of ls

Fig.01: Run steam locomotive across the screen if you type “sl” instead of “ls”

It also supports the following options:

  • -a : An accident seems to happen. You’ll feel pity for people who cry for help.
  • -l : shows little one.
  • -F : It flies.
  • -e : Allow interrupt by Ctrl+C.

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Google Maps 5.5 for Android updates check-ins, transit

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Google Maps for Android refurbs transit pages(Credit:

In the latest update to Google Maps for
Android (version 5.5), Google turns its attention to the details by adding to the Places pages, transit pages, and Google Latitude.

Places pages now get their own buttons for check-ins and to rate and review businesses–you’ll see the new fields at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, commuters looking up schedules for public transportation can get a snapshot of routes for all lines serving a location (pictured above), not just the one Google has calculated you need. You’ll also be able to see links to nearby transit stations.

The third subtle addition is to a self-stalking feature in Google Latitude. If you’re the type of statistics junkie who likes to track your whereabouts to see where you spend your time, you’ll appreciate being able to update your addresses for home and work directly from the app.

MadCatz Marvel vs. Capcom 3 FightStick TE Controller Review: Pricey but Powerful

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Fighting games are enjoying a renaissance in the console gaming world, and discerning players know that they need an arcade stick controller (along with a roll of quarters and a few sticky Slurpee spills) to properly re-create the full arcade experience. Some will settle for an inexpensive $50 set; others will spend a bit extra for the $70 MadCatz FightStick SE. But a serious player has to be willing to shell out the dough for a top-notch stick–and the $160 MSRP MVC3 FightStick Tournament Edition is a particularly appealing option.

Why Spend $160 to Play a $60 Game?

Flight-sim devotees won’t play with a mouse; racing game enthusiasts need a steering wheel; and If you play a lot of fighting games, a proper arcade stick is an integral tool of your trade. A good input device offers unparalleled responsiveness and precision–good luck getting that from your console’s gamepad. And if you’ve ever flung a controller at your friend in frustration (and had to buy a new one as a result), you can justify the cost of the FightStick TE on the grounds that it’s too pretty to throw at anyone, no matter how hard you’re raging.

If you aren’t already the kind of person who would spend this much money on an arcade stick, the MVC3 FightStick TE probably won’t change your mind. If you are in the market for a good stick for $150 or so, this review is for you.

High-Quality Parts and Build

Any serious conversation about arcade sticks starts with the parts involved. There are only a few major arcade button and stick manufacturers, and the differences between them can make or break a stick–literally. The MVC3 FightStick TE is blessed in this regard: It uses all Sanwa-branded parts, a high-quality standard straight from the official Capcom Street Fighter IV arcade machines in Japan.

When compared to lesser controllers, the superiority of the MVC3 FightStick is immediately apparent. The buttons are sensitive enough to react to a slight press, but not so sensitive that they might cause you to hit the wrong button accidentally. The stick itself is a Japanese-style Sanwa ball-top device shaped like a lollipop (as opposed to the classic American-style stick, which is shaped like a baseball bat). It’s responsive and easy to move, though it doesn’t snap back to neutral by itself all that quickly. If you’re used to Japanese-style sticks, it’ll feel like second nature, but if you’re used to older American-style sticks, you might be accustomed to a stronger spring, in which case the MVC3 FightStick’s may take some time to adapt to. Also, the stick is in an octagonal gate, which makes it easy to hit the directions you’re looking for–a competitive standard not always found in low-end sticks.

The whole controller is large and in charge–6.5 pounds, 16 by 10 by 5 inches. That sturdiness comes in handy when you’re playing–the unit won’t move around on a table, on the floor, or in your lap–but not so handy when you’re carrying it around. If you want a stick that you plan to carry with you everywhere like a true World Warrior, you should probably opt for something lighter, or invest in a set of rolling luggage. On the plus side, MVC3 FightStick’s sturdy construction means that it should be able to withstand any mashing-heavy beatdowns you’ll deliver. And the Marvel vs. Capcom 3-themed art on the faceplate looks cool, albeit rather reserved compared to some of the previous FightStick TE designs.

One quirk: The button layout for the Xbox version places the X, Y, RB, LB buttons on the top, and A, B, RT, LT buttons on the bottom. This doesn’t immediately map into the default Marvel vs. Capcom 3 button configuration, but it is one of the available presets, meaning that you might have to remap your buttons each time you start a session on someone else’s Xbox. But at least you don’t have to assign those functions manually, as you might with a custom stick. This can be a bit annoying at times–especially if you’re rotating several sticks in and out during a tournament or a big gaming session–but for your home gaming sessions it’s not a problem, as you can save your configuration once and forget about it. The stick is designed to work well for all fighting games, not just MVC3, but it’s a little strange that it requires this extra step for the game it highlights on its faceplate.

Note that the MVC3 FightStick uses the same chassis found in previous iterations of the FightStick TE, not the newer TE-S used in select models with a slightly smaller size and different shape. The two stick designs aren’t drastically different, but the TE-S sticks (the Chun-Li-themed and Super Street Fighter IV-themed models are both TE-S devices, for example) are a bit easier to fit in a bag.

Well-Thought-Out Features

The MVC3 FightStick TE has a few features standard to the FightStick TE line that set it apart from the other competitors in the field. You can configure auto-fire for any of the eight face buttons on the arcade stick, and you can toggle the stick’s operation mode so that it functions as your left/right analog stick or directional pad, ensuring that it’ll work with the games you’re playing.

One of the most useful features is undoubtedly the lock switch, which prevents you from accidentally hitting your pause button, or the Xbox 360′s Dashboard button/PS3 Home button–all of which are no-no’s in competitive play. Another handy addition is the cord compartment stashed in the rear end of the stick, so you can safely hide the 13-foot USB cable between gaming sessions. Having lost multiple controller cables to curious cats, I think that the cord compartment alone could justify the price of admission.

It’s worth pointing out that even though the MVC3 FightStick TE meets or exceeds the standards set by the other high-end competitive arcade sticks in the market, it lacks a handful of features that you might like in an arcade stick. For example, each modern game console uses a wireless gamepad, and a handful of wireless arcade sticks today enable you not to have to worry about tripping over wires. But this is called the “Tournament Edition” FightStick for a reason–wireless connections are more finicky than wired connections, and when you’re playing in a tournament room with dozens of Xboxes and hundreds of hungry competitors, you don’t want your $160 stick to lose the wireless signal in the middle of a match.

Likewise, some arcade sticks support multiple platforms, so you can use your arcade stick on an Xbox or PS3 rather than buy a different stick for each console. But in that case you’ll have to locate a custom stick manufacturer, who likely won’t be able to provide you with a warranty at all, much less one that matches MadCatz’s five-year warranty. (And if you plan on modifying your stick, know that your warranty is void.)

Testing the FightStick TE

Of course, specs and parts don’t tell the whole story. The FightStick TE handles like a dream in MVC3, so if you find yourself dropping combos or other complex moves, you have only yourself to blame. I’ve played with sticks where my hands would get disoriented in the middle of a game (hitting down-back when I wanted down, for example), or I could feel the stick itself grinding against the edges of the chassis. There was none of that here.

The FightStick TE also fared quite nicely for most other fighting games or other arcade games (shoot-’em-ups and old-school brawling games come to mind). Some games don’t lend themselves quite so well to the button layout, however–Mortal Kombat, for example, is designed for a different layout, so it might take you a while to adjust. And though it’s not an officially supported feature, you can get the FightStick TE to work as a PC peripheral, too–which makes it perfect for some emulated Metal Slug sessions. (Read our “How To Use Your Console Gamepad With Your PC” for more details.)

If you’re looking for an arcade stick that will step up your game, or if you’re an old-school gaming fan who wants some arcade-perfect hardware, the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 FightStick TE is an excellent controller with some very thoughtful features. On the other hand, if $160 is simply too much for you to pay for a gaming controller, this stick won’t change your mind.

Office 15 (2012) M2 v15.0.2703.1000 Leaked Download

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An early development build of next version of Microsoft Office productivity suite to succeed Office 2010, codenamed Office 15 as it will be version 15 of Office series, has been leaked. Office 15 is widely believed will be released in 2012, making Office 2012 a candidate for its official name.

The leaked build of Office 15 is from Milestone 2 (M2), and has the version number of 15.0.2703.1000. From the setup file’s properties, the build is believed to be compiled on March 8th, 2012, where Office 15 officially entered M2 phase early March with build 15.0.2621.1000.

Office 15 (2012) M2 Setup Installer

The next Office 15 features Moorea, an application looks like to be a clipboard for any type of content including text and images. Its tagline is “everything you need in one place”, so the features and functions of Moorea can be expanded when it arrives in final form. There is also a Microsoft Lime application to test UI elements. Several enhancements and improvements have also been made to individual Office 15 applications of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Visio. For example, ability to import data via Atom feed, new conversion support between numbers and Roman alphabets, ability to insert online video and audio and etc.

Otherwise, Office 15 is still very much looks like Office 2010. The main visibly enhancement expected in Office 15 is likely to be incorporation of Metro UI as core design theme, which first used in Windows Phone 7 and Zune, and is also anticipated to include in upcoming Windows 8. In fact, the setup installer of Office 15 still prominently display that it’s installing Office 2010, despite after installation the application is called Office 15 (O15).

Office 15 M2 Build 15.0.2703.1000

Download Leaked Office 15 M2 version 15.0.2703.1000

Note: Only 32-bit (x86) version of Office 15 M2 is leaked.

File Name: MondoC2R.en-us_15.0.2703.1000_x86.iso
Size: 926MB

Torrent Download:
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:356D4CEED14AC796131D363A8AC0AA46426CA5AB

The leaked Office 15 M2 build is still very buggy, so DO NOT use it to replace your Office 2010 or Office 2007, and use at your own risk. It can be installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but not Windows 8 though. The system requirements is similar to system requirements of Office 2010. After downloading, extract the ISO archive and run the SetupMondoC2R.exe to install Office-Next version 15.

Applications in Office 15

The leaked Office 15 uses Click-to-Run (C2R) technology, and contains full set of Office 15 applications, including Access 15, Excel 15, PowerPoint 15, Word 15, Outlook 15, Visio 15, InfoPath Designer 15, InfoPath Filler 15, Project 15, Publisher 15, OneNote 15, SharePoint Workspace 15, SharePoint Designer 15, and various other tools.

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7 Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Web Copy

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For all those who are not familiar with the concept of Web-Copywriting, this e-version of copywriting is a robust blade devised for a task that is, in comparison, considerably delicate. Preposterous and deviated as it may sound, a close insight will reveal that effective web-copywriting is indeed your weapon to cut through the clutters and reach seamlessly to your target audience, fulfilling the subtle task of telling and selling.

A key defense against the spam-content-forces, a good web-copy can engage your target audience, lure them to come back for more, convert your website into a sales machine, make or break your business, act as an elixir and instill verve into a dull and dreary website. Clearly, ‘sales’ is the web-copy’s playground; precisely why it becomes so important to have a chiseled and optimized web-copy. Your web-copy is where the money is.

Mentioned below are 7 effective tips for optimizing your web-copy. These tips are not only constructive but also unfailing.

1. Interactivity: Do not waste the user’s time

Statistics prove that only 10% of the readers read in electronic media for leisure. For the rest 90% it’s always something they’d like to know and they’d like to know it fast. The first, the foremost and also the most important point to remember while writing for the web is to provide your readers concrete, bite size, palatable information coupled with a simple navigation system that will guide your users through your content without tempting them to navigate away.

2. Short and Sweet works wonders

Keeping it short and sweet is in deed a very effective technique in web-copywriting. Readers in the web read 25% slower and tend to get 75% more bored than they do in print. And hence in such a scenario the only possible remedy to engage your users to your site’s copy is to offer them spontaneity. Keep your facts arranged in simple short lines that speak to the point. Lengthy lines can create unnecessary confusion in the reader’s mind. Avoid jargons, syllables and rhythms.

3. Identify your Target Audience:

Before writing or preparing your web-copy, you must narrow on your target audience who plays a pivotal role in deciding the fate of your business. Your target audience forms an integral part of and is directly responsible for your commercial success; your mass being your business. Write a web-copy that connects and appeals to your target audience.

4. Seamless scanning

One of the vital points that render your copy optimized is seamless navigation and scanning. Break your content into headlines and sub-headlines that makes it easy for your readers to scan. Highlight the sentences or the words that you’d want your readers to see or you think is effective in communicating what your audience is looking for. Start with a gripping introduction and end with an apt conclusion. An article will only be registered if it is complete.

5. Accessibility: Speak the readers language like you are friends

Treat your audience like friends and not like marketing targets. A tat-e-tat with your readers could establish a unique bond between you and the readers ascertaining loyalty. Marry good content, language and humor and you’ll see how you earn loyal visitors like never before.

6.      Keyword: a must.

No matter how elevated your content is, it is practically of no use without it having appropriate keywords. A good keyword density would not only negate any chances of it being lost in the web-world but also assure the users that this is just what they are looking for.

7. Proof-reading: Don’t spill water on your effort by not doing it.

Without proof reading your content will be complete, but half. Good information set in the milieu of bad sentence construction and wrong grammar will cancel its chances of harnessing a good audience. At the end of the day, web-copy is writing in plain English. It is important to keep your chops in place.

Tally and compare whether your website has what it takes to be optimized. For if it doesn’t, you always have the secret of 7!

This article has been written by Nitin Aggarwal. He owns the company Offshore Ally, a leading provider of virtual assistants and link builders online. Nitin loves gadgets, games and anything related to technology. He also enjoys adventure sports.

MAME v0.72 WIP Videos

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CFW 6.39 ME v2 for 01g, 02g model by neur0n *Update*

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Neur0n has released CFW 6.39 Minimum Edition for 01g, 02g model! A Custom Firmware for the latest official firmware 6.39.  It seems nobody is faster than neur0n, or can you beat him?

A Big thanks to neur0n, he is the best!

Developers notes:

- Features –– Support Unsigned Homebrew.
– Support Extra module ( = plugins ).
– Support ISO mount with M33driver , NP9660driver , OEdriver , NormalDriver and MEdriver.
– Support UMD video.
– Support converted PSX(PS1) game and custom DOCUMENT.DAT.– Unlock 480×272 avc video.
– Unlock max display brightness lenel without AC adapter.
– Unlock ExtraMemory for Homebrew ( slim only ).
– Unlock Slim color in XMB.(need to prepare bmp file )

– Support USB battery charging.
– Support CPU speed control.
– Support hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG option.
– Support Flash0/1/2/3/UMD mount with USB.
– Support fake region.
– Support Battery EEPROM option in recovery menu.

– Support to load Unsignated module.
– Support to load packed ( with Dark_AleX’s psp-packer ) module.

– What is this?–
This is CFW work on PSP1000 and PSP2000.

The degree of stability is still unknown.
Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.

From 5.00M33 » OK
From 5.50GEN » OK(may need to edit version.txt)
From 5.50Prometheus » OK(may need to edit version.txt)
From 6.20TN-D » OK
From 6.20PRO-Before » Error
From 6.35PRO-Before » Error
From 6.20PRO-B5 » OK
From 6.35PRO-B5 » OK

–How to Install–
First, you need to install CFW or HEN in your PSP.

1. copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
2. Put 6.39 official update at ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/639.PBP .
3. Run installer from xmb.

– features –
Hold R trigger and turn on the psp, you can enter recovery menu.
Hold Home button and turn on the psp, you can Boot OFW.

– Credit –
This CFW is based Dark_AleX’s 5.00M33.
And usbdev.prx is his own.



– Fixed freeze bug when try to connect to PSN.

– First release.
– Fixed RecoveryMenu text.
– Fixed ExtraMemory bug.
– Changed NetworkUpdates default value.
– Source code optimization.



Via – neur0n’s twitter and

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Review: The Witcher 2 Boasts Tough Moral Choices, Exciting Battles

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I am Geralt of Rivia, and I have a big decision to make.

I’ve been doing some odd jobs for a particular monarch, and I’ve just made a discovery: He’s an evil man, responsible for the rape and murder of innocents. I could end him right now, or I could compromise my morals and let him go, thinking pragmatically: Without a ruler, the whole kingdom would dissolve into chaos.

I kill the jerk anyway.

What would you do? In The Witcher, a 2007 action role-playing game based on the German fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, the riveting story changes dramatically, based on what you have your character say or do at any given time. Having dialog choices influence a role-playing game’s narrative path is hardly a new concept, but The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the PC sequel released earlier this month, handles the gameplay mechanic better than any other title I’ve ever played.

The Witcher 2’s well-written story, which (ironically) follows Geralt on a quest to clear his name after being framed for regicide, boasts a large cast of likable characters and several surprising plot twists. Even seemingly small choices like saving, or choosing not to save, the life of a lone soldier can have big consequences and end up heavily altering Geralt’s fate.

Early on in the game, you’re torn between two rival factions: Do you aid an elf who is trying to kill you, but who seems to have some valuable information about the person who framed you? Or do you help out your friend, a special-ops soldier in the army of the deceased king?

Making that tough decision dramatically changes the game — in fact, there are hours of content that you won’t see depending on which path you take.

Besides giving you a good reason to go back and replay the 30-hour game, these branching paths make you feel like an integral part of the story. It’s a role-playing game in the literal sense of the word, something few videogame RPGs are these days.

Other RPGs present a clear binary choice: Are you a shining paragon of virtue, or a mustache-twirling, Saturday-morning-cartoon-style villain? Witcher’s choices actually made me think, and when I made the wrong decision, I truly regretted it.

Brutal Combat

The developer of Witcher 2 says the sequel’s new combat system was inspired by Demon’s Souls, a Japanese game known for its brutal difficulty level. It shows. Witcher 2 is hard, almost frustratingly so at times, but at least it’s fair.

From magic spells that can deflect damage and incinerate foes to an assortment of traps and bombs, you’re always given what you need to survive. You will be using those tools, because a typical battle will have you going it alone against four or more enemies. If you just mash the attack button, you’ll be dead in the blink of an eye. Each encounter is a real challenge, but that just means it’s all the more satisfying when you win.

Witcher 2’s graphics are beautiful. The characters are immaculately detailed — each pore of skin is clearly visible, as are the tiny tears and folds in their clothing. The lighting design is especially impressive, best exemplified by the way the world’s shadows stretch and twist as the sun floats overhead.

But nothing is so impressive as the game’s wide-open play areas, where plains stretch for miles and detailed mountains can be seen in the distance.

Beautiful as these places can be, navigating through them can be annoying. A mini-map is always displayed onscreen, but there’s nothing on it that indicates what compass direction you are facing. I found myself constantly bringing up the full-size map, which always took a few annoying seconds to appear after I pressed the hotkey.

I also had issues with the game’s quest tracker, which is supposed to lead you to the adventure you have selected. Often, I would end up going where the map told me, only for it to suddenly point me in a completely different direction. This would continue a few more times until I gave up and explored on my own.

Witcher 2’s technical and design glitches didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the game, however. It’s one of the most realistic role-playing games I’ve ever tried — just like in real life, the decisions you make have wide-ranging effects, and you won’t learn what those are until much later.

Witcher will truly make you consider your moral views. Not the easy ones, but the complex ones that define you as a person.

WIRED Tough moral choices that can change the entire story; jaw-dropping visuals; difficult but exciting combat.

TIRED Almost useless mini-map; some buggy quests; broken quest tracker.


$50, Atari

Read Game|Life’s game ratings guide.

Soluto update socializes solving crashes

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Crashes and their potential to harm productivity and personal data are the bane of many computer users, but the ability to diagnose and prevent them has arrived in the latest version of Soluto (download), available exclusively today from CNET Soluto 1.12.113 beta sees two major new features, crash protection and browser add-on management, form a tripartite attack on problematic computer performance with the program’s original feature, boot time management.

The Soluto dashboard.

Soluto, Inc.)

Called “Heal Crashes” within the program’s main interface, the crash prevention feature takes information that Windows logs but ignores, and uses it to analyze the crash, said Soluto Chief Product Officer Roee Adler. Soluto’s information is crowd-sourced, so if it’s seen the crash before and has logged a solution, the program will offer one to you even if this is the first time the crash has occurred on your computer. The collection of crash signatures that Soluto is building is called the “PC Genome“.

“We’ve been analyzing tens of millions of crashes in the field,” Adler said. “Even crashes that occurred before Soluto was installed are logged by Windows, so we pull them in, too.” When Soluto finds a crash solution, it highlights the option so it becomes more visible. Also included in the Soluto interface are links to learning more about the crash and data on how frequently other users experience the same problem.

Adler was quick to point out that he thinks that Soluto is unique, with its combination of in-house engineers and crowd-sourcing. “We have 20 engineers working on crashes, and there are very few people in the world who can do crash dump analysis, and solve data dump from a crash. We want to credit the people who can do it and crowd-source their solutions,” he explained. Soluto provides people with both links in the crash interface to research the crash on the Web, and suggest crash solutions themselves.

Soluto’s new crash-solving feature.

Soluto, Inc.)

Heal Crashes appeared to be a functional and versatile tool during testing, quickly scanning previous system crash logs and adding them to its local database. However, it’s currently limited by whether your computer is stable. For Windows XP and Vista users, I’d consider it a must-try. For
Windows 7 users, though, it depends greatly on whether your system and the programs that run it have been stable. If you’re running a
Firefox or Chrome beta, for example, there’s little utility in learning that they crash because they’re betas that are prone to crashing. Still, if you’re experiencing stable program crashes, Soluto’s solutions should add stability to your wobbly computer.

In a humorous touch, Soluto adds wings to the icons of programs that crash in a solution-offering pop-up.

Soluto, Inc.)

Lighten Web Browser is the new browser add-on management feature, compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It tells you when an add-on is impinging on your browser’s performance and helping you remove add-ons. As with other Soluto components, the program provides in-depth analysis of an add-ons impact on the browser, including helping you uninstall the add-on and letting you know whether other people chose to keep or remove it. It also lets you easily reset your default search provider in case that was altered by another program’s installer.

Add-on performance has started to come into focus in a major way, following news that toolbars accounted for the majority of instability in
Internet Explorer 8. While IE9 does its own add-on analysis, and informs people when an add-on is slowing down the browser by more than two seconds, it’s exceptionally convenient to have a multi-browser, single-serving sized solution.

If you’re familiar with Soluto, you’ll find the Chop Boot boot-time managing feature was left untouched in this update to the program.

Going forward, Adler said that Soluto will be working on system slowdowns and non-responding windows. He anticipates the program remaining free for personal use after it eventually leaves beta, with the company making a profit from licensing Soluto to businesses.

The program certainly benefits from a clean interface that uses easily understood iconography. Some of it is even a bit humorous, such as the angel wings that appear after a program crash. Interface traditionalists might not like Soluto’s look, though, with its border-free, white-space heavy approach. It definitely stands out against the field of translucent-bordered programs, though.

Soluto offers recommendations on how to manage your browser add-ons in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Soluto, Inc.)

Overall, it’s eminently usable and highly useful for both experienced users and novices. The big unanswered question that only time will answer is whether operating system and hardware makers are getting good enough at improving stability that the program’s new core feature of healing crashes comes too late to have a massive impact.

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