REALLY Annoying level game PSP rev. 5 released!

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This homebrew game is from (|EcLiPsE|). It is envisaged by small levels still further. Every 5 levels you get a checkpoint so you can go there again. In this update you can mix in terms of levels of difficulty and you can mix the levels in total. So the latter can ensure that you start with a difficult level.

To install the game, simply copy the folder from the archive to psp/game/.


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LAX (intelligent game) released!

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Although a little later than the date of publication, we propose a puzzle game appeared at the PSP homebrew Genesis Competition. This is achieved by the developer gorrister. is a visual puzzle isometric homebrew game where we move the ball on the game plan. The movement will be hindered only by the walls and the edge of the playing field, and the aim will be to place one ball on one of these circles of lava with the fewest possible moves.


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3D Roll v2.3D (signed) released!

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New update for 3D Roll, a homebrew game created by the coder Chimecho and contributed to the Genesis Competition.
This is a game where we drive the ball down, trying to avoid the pointy platforms.
In the new version, you can choose whether or not to enable analog and new features are added.


Added 2 game modes, extreme (one player, with two balls :S), and 2 players (but, in the same psp, not adhoc =/), it will ask for the two players names when one of them dies, and it save the score of the winner. Added analog on/off option, and, the music option is back. Also, i have changed the scores structure, now, it will be a folder with 4 txt’s (2axis, 3axis, extreme, and 2players), so, the old “scores.txt” now will be “2axis.txt”.


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DaedalusX64 SVN r687 signed with Preview Pack

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/* Filed under PSP    */ User Team Member has released a signed Version of the amazing DaedalusX64 Emulator.

DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for PSP. DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn.
It is a GPL Open Source project.

This Version works also with OFWs. Many thanks to the DaedalusX64 Team who is updating the Emulator really fast.

  • Changelog:
    [!] Env mapping trimming
    [!] Some housecleaning around
    [+] Added correct blendmode for OOT Lens of Truth
    [+] Blendmode for bubbles in Quest 64 (bdacanay)
    [-] Revert env map changes from last commit
    [!] Re-adjusted envmap so OOT stones looks nice


Alternative Megaupload mirror

Source: the PSH forums

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PSPsych Released!

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New homebrew for the , it is PSPsych released by the developer Monk9899. The PSPsych reason is not quite clear and less there it are still his possible applications. In fact it is about simply a homebrew who generates turned out to be random consequently to the throwing of a currency or to the pulling of a nut. We can identify it then like an exercise of programming of the developer more than of a homebrew of some usefulness.



O – skip splashscreen
Left/Right – change selection
X – make selection
X – roll/flip again
O – go back
L+R – quit (with sound effects)


Via –

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PSPident 0.74

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gets an update this weekend. As developer of adds new PSP model support. is the perfect tool to ID and confirm if that PSP of your take run custom IPL or perma flash a new custom firmware like 6.20 PRO-B5. Its easy to use, just run . Then it will display all the info, like motherboard model, PSP generation and even give you a nice print screen of the info saved to your memory card.


  • Latest PSP models (TA-095) support
  • You can now see your PSP generation

Source: PSP King (German)

Download: PSPident 0.74

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PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15. Fixes videos not playing in 6.xx

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has released 3.15, this version fixes the problem with some videos not playing under firmware 6.xx. is a media player that can play MKV, MP4, PMP, FLV formats.

PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15 changelog:

– fixed some videos can not play in FW6xx

[ Control ]

    browse view:

    LTRIGGER + UP : select top entry
    LTRIGGER + DOWN : select bottom entry
    LTRIGGER + SQUARE : turn on/off movie information preview
    LTRIGGER + SELECT : open skin select dialog
    LTRIGGER + TRIANGLE : open version dialog
    LTRIGGER + START : open quit dialog
    TRIANGLE : open help dialog
    SQUARE : open configuration view
    SELECT : if current selected entry is a movie file, open delete dialog
    START : go to the root directory
    UP : select last entry
    DOWN : select next entry
    CIRCLE : if current selected entry is a directory, enter this directory; if current selected entry is a movie file, play it
    CROSS : if current selected entry is a movie file, resume play it

    playing movie:

    TRIANGLE : play stop
    SQUARE : play pause/resume
    CIRCLE : if playing, turn on/off status bar; if pause, capture current video picture, save in ms0:/PICTURE/PPA directory
    RIGHT : forward
    LEFT : backward
    SELECT : select next audio stream
    UP : amplify(+)
    DOWN : amplify(-)
    RTRIGGER : luminosity boost(+)
    LTRIGGER : luminosity boost(-)
    START : select next aspect ratio
    CROSS + RIGHT : fast forward
    CROSS + LEFT : fast backward
    CROSS + RTRIGGER : turn on/off play loop
    CROSS + LTRIGGER : select next subtitle
    CROSS + SQUARE : select next subtitle font color
    CROSS + CIRCLE : select next subtitle font border color
    CROSS + SELECT : select stereo, left, right
    CROSS + START : select display normal or inversion on PSP LCD

Source: cooleyes

Download: PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15

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6.20 TN-E (HEN) Released.

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has released (HEN) this version is so much more than the other releases. Like the other 6.xx CFW’s this one adds everything else you would expect from TN. There is no perm patch yet on this one. The changelog is below and the download is that of the fix release. Total_Noob removed a few bugs from this mornings release.

-E (HEN) changelog:

(6.20 TN-E Fix by Total_Noob)

(Changelog 6.20 TN-E Fix)
– Fixed loading of game/pops plugins.
– Fixed buffer overflow crash, TN Settings should work now.
– Fixed bug that only allows 18 items in TN Settings.

(Changelog 6.20 TN-E)
– Added ‘TN Settings’ option to the XMB where you can adjust your configurations and plugins (based on Bubbletune’s Game Categories).
– Added OSK Character Limit Increase (the Internet Browser OSK only supports 512 characters. This patch allows you to use 1518 characters).
– Added password control at startup (change password in ‘Security Settings’).
– Added sceUmdMan_driver patch (umd4hombrew is not necessary anymore).
– Added ability to access flash0, flash1, flash2, flash3 and UMD Disc via USB.
– Added PSX multi-disc support.
– Added possibility to hide hen eboot in the game menu.
– Added version.txt display.
– Added more functions to kubridge library.
– Cloned more NIDs wich Sony removed in 6.20.
– Fixed bug that didn’t show ‘Memory Card Utility’ in pops.
– Fixed syscall execution in kernel mode (thanks to neur0n).
– Redesigned NID Resolver.
– Updated NID Table.
– Improved plugins compatiblity: PSPConsole, Macro Fire, Custom Firmware Extender, Brightpad, Battery Warning Plugin and many more!

Download: 6.20 TN-E (HEN)

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6.38 TN-A Proof of concept video

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Here is video proof of Total_Noob’s kernel exploit. Its 6.20 TN-E ported over to firmware 6.38. HacKmaN has posted this youtube video and again he comments it won’t be released. His comment is below. And yeah its looks as if the scene is getting ugly. It needn’t be of course..*Sigh*

Hey everyone,
this is a little video POC of Total_Noob’s already finished -A. I think I don’t have to tell you much about it, it’s simply 6.20 TN-E ported for firmware 6.38.
It will never be released, you should already know this from TN’s 6.38 kernel exploit proof of concept video.
And it’s your own fault, ungrateful users, you don’t deserve this HEN.

The scene is more ugly than it has been ever before!

Best regards,

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N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Beta 3 Update

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emulator gets another official update from the team. After more months of hard work on the emulator the team has fixed many bugs present in Beta 3. And finally they have added cheat code support. Something many users have been after for a long time.

DaedalusX64 notes:

As promised the next public release of Daedalusx64 is out! This mostly to address issues found in Beta 3 (thx to all the members that reported the issues), and also to improve the stability of the emulator. Several risky optimizations from B3 were removed to favor stability, but no fear, several speed improvements were squeezed onto this released as well.

Also we added a highly requested feature: support for cheat codes. This is based from 1964, any cheat for 1964 works perfectly in Daedalus (you can simply copy and paste any cheat from their database onto Daedalus.cht file)
Other big improvement is the implementation of env mapping and software culling.

DaedalusX64 Beta 3 Update changelog:

(Major changes since Beta 3, See SVN log for full list)

Fixed multiple suns glitch in Zelda
Fixed wrapping issues in Zelda
Added cheat support (routines and format based from 1964)
Front-end for cheats
Rewrote how we generate cic codes (code is 90% smaller now)
Only update viewport when it changes
Unlocked extra memory for all psps, except phat of course (note : if using a loader, make sure is supported)
Rewrote display list PC stack (this heavily based from Rice plugin)
Fixed error I did in Patch_Hacks (was causing the oshle scanning fail in certain ROMS)
Fixed trees in Dream Land (SSB) (no need to add fraction in integer part)
Fixed bug that caused PSP screen to stretch when tv out cables were connected
Fixed nasty texture to work along blendmode maker in Combiner Explorer (just press triangle to use it)
Corrected (huge)mistake from 597 that caused slim cache to be ignored (small speed up in slim and newer models)
Made osAiSetNextBuffer thread safe, also added several asserts to make sure we handle everything.
Removed Conker shadow hack (no longer needed, generic blendmode takes care of the shadow)
Ignore IMEM transfers for speed (we don’t use low-level RSP plugin for the PSP version anyways)
Simplified Sprite2D
Implemented correctly DLParser_TexRect_Last_Legion (fixes BSOD in sub menus)
Use 32bit screenmode for tv out
Force struct alignment for our ucodedefs (generates better code)
Added several blendmodes (Salvy, Corn, Bdacanay)


Small optimization for graphics loading/adding triangles. Some minor optimizations to the VFPU TnL. Optimized loading vector planes for clipping
Alpha channel gets passed along even when doing lighting on a tris.
Fixed critical rendering bug (and Dlist counter bug) in Conker. Optimized triangle rendering in Conker.
Speed up using early FRONT/BACK tris culling in software. Added display render stats on screen as an option (only available in Display list debug mode)
Made CPU rendering compatible with VFPU rendering (insert-matrix and ENV MAP)
Implemented Env mapping which is done (very fast) in the VFPU (Fixes SM64 stars and OOT stones, SSV ship)
Some optimizations on Bcopy(), memcpy() and CRC()
Improved hack for Wonder project J2 with a speed up (require setting texture check to 4 or so)
Fix the chopped off graphics(bug) in the ROM selector menu
Optimized Proj matrix sceGU load (Only reaload Project matrix to sceGU if its updated)
Fixed blocks in New Tetris lining up backwards
Replaced swizzle_fast with Raphael’s version

Source: DaedalusX64 Forums

Download: DaedalusX64 Beta 3 Update

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