Nintendo: Wii U third party support ‘absolutely fundamental’

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Nintendo is sparing no expense to highlight how important third party developers are to them.


“It’s absolutely fundamental to the success of Wii U to have better third party support than we’ve had in the past for our previous consoles,” said Robert Lowe, Nintendo UK’s head of marketing. “I think Mr Iwata totally recognises that. That’s why we had a Ubisoft round table session [during E3], that’s why John Ricitiello was on stage at our conference.”


“And even at a local level we’re doing everything we can to support third parties much more than we have done in the past. It goes all the way through the company, from Nintendo Japan, to Nintendo Europe, to Nintendo UK,” Lowe continued. “It’s very different for us to act like that because traditionally we would invest our time and money more into first party. We have a sightly different business model to Microsoft and Sony, who will obviously invest more money or marketing support in third party titles. It’s almost the opposite for us but I think we realise now we have to invest in a much bigger way in third party partners because there are certain types of games that we’re just not specialists at.”


“If we want to create a console that will appeal across boundaries to all different types of gamers we’re going to need their support more than ever before. We’re hoping we’ll get a lot of exclusives as well because of the unique way the console is made. It is much easier for third parties to move their products across from Xbox 360 and PS3 to Wii U. However, the way that the controller has to make you think and make the developers think will hopefully mean that titles that are ported over will hopefully have individual features that aren’t on the other systems.”


Third party developers have already started to flock to Wii U, the latest being Crytek.


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Review: Duke Nukem Forever Shoulda Stayed Vaporware

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Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and he’s all out of ass.

After the most protracted development cycle in history, Duke Nukem Forever was finally released Tuesday for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 (reviewed). Work on Duke began back in 1997, and developer 3D Realms’ complete inability to just finish the damn thing turned Duke into the most infamous unreleased videogame ever. We probably don’t need to mention how many times readers voted Duke Nukem Forever the biggest vaporware of the year by a landslide.

Could any videogame, no matter how good, ever live up to that eternity of expectations? Duke Nukem Forever would be an interesting test case for this question if it were a good game. Instead, it’s just a bland set of predictable first-person shooting levels, not much to look at and not engaging to play.

The series’ trademark over-the-top vulgarity and did-that-just-happen sex jokes certainly make it a unique and occasionally amusing experience, but for the most part, the thought that will run through your head is: “This is what they were working on all this time?”

(Spoiler alert: This review contains mild plot spoilers.)

It’s fascinating that Duke Nukem Forever is actually available in what we must assume is a roughly accurate version of 3D Realms’ original vision. Had the developer actually shipped this game a decade ago and begun working on more-refined sequels, Duke might be caught up to modern-day game designs by now. Instead, Duke Nukem Forever is a game out of time, a bloated relic from a past era that we left behind for good reason.

The first thing you need to know about Duke Nukem Forever is that it is a technical mess, and this makes everything the game does badly that much worse. The single-player campaign is divided into a great many brief levels, and every time you move from one to another, the game dumps you out to a loading screen where you wait for almost a full minute for the next chunk of game to load. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t also happen every time you die. At some particularly frustrating points during my playthrough, it felt like I was spending more time waiting on loading screens than actually playing.

All things considered, Duke doesn’t start off so bad. The opening scenes, in which you run Duke through his palatial Vegas penthouse and onto the set of a late-night talk show, are funny and different, the sort of frivolity that has been stripped away from serious-business shooters like Halo and Call of Duty. Throughout the game, you’re encouraged to do all sorts of silly things, like get drunk and piss in any available urinal, doodle on whiteboards, play pinball and billiards, etc. Not a minute after the game begins, you can remove a piece of human feces from the toilet and run around with it, splattering poop on the walls and people.

This sounds and is disgusting, but quite frankly I like this kind of no-holds-barred stupidity; at the very least it is something different from today’s generally by-the-numbers shooters. But the novelty only lasts for a little while. Eventually, not only does the shock wear off (save for a midgame scene in a bathroom strip club in which Duke finds and utilizes a glory hole, which will not fail to shock anyone), but these amusing bits become fewer and further between. By the time I was running through another bland underground (or worse, underwater) shooting stage with nary a chuckle in sight, I felt like Duke was no longer playing to what we might charitably consider to be his strengths.

Nothing seems to work very well in Duke Nukem Forever. The aforementioned billiards and pinball games are clunky. Duke’s dune buggy gets caught in the scenery. Something as simple as turning a water valve can be frustrating because sometimes pressing the B button to make Duke let go of it doesn’t work.

Combat is the strongest part of the game, but even this doesn’t leave a lasting impression. You’ll encounter only a handful of foes — you might actually have more guns than things to kill with them. The gameplay itself feels like a generic shooter; strip away the ridiculous sex-and-poop jokes and you’re left with a lot of bland, action-game cliches.

I spent a brief amount of time with the multiplayer; Duke was released in Europe over the weekend and consequently I played with what I am reasonably sure was a group of small French children. There are three different game types: deathmatch, king of the hill and a variant on capture the flag in which the flag is a scantily dressed lady.

The Parisian primary-schoolers and I got killed comme un fils de pute; each multiplayer mode seems to favor learning where the best weapons spawn and going on a rampage with them.

The World Needs Duke

Videogames represent infinite possibility, but too many of our best gamemakers get stuck making safe, samey products. If Duke’s indulgent strip-club scenes and nothing-is-forbidden-not-even-poop attitude inspire other games to unleash some creativity, then it will have been a good thing that 2K Games forged ahead with the project and actually brought it to fruition.

The Duke Nukem franchise is now owned by Gearbox Software, the development house behind celebrated game Borderlands. I think that in some sense, Gearbox studio head Randy Pitchford is right: The world needs Duke. But Duke deserves better than this.

WIRED Ridiculous, nothing-off-limits humor; more variety of gameplay than contemporary shooters; holy crap this game actually came out.

TIRED Extensive and frequent loading times; boring action; unpolished interaction; bland, dated graphics.


$60, 2K Games

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Bootcamp PrintScreen Capture Key Sequence on Windows 7

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I bought my Macbook shortly after Apple made the switch to the Intel processor a couple years back. The reason? Because they had just released Bootcamp, which gave Macs the ability to run Microsoft Windows natively. Bootcamp does a great job of mapping most of the hardware and keyboard so that the wi-fi and touchscreen work right out of the box, but there are a few minor compatibility issues to deal with.

One of the most annoying is definitely the lack of the Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause buttons on the Macbook keyboard. After digging through the documentation, I finally found out how to take a screen capture on my Bootcamp Windows 7 machine. As you know, in Windows you can easily grab a screenshot of your PC simply be pressing the PrintScreen key. It then stores the screen grab of your computer into the clipboard so you can paste it into your favorite art program or word processor. If you don’t want the full screen, you can optionally do an Alt-PrintScreen key combination to take a screenshot of just the active window.

In my Macbook running Bootcamp version 3.1, I can now do the same two screenshot methods that have been available to me on my desktop. To perform a PrintScreen on the Macbook, use the Shift-Fn-F11 key sequence. To perform an Alt-PrintScreen on the Macbook to just take a snapshot of the active window, use the Shift-Fn-Option-F11 key sequence. Then the screenshot will be available in the clipboard for further use.

Again, the key sequence mapping:

May NPD: Xbox 360 stays on top

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Swype 3.0 beta taps into new features

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Swype 3.0 beta(Credit:

Swype 3.0, the latest beta of a keyboard replacement app found in many
Android phones, features two new notable features. It introduces predictive text for tapping, not just swiping, and a horizontal word choice list (following the Android model) that replaces the app’s previous pop-up window for narrowing down your word selections.

A special version of Swype 3.0 for Android 3.1 Honeycomb
tablets (with WXGA resolution) includes a keyboard that you can move and resize.

Although Swype is preinstalled by the manufacturer on a variety of Android phones, you can download the beta for free if your Android phone has one of the following screen resolutions: HVGA, WVGA, FWVGA, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA, qHD.

X1 Desktop Search Makes It Easy to Find Files Fast

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When was the last time you’ve used a search engine? If you are like most Internet users, it was probably less than an hour ago–possibly much less. But what about a local search engine for your own desktop, like X1 Desktop Search ($50, 14-day free trial)?

X1 Desktop Search Makes It Easy to Find Files FastThese are X1 Desktop Search’s results for the phrase “user manuals” in PDF documents only.When Windows 7 first came out, one of its revolutionary new features was the instant-search box at the bottom of the Start menu. You could now hit the Start button and start typing the name of an application or a document, and it would instantly pop up, ready to run. If you’ve used previous versions of Windows, you might have noticed the boost to productivity that comes with instant search.

Now take that concept of instant search, and expand it across all of your documents — not just filenames, but content too. That includes PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, even Outlook tasks and e-mail correspondence in several clients popular for home and business use (Lotus Notes Domino, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird). With X1 Desktop Search, you need to type only a fragment of text, and results appear before you’re even done typing. It’s significantly faster than Windows 7′s built-in search, while going through much more content.

I tested X1 with a database of over 99,000 documents, spread out across more than 12,000 folders and taking up 52.3GB of disk space. This vast collection of documents was placed on an external hard drive, connected via USB 2.0–not a very fast connection. X1 took several hours to index all of the content, and once indexing was done, searches were literally completed as fast as I could type.

Since searches can often return numerous matches, X1′s result list can be filtered according to filename, document type, date/time (“2010″ for all files newer than 2010), size (“1MB” for files smaller than one megabyte) or path. As you might expect, the filtering is instant. The expressions are slightly picky: for examples, “1mb” did not work–it had to be all-caps.

X1 Desktop Search supports several search operators such as NEAR to search for adjacent words and OR to search for files containing either one of two strings. The included documentation is quite comprehensive and easy to understand, although the manual’s built-in index function did not work.

I let Copernic Desktop Search v3.4.0 index the same content on the same system. CDS took slightly longer to display search results and lacked X1′s powerful list filtering abilities.

X1 has a built-in instant preview feature. I tested it with both Doc files and PDF documents. When I clicked a 15MB PDF file, it took about 3 seconds to deal with it, and then correctly displayed it in the instant preview pane, with the search text highlighted. Smaller documents were much faster, of course. When I tried to use instant-preview for a 46MB PDF, X1 took over a minute, but did not freeze while trying to load it–I was still able to refine my search or double-click the PDF to load it using my PDF reader.

One thing that did not work right was instant preview for files with Hebrew text. The text was displayed, but right-to-left encoding was handled incorrectly so that lines containing words in English were rendered illegible.

Minor quirks aside, X1 Desktop Search is an incredibly powerful engine. If you find yourself having to navigate a large collection of documents on a routine basis, X1 is a great choice at a reasonable price.

Windows 8 Immersive Metro UI Theme for Windows 7

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Delicious Delicious

One major lasting impression of Windows 8 demo by Microsoft is the new immersive Start Screen which is based on Metro UI design that first applied on Windows Phone 7. The new Windows 8 Start Screen features live tiles which are touch-optimized, and is radically different from traditional Windows desktop in terms of colors, fonts, layouts, designs and other visual styles.

Well if you like the visual styling of Windows 8, and want your Windows 7 to look similar to Windows 8 Start Screen, there is already a theme that transform your current Windows desktop to Metro UI with tile-based visual styling. The customized theme is named Windows Metro IM, created by jaycee13.

Windows 7 Metro UI Start Menu

Windows Metro IM theme is the successor of Windows Metro theme, and is based on user interface inspirations from MetroTwit, Zune and Windows 8.

Windows 7 Tile-Based User Interface

Note that the Windows Metro IM theme does not actually add a Windows 8 Start Screen functionality to Windows 7. Instead, the theme only does what a Windows theme does, that is changing the appearance of Windows components so that it looks similar to Windows 8 immersive user interface.

Windows 8 Metro UI Theme for Windows 7

Windows Metro IM theme is currently supporting only 32-bit (x86) Windows operating system only.

Here’s the guide on how to install the Windows Metro IM theme onto Windows 7:

  1. Download the Windows Metro IM theme package: windows_metro_im_by_jaycee13-d3id3o5.rar
  2. Extract the RAR package.
  3. Go to PackagesUxtheme Patch folder.
  4. Right click on UniversalThemePatcher-x86.exe and select Run as Administrator.
  5. In the “Universal Theme Patcher”, click on the all 3 Patch buttons for shsvcs.dll, themeui.dll, and uxtheme.dll.

    Universal Theme Patcher

  6. Restart the computer.
  7. Go to Theme folder, and copy both Windows Metro IM folder and Windows Metro IM.theme file to %WinDir%/Resources/Themes.
  8. Double click on Windows Metro IM.theme file to install and activate the Windows Metro IM theme on the computer.

Steps above will install the Windows Metro IM theme. Continue steps below if you want to modify system files to make Windows Explorer and Start Menu even more similar to Windows 8

How to Modify Windows Explorer System Files:

  1. Take ownership and grant yourself full control permissions for %WinDir%System32Shell32.dll and %WinDir%System32ExplorerFrame.dll.
  2. Backup the files by renaming and adding a .old extension to the end.
  3. Copy the patched version of Shell32.dll located in PackagesSystem FilesShell32 (for x86 SP1 and Pre SP2) and ExplorerFrame.dll located in PackagesSystem FilesExplorerFrame (for x86 Pre SP2) or PackagesSystem FilesExplorerFrame (for x86 SP1) folder (select correct version that matches your current version) to %WinDir%System32 folder.
  4. Restart the computer.

If you’re not comfortable to modify the system files manually, Windows Theme Installer can get the task down automatically:

  1. Go to the PackagesWindows Theme Installer folder.
  2. Right click on Windows Theme Installer.exe and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Select and tick the check boxes for Shell32.dll and then click on Browse button to select the patched version of Shell32.dll located in PackagesSystem FilesShell32 (for x86 SP1 and Pre SP2) folder to replace original version.

    Select and tick the check boxes for ExplorerFrame.dll and then click on Browse button to select the patched version of ExplorerFrame.dll located in PackagesSystem FilesExplorerFrame (for x86 Pre SP2) or PackagesSystem FilesExplorerFrame (for x86 SP1) folder (select correct version that matches your current version) to replace original version.

    Windows Theme Installer

  4. Click on Install Theme to automatically replace the system files.
  5. Restart the computer.

How to Change the Start ORB (Start Menu):

  1. Go to the PackagesStart Orb Changer folder.
  2. Run the Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6 (for SP1 and old W7 version without update).exe.
  3. Click on Select Change Start Button and select start orb.bmp file located in PackagesSystem FilesStart Orb BMP folder.

    Windows 7 Start Button Changer

How to Install Fonts

There are several fonts namely segoeuisl.ttf, ZegoeCapsBold_0.ttf, ZegoeLight-U_0.ttf, ZegoeUISemiBold-U_0.ttf, ZegoeUI-U_0.ttf and ZegoeUI-UBold_0.ttf. To install the fonts, just copy them to %WinDir%Fonts folder.

Updates, when available, can be downloaded from

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Microsoft E3 2011 Media Briefing

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Today, on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft Corp. premiered a spectacular lineup of new games, demonstrating that Xbox 360 continues to deliver the biggest hits and blockbuster experiences — bar none. This year, Microsoft showcased a host of new groundbreaking exclusive titles on Xbox 360, including “Gears of War 3,” “Forza Motorsport 4” and the world premiere trailer for “Halo 4.” In addition, Microsoft debuted the next installment of the famed “Fable” franchise with “Fable: The Journey,” a game imagined from the ground up for Kinect on Xbox 360 by famed developer Peter Molyneux. Fans were also treated to a preview of the Kinect-powered historical epic, “Ryse,” created by acclaimed developer Crytek GmbH. Finally, Microsoft revealed that this winter, “Minecraft,” the independent PC game phenomenon, is making its console debut exclusively on Xbox 360.

In 2010, the controller-free magic and instant fun of Kinect for Xbox 360 captivated consumers all over the world, making it the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history. This year, millions of Kinect owners will use their entire body to experience the world’s most iconic entertainment brands through “Kinect: Disneyland Adventures,” “Kinect Star Wars” and “Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.” Fans will also get their bodies in motion while playing the successors to the platform’s best-selling titles, “Dance Central 2” and “Kinect Sports: Season Two.”

In addition, Kinect Fun Labs, a new hub showcasing the latest Kinect innovations, was unveiled and is available to all Xbox LIVE members starting today. Create magical moments with never before seen Kinect technology, including player capture, object scanning and finger tracking. Kinect Fun Labs will launch with four Gadgets: Kinect Me, Bobble Head, Build A Buddy and Kinect Googly Eyes. More experiences will begin arriving in July, including Avatar Kinect and Kinect Sparkler.

With Kinect and Xbox LIVE, Third-Party Blockbuster Games Are Best on Xbox 360

The industry’s best creators and publishers demonstrated their commitment to immerse Xbox fans even deeper in the action. On Microsoft’s E3 stage, Ubisoft announced that all future Tom Clancy games will be Kinect-enhanced including “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier.” Microsoft further delighted audiences with the first public demonstration of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and reminded them that in 2011 and again in 2012, all “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” add-on content will launch first on Xbox 360.

EA SPORTS announced Kinect support for several of its blockbuster titles in 2012, including “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR,” “Madden NFL” and “FIFA.” In the next 12 months, EA also has several additional titles that will feature Kinect, including “The Sims™ 3 Pets,” “Family Game Night 4” and what is sure to be one of the biggest games of 2012, “Mass Effect 3.”

“For Xbox, games have always been at the heart of who we are: the world’s biggest blockbusters, enduring stories from the world’s best storytellers and innovative entertainment experiences that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios. “Whether it’s Kinect games like ‘Kinect Star Wars’ and ‘Kinect: Disneyland Adventures,’ or the latest installments of our most acclaimed and anticipated exclusive franchises like ‘Gears of War 3’ and ‘Halo 4,’ our existing fans, and new ones alike, will find something here to delight them and their families.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship Comes to Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE

In addition to all the best titles on Xbox 360, Microsoft also announced new blockbuster entertainment, teaming up with UFC. Starting this fall, Xbox LIVE Gold Members can subscribe to UFC to access live pay-per-view matches, classic fights, interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes looks into the lives of the world’s greatest fighters; it’s access to the octagon in an all-new interactive way.

With games and entertainment for every member of the household, Xbox 360 continues to bring the best in interactive entertainment to living rooms around the world with the following:
* “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games).
* “Dance Central 2” (Harmonix Music Systems Inc., Microsoft Studios).
* “Fable: The Journey” (Lionhead Studios, Microsoft Studios).
* “Forza Motorsport 4” (Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios).
* “Gears of War 3” (Epic Games, Microsoft Studios). “Gears of War 3” hits store shelves on Sept. 20, 2011, worldwide, except for Japan, where copies go on sale Sept. 22, 2011.
* “Halo 4” (343 Industries, Microsoft Studios). A new trilogy begins when “Halo 4” releases in 2012.
* “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” (343 Industries/Microsoft Studios, Saber Interactive, Certain Affinity). Releasing only on Xbox 360 on Nov. 15, 2011.
* “Kinect Sports: Season Two” (Rare, Big Park Games, Microsoft Studios).
* “Kinect Star Wars” (Terminal Reality, LucasArts/Microsoft Studios).
* “Kinect: Disneyland Adventures” (Frontier Developments Ltd., Microsoft Studios).
* “Mass Effect 3” (BioWare, Electronic Arts).
* “Minecraft” (Mojang, Microsoft Studios).
* “Ryse” (Crytek, Microsoft Studios).
* “Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster” (Double Fine Productions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment).
* “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier” (Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft).
* “Tomb Raider” (Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Europe).

PSP 6.39 TN-A Hen released *UPDATE*

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Well it seems that has released now that there is a public kernal exploit.
It seems to be a port of 6.20 TN-E (fix) but it does notes that there are some known bugs fixed.

It notes that this is not the return of Total_Noob, but only offers a choice to 6.39 users instead of using PRO/ME, and is mainly for TN fans out there. Anyway, you guys have been waiting for a TN release, now enjoy it.

This HEN supports as always PS1 Games, Plugins, Homebrews. ISOs are not supported, use them with aLoader 1.25.

-Same feature like 6.20 hen
- FIXED PSP GO FREEZING BUG (while connecting to flash)


HacKmaN updated the TN HEN!

-added support for game categories Dayviewer

Download: 6.39 TN (HEN) 11 June Fix


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Hands On: 5 Ways Madden NFL 12 Changes the Game

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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will have a custom set of personality traits in Madden NFL 12.
Image courtesy Electronic Arts

LOS ANGELES — Electronic Arts knows what you’re thinking: Its NFL-licensed Madden football series is just a cash cow, a cheap excuse to sell the same game every year with a new coat of paint. The developers of Madden NFL 12 want to change that perception.

Though Madden NFL 12 appears, on the surface, to be this year’s football game with updated rosters, there are some new features that could change the way people play the popular football franchise. At its E3 Expo booth Wednesday, EA Sports was happy to show some of the ways Madden NFL 12 improves upon its predecessors. Here are five of them.

Collision Engine: EA has completely revamped the hit detection in Madden NFL 12, creating a new engine that recognizes key parts of defensive football like tackling momentum and the size/weight of players making contact with one another. EA says this will ensure that characters’ bodies react more realistically after collisions, forcing players to make smarter, more strategic decisions about where and when to pull off tackles.

Even the injuries are more realistic; EA has said concussions will finally be recognized in Madden NFL 12. If a player is concussed, he will immediately be carted off the field and kept out for the remainder of the game.

Lack of Suction: “Suction” is the term that EA Sports uses to refer to defensive players’ tendency to draw in the player they’re tackling, sometimes making contact from much further away than they should. For example, running backs might have gotten stuck between linemen during in past Madden games and defensive linemen might have been inadvertently “sucked in” by their offensive counterparts.

Madden NFL 12 changes that, using its new engine to create more accurate points of contact for defensive players. Your backs will be able to juke and swerve between defenders on the line just like Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson might in real life. And your defensive linemen will do their jobs much better (unless they’re the Bills).

Cinematic Angles: Thanks to the help of NFL Films, which worked with EA Sports during development, Madden NFL 12 recreates the type of footage you might actually see on your television. All 32 teams’ starting ceremonies are meticulously recaptured, as is every angle, from shaky handheld player introductions to overhead blimp shots of the stadium. EA says its goal is to make Madden feel as true to life as possible.

Dynamic Player Performance: Where older Madden games had statistics, Madden NFL 12 has actual traits. A player like Eli Manning won’t just be defined by his running and passing abilities anymore; rather, he might get really quick-footed after a sack or decide to pull off a tuck and roll. Meanwhile, someone like Ben Roethlisberger might dodge and swerve away from opposing pass rushers.

These new stats will be updated regularly based on players’ real life tendencies (assuming there’s actually a football season next year).

Veterans: In what’s perhaps the most interesting of its new features, Madden NFL 12 will actually capture the “intangible qualities” that ESPN analysts and pundits like to talk up all the time. Simply by hanging out on your roster in Franchise Mode, veteran players will improve the stats of your other guys. Sign an aging, experienced quarterback to hold the clipboard, for example, and your superstar rookie will start getting better — now that’s leadership in action.

These aren’t the only changes in the new Madden, which will be out for multiple platforms August 30. EA Sports says it has more up its sleeve as time goes on; despite uncertainty in the actual NFL, Madden will always be a constant.

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