Make Your Point Playfully With Free Pushpins Font

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Deep in the heart of every type designer is a cartographer who labors to plot the perfect path from A to Z even as they explore the mysterious regions in between. After all, without diligent attention to detail, a reader’s eye could travel up the cap A, turn right too early and end up thinking it was on a lowercase n (as in the beginning of nowhere). Josh Fitzgerald’s font design Pushpins (free) makes this mapping of type look like child’s play.

Make Your Point With Free Pushpins FontPushpins comes alive using layers and effects in a program like Adobe Photoshop. True to its name, Pushpins’ initial design started with the plotting of straight lines joined by small dots that approximate pinholes. Instead of drawing from point to point, these digital forms were constructed using stacks of pixel bricks in FontStruct, the free online font design application created by Rob Meek and responsible for experimental font sets like Jett and Tangle.

Pushpins appears simple but clever application of angles give extra character (no pun intended) to forms like the B, G, and S. I would have opted for a higher-waisted R, but that’s a personal preference, not a deal-breaker. Each form is what it should be at first glance. In other words, if this were a map we couldn’t get lost for trying.

The twenty-six uppercase letters share the same string-and-pin construction with each letterform resembling a mapped constellation. The fun begins in the lowercase forms where the pinpoints solo. The numeral set shares this dual personality. Type Shift + the numeral to find the pins alone.

So what? Well, set the lowercase pinpoints in a different color, layer them on top of the uppercase letters using a graphic design program like Adobe Photoshop and a two-toned effect is created. Add a glow to the pinpoints, change the colors on the lines and the letters morph into simple circuitry.

True, Pushpins is not a display font for the daily grind at the office. Fitzgerald’s creation doesn’t have a real lowercase, or punctuation, or any of the monetary symbols that business needs to pay the bills. What Pushpins does have is a light heart and that, type fans, is all it takes to set you traveling in a new direction.

Note: To use this font, unzip the folder and install the .ttf file in the folder C:WindowsFonts. Note that the font won’t appear in your applications until you close and re-open it.

Microsoft limits daily approval of Windows Phone apps

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Microsoft will now limit the number of Windows Phone apps it will approve per day.

Microsoft will now limit the number of Windows Phone apps it will approve per day.

Lance Whitney/CNET)

Microsoft is now restricting the number of Windows Phone apps that it will approve from a single developer to 20 per day.

In a blog posted yesterday, Microsoft said the new restriction is aimed at cutting down on “bulk app publishing,” a process through which developers can flood the Windows Phone Marketplace with hundreds of apps over the course of just a few days.

Though these apps may meet Microsoft’s certification guidelines, the company is concerned that such apps can push other recently-published apps out of the “What’s New” category, thereby degrading and “reducing the diversity of the shopping experience” for Windows Phone customers.

Microsoft is basing the 20-app limit on its own evaluation and feedback from users as well as developers. Developers can still submit more than 20 a day, but only 20 will be certified per day.

To further deal with bulk app developers, Microsoft said it’s already removed certain apps from the Marketplace, giving those developers an opportunity to refine their apps in an attempt to cut down on the sheer quantity of them. The company has also offered to work with developers to help them better create fewer individual apps instead of producing large numbers with similar functionality.

The new policy goes into effect immediately, though Microsoft added that it’s open to changing the limit based on the growth of the Marketplace and further feedback from customers and developers.

Activision thanks EA for hyping Call of Duty

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The war of words continue as the battle for the first person shooter crown intensifies.



Electronic Arts’ believes that they can finally take home the FPS crown this year, even calling out its competitor for becoming more lazy. Activision meanwhile seems shrug off EA’s comments, and even thanked its bitter rival for mentioning Call of Duty “more than we do.”

“It sounds trite but it’s true: we focus on what we need to do to make the best games we can,” says Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg in an interview with MCV.”We don’t pay much mind looking at what the competitors are doing. I know they are focused on us… well that’s all I’ll say.

“Well, I think EA might talk about our games in the press more than we do,” joked Hirshberg. “So, the first thing I say to them is, ‘Thanks for the assistance in building awareness.’”

In a more serious note, Hirshberg continued:

“But when you think about it, we’ve had tough competition every year for Call of Duty. It’s never been easy. This is one of the most competitive genres in one of the most competitive industries. Last year we had Halo: Reach and Medal of Honor, and it’s not like they weren’t amazing developers gunning for the top of this mountain either.”

“And it’s the same this year – Gears of War is back along with lots of other games.”

“So, of course, we take all the competition really seriously. But at the end of the day I really mean it when I say we are focusing on the finish line, not the competition,” he said. “We are making the best game we can, and are throwing every resource, innovation and all the creativity we can at it. And hopefully that will maintain our position.”

Looks like things are really heating up. Activision has received a negative backlash from gamers lately over their Call of Duty Elite service. Both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 will launch during the hectic November month.



Via [MCV]


Windows 8 To Have OEM Activation 3.0

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Delicious Delicious

Windows 8 will feature a new version of OEM activation mechanism. The OEM Actvation 3.0 (OA 3.0) is the updated and redesigned version of OEM Activation 2.1 implemented in Windows 7 preceded by OEM Activation 2.0 in Windows Vista. Mike Angiulo, Windows Client chief of Microsft, confirmed that Windows 8 will use OEM Activation 3.0 by stating that Microsoft has already started to engage partners on “OEM Activation 3.0? when demonstrating “Windows 8? at a partner preview event in Taipei, Taiwan, for COMPUTEX 2011 on June 2, 2011.

View the various videos demoing Windows 8 UI and features.

OEM Activation 3.0 will be a digital product key technology that streamlines the configuration and development process as well as supply chain operation when building PCs. Microsoft promises that under OEM Activation 3.0, end-users will continue to experience seamless activation experience.

Windows 8 OEM Activation 3.0 Hardware

In fact, the current activation process for end-users who purchased a PC from OEM (original equipment manufacturers) with pre-installed or bundled copy of Windows operating system is actually the most seamless. They actually DO NOT need to take any action to activate the system. The new computer is basically auto-activated upon first boot up, through a mechanism called System-Locked Preinstallation (SLP) that matches digital certificate and OEM-SLP product key of the manufacturers to a SLIC marker in BIOS or UEFI (EFI BIOS).

In Microsoft’s words, OEM activation is a perpetual, one-time activation that associates an edition of Windows with the firmware of a computer. The copy of Windows operating system that the OEM installs on a PC is only valid on that particular PC and can be reinstalled and reactivated only from the recovery media that is provided by the OEM.

Nonetheless, you can always buy or use a retail license product key of Windows OS to upgrade and activate an OEM PC, even though it may already have a Windows through OEM activation.

OEM activation is a convenient provided for buyers of branded computers, even though Microsoft can always requires end-users of new computers to perform the activation manually. Too convenient, that makes OEM activation the principal and easiest way to crack Windows 7 for unlicensed use.

With OA 3.0 confirmed for Windows 8, the question is now what is going to be changed that cause such as big jump in version number. Windows Vista (version 6.0) has OA 2.0, while Windows 7 (version 6.1) has OA 2.1, but Windows 8 (version 6.2) will get OA 3.0. There is rumor that OA 3.0 will undergone major change to disable OEM activation through BIOS SLIC hack, though the exact nature of how activation will be done by OA 3.0 is still unknown (to general public).

So far, the promise by Microsoft to thwart activation crack on its Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been a major failure. It’s interesting to monitor how Microsoft will achieve the daunting task of preventing unauthorized OEM activation, while maintaining a seamless activation experience for end users.

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A few Xbox stats before we head into E3

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Today we announced that by extending the capabilities of the Xbox platform with Kinect and Xbox LIVE, Microsoft has “changed the tail” of the typical console lifecycle, showing dramatic gains in the fifth and sixth years of this generation. (see chart)

In addition, we’ve released the following data points:
* Microsoft has now sold 55 million Xbox 360 consoles across 38 countries and sales are accelerating.
* Xbox 360 maintains its lead in the U.S. as the top selling console in 2011, and ten of the past eleven months.
* In the first four months of 2011, Xbox 360 has seen a 29 percent year over year increase in sales, which is more than triple the growth of PlayStation 3 and the largest growth of any console on the market.
* There are now nearly 35 million active Xbox LIVE members worldwide spending an average of almost 60 hours a month on the service.
* Cumulatively Xbox LIVE members are now logging 2.1 billion entertainment hours a month.

Next week, we’ll be on stage in Los Angeles for our annual E3 Media Briefing, so be sure to tune in for more announcements.

Krap-psp v1.14

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From PSP Genesis Competition comes a new version of , a handy plug-in created by the developer . With this plugin you can see detailed information about the battery, put in standby or turn off the PSP quickly establish a comfortable sleep mode to automatically turn off the PSP and many other features aimed primarily at our convenience.

v1.14 5/30/2011
[+]Fix and improved the uptime(but I removed the month, it now goes to format day:hour:min:sec)
[+]Added the ability to reset a game ~hold the HOME button atleast 1 second(Eboot’s not supported)
[+]Added the ability to pause a game ~Press screen button to on/off(The idea is -suspend threads- :p)
[!]Added also the ability to either enable or disable Both pause and reset in the krap menu
[!]Default cpu and brightness that is set in the krap menu can now be loaded




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Video: Take Control of Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City

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Beating up criminals as Batman was always a good time in Arkham Asylum. For the Dark Knight to take Arkham City, he’s going to need some help.

In the anticipated sequel to Warner Bros.’ excellent Batman game, players can occasionally take the role of Catwoman as she seductively assaults various evildoers and such in the streets of the Arkham City containment zone. In this video interview, Dax Ginn of Rocksteady Studios explains how Catwoman fits into the sequel and about the various other tweaks that the developer has made. got hands on with the game’s E3 demo at a preview event in May. Playing as Catwoman has a totally different feel than brawling as Batman; she’s fast and furious, the Chun Li to his Zangief, if you will pardon the comparison.

Platformer arcade games for iOS

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Once game consoles hit their stride in the ’80s and ’90s, the platform game became enormously popular. Especially with the release of the now legendary Mario games, just about every developer rushed to produce a game that offered that perfect mix of running, jumping, and collecting items for points, all while exploring a strange and often fantastical world.

This week’s collection of apps includes modern twists on the old-school platform games many of us remember. The first lets you explore deep mines for treasure; the second will bring back memories of precision-heavy, rage-inducing platform classics; and the last offers up cartoonlike graphics as you explore a dreamlike fantasy world.

Miner Disturbance (99 cents) is a fun platformer mining game that will immediately remind you of arcade classic Dig Dug, but it offers much more. The object of the game is to complete goals as you dig downward into each mine. Some goals will require that you collect a certain number of minerals, and others will only require that you’ve dug to a specific depth.

Miner Disturbance

You’ll need to dig around fossils and relics to claim them for points.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

But as you dig your way deeper, you’ll face baddies like moles, bats, and other underground dwellers that you’ll be able to defeat by swinging your pick. As you go farther into the game, you’ll face water-filled caverns forcing you to go up for air, and hot lava that may mean certain death. All this adds up to plenty of variation on the digging mechanic, and remains exciting for even after several days of playing.

Miner Disturbance lets you navigate from mine to mine by tapping on circled locations on the main map or, if you have collected cash rewards, lets you buy better mining equipment at the above-ground store. The controls are a bit tough to get used to at the start (as any touch-screen directional systems tend to be), but quickly become second nature as you dig deeper into the mines.

Along with the main map, which features several mines, all with different goals, Miner Disturbance includes a second snowy map where you’ll face different challenges and a Volcano mine where you can compete for the high score with other players online. Overall, if you’re looking for a game with a little more depth than Dig Dug and some light RPG elements, Miner Disturbance is a steal at 99 cents.

League of Evil

In this frustratingly hard game, there seems to be spikes everywhere.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

League of Evil (99 cents) is like an iOS remake of the popular and recent console and desktop game Super Meat Boy. For those who haven’t played Super Meat Boy, it’s a platform game that has become well-known (dare we say, “legendary”) for being extremely difficult. League of Evil is probably not quite as hard as the game it emulates, but you’ll find the same rage-inducing effect when you’ve restarted some of the later levels for the 20th time.

Like other platform games, League of Evil gives you directional controls for movement on the lower left part of the screen and buttons for jump and attack on the lower right. Your goals are to complete a level in the shortest amount of time possible, find and retrieve a hidden briefcase, and take out the scientist at the end of the level. The first several levels are not too bad, but once you get into the second tier of levels (54 levels total across three tiers), your old-school arcade skills will definitely be put to the test.

League of Evil is not for those who are new to platform games; even the most skilled gamers will be challenged by this title. But if you like the challenge of getting your run through a level exactly right and are willing to try the same level again and again for that feeling of finally succeeding, we highly recommend this game.

Storm in a Teacup

Pilot your teacup to great heights as you try to find sugar cubes and other items.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Strom in a Teacup (99 cents) is a new platformer that lets you explore a dreamlike world, offering tons of unique levels and plenty of challenge despite its cutesie feel. You play as Storm, a little man who rides in a Teacup collecting sugar cubes and other items as you navigate your way past obstacles in more than 40 levels of gameplay.

The interface consists of left and right directional buttons on the lower left, and a jump button on the lower right. To complete a level, you need only get to the end (a red and white target on the ground), but you’ll also want to try to gather all the sugar cubes and other bonus items to truly finish a level. A tutorial will get you acclimated with all the controls, but in my experience, one of the moves described doesn’t work as advertised. The tutorial suggests double-tapping the jump button to get higher, but when we tried it, double-tapping didn’t change the jump height whatsoever. Even with this flaw, we were able to get most items, but we hope the developer will fix this in coming updates because certain items remained out of our reach.

On first glance, Storm in a Teacup doesn’t seem like it should be taken seriously. With the rainbow colors, cutesie enemies, and cartoonlike graphics, you might dismiss the game thinking it was made for kids. But even after only a few levels, we realized the game offers much more than cute graphics; trying to complete levels and gather all the bonus items can be very challenging, and some of the obstacles require pinpoint precision.

Overall, Storm in a Teacup is a fun and challenging platformer with great-looking graphics and numerous levels to explore. If you’re looking for a unique twist on the platform genre, check out this game.

Got a better platformer game than the ones listed? Let us all know in the comments!

Duplicate Remover for Excel Removes Repeated Data

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If you’ve got a whopper of a spreadsheet, with thousands or more of rows, you’ve got a big problem if you want to make sure the spreadsheet doesn’t contain duplicate entries. Excel simply doesn’t have good tools for finding them. That’s where Duplicate Remover for Excel ($30, 15-day free trial), an add-in from AbleBits, makes its name.

Duplicate Remover for Excel goes through massive worksheets with tables up to 1 monster 1 million rows, and then finds and kills duplicate entries. Because it works right within Excel, as an add-in, you’ll find it quite easy to use. In Excel 2003, XP, 2000, you run the program via the icon under the menu item in the main Excel menu. In Excel 2007 and 2010, you run it via the icon on tab. The program will find duplicates in a single worksheet, or between two worksheets.

Duplicate Remover for Excel screenshotDuplicate Remover for Excel removes duplicate entries either automatically, or using a wizard.You have a choice of either using the Quick Remover or the Advanced Wizard. With the Quick Remover, you first select the range in your worksheet you want checked for duplicates–choose a range in just a single worksheet. Then run the Quick Remover. It looks through the range you’ve selected and deletes any duplicates it finds–you don’t have to do anything else.

If you want more control over the process, or want to remove duplicates in two worksheets, instead use the Advanced Wizard. It guides you through the step-by-step process of choosing ranges in one or two worksheets, including choosing options such as ignoring empty cells and whether the worksheets have headers. Then it finds the duplicates and deletes them.

If you only rarely use large worksheets and need to kill duplicates, you might not find it worthwhile to pay $30 for this program. But if you do need to kill duplicates in large worksheets regularly, you’ll find Duplicate Remover for Excel a big time saver.

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Dolphin SVN r7580 released

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The Dolphin Dev Team has released a new version of their open-source Nintendo Gamecube and Wii emulator for PC, the Dolphin emulator.




      • revision 7580:

        • Change behavior of NTSC-J option:
        • Left unselected, dolphin defaults to nstc-u and sets ntsc-j if the iso is japanese (old behavior).
        • Selected, ntsc-j is forced.
      • revision 7579:
        • fix wxw errors:
        • sliders being unresponsive during emulation. Fixes issue 4496.
        • wxw complaining about non-stock menuitem without text (sysmenu menuitem).
      • revision 7578:
        • Linux build fix. Also take care of a few compiler warnings that have developed.
      • revision 7577:
        • Last major UI change before release.

          • Moved display related options in the “Display” tab from the general config to the gfx config, renamed the tab to “Interface”
          • Moved Wiimote related options in the “Wii” tab from the general config to the wiimote config
          • Moved various other options to more appropriate places (“Set Console as NTSC-J”, “Skip GC BIOS”
          • Dropped “Window Size” adjustment
          • Now displaying a warning if one tries to enable software rendering
          • Other minor changes


          Developer’s note:

          Dolphin is a Gamecube and Wii emulator. Most games run perfectly or with minor bugs. Games are playable at HD quality, up to 1080p. This is a remarkable feature the actualGamecube and Wii consoles are not capable of. As an open source project everyone can commit improvements. The code is hosted on Dolphin is actively developed and almost every day new features are added and bugs fixed as well.

          System Requirements

          • Windows XP or higher, or Linux, or MacOSX Intel.
          • Fast modern CPU with SSE2. Dual core for a speed boost.
          • Any reasonable modern GPU with Pixel Shader 2.0 or greater. nVidia or ATI are good. Older integrated Intel chips may not work, newer ones should work fine.
          • For more information, see


          • Runs the following types of games:
          • Gamecube Game Disc
          • Wii Game Disc
          • Wii Downloadable Games / Virtual Console
          • Triforce Arcade games
          • Action Replay Simulator
          • Xbox 360 Controller support, with rumble (KB Plugin)
          • Experimental NetPlay
          • Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering (OGL Plugin)
          • Save states
          • Memory Card Manager with GCI memcard export/import support
          • Real and emulated Wiimote support
          • Basic PowerPC Debugger and Log Window
          • DSP HLE and experimental LLE
          • Memory viewer and dumper
          • PowerPC Just-In-Time recompiler
          • WAD Support
          • Some support for Homebrew and XFB Emulation
          • Hi-Res Support, texture dumper, Free Look (OGL Plugin)


          Usage Notes

          • The GUI should be pretty much self-explanatory.
          • To use Action Replay codes, follow the examples in the Patches subdirectory. Use + in front of a cheat name to activate it. The cheats can be named anything.
          • To start in debug mode, pass /d (or -d) on the command line.


          If you would like to download more emulators or other homebrews, you can always visit our DL page.



          Download: Dolphin SVN r7580 32bit

          Download: Dolphin SVN r7580 64bit



          Via [Dolphin]


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