How to take apart a Sony VAIO TX / TZ Laptops

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Here is the serivce manual for the Sony Vaio TX and Sony Vaio TZ laptops.
disassemble guide for Sony Vaio TX model.


Add a Touch Screen to Your Eee PC Without Soldering

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eee pc touch screen

In just 9 simple steps and without using any equipment except a screwdriver and your hands, you can add touch screen capability to your Eee PC with this “Easy to touch” kit sold by The kit ships with screwdrivers so there is no need to buy your own. The magic is in the USB controller that ships with the touch screen which intercepts the webcam’s USB line. Read more »


I’m done with my Eee… or am I?

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I’ve spent a good three months with my Eee. I’ve taken it everywhere and used it for everything. But in the end, I was done with it. I found myself going back to my Thinkpad. 3 weeks ago, I put it on Craigslist for sale. And 2 days later, I pulled the ad.

I realized…I wasn’t done. Not yet. Let’s make this thing really useful. Let’s install Windows XP. Sure, I could buy one with XP pre-loaded, but what’s the fun in that? Stay tuned for the step by step.


Black and White Eee PC Keyboards Are Not the Same

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Eee PC Keyboard close up

If you thought all Eee PCs were created equal, you thought wrong. The white and black Eee PC keyboards actually are quite different if you look closely. The picture above shows the black key sensor as reversed from its white counterpart. This was a comparison by between the white 701 and galaxy black 4G surf Eee PCs. The black keyboard is also more recessed, allowing keys to be pressed in further and giving a deeper tactile response. Besides some uninteresting spacing differences, the keys were also a little bit more rough on the black Eee PC, providing just a tiny bit more grip than the smoother white keys. They also compared the 7″ and 9″ white Eee PCs (the 9″ black is currently unavailable in the States for now) but found no differences. So we can conclude that the color, rather than the size, will affect the keyboard feel. Hopefully this will sway some potential buyers to one color or the other.


Reminder: Asus Eee PC 900 Ships Today May 12th

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Asus Eee Pc 900 Laptop

Previously we covered the new Eee PC 900 specs and disclosed that the release date would be today May 12th. As of 12am Monday morning, retailers such as Amazon have yet to display a ship date but pre-orders are currently open. Take your pick with either the 20G for $549.99 which includes a 20 GB Solid State Drive and Linux preloaded or the 12G with 12GB SSD with Windows XP Home preloaded for $549.99 (my advice, get the larger capacity 20G and install XP on it yourself if you want it). Both come with a larger 8.9″ screen, 900 Mhz processors, and 1GB RAM. And pearl white is currently the only color available right now, sorry.

Update: They are shipping now!


Asus Eee PC – How to Upgrade the Memory

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It’s time to upgrade the memory in your brand new Asus Eee PC. Don’t worry. It’s really easy. The hardest part is buying the memory for the upgrade. Luckily for us, the Eee uses standard laptop memory – 200 pin DDR2 So-Dimm. I went with Crucial. You’ll have to buy only 1 so-dimm. Don’t purchase a pair.
Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A set of precision screwdrivers
  2. The memory
  3. Of course, your Asus Eee PC

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Asus Expecting Eee PC Surge in Q2

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An Asus executive revealed yesterday the company’s goal to sell 80% more of its ultra portable mobile laptop the Eee PC this quarter largely due to demand in Europe. This puts Asus well on their way to hit the 5 million mark for sales this year for the tiny but mighty computer. Read more »


HP 2133 Mini Note PC

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The biggest complaint that I have about my Eee PC is that it feels like a toy and not a UMPC.  Every time I open it up, I feel like I am booting up Leap Frog or something.  But finally, the Eee PC has some decent competition.

Meet the HP 2133 Mini Note PC

The HP 2133 is the business version of the Eee PC.  Its all aluminum body makes the Eee PC feel even more like a toy.

There are some differences between the two UMPC.

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Asus Eee PC 900 Official Specs Released

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Asus Eee PC 900

Asus finally released the official specs of the highly anticipated larger brother of the current 7 inch Eee PC. Some noteworthy features: the larger model will ship with an 8GB SSD flash drive for the XP version while the Linux version gets a 16GB SSD flash drive. The processor, unfortunately, remains the same 900Mhz Celeron that’s used in the 701. The 900 also uses FingerGlide technology that supports multiple simultaneous touch points to zoom in and out much like what the Apple iPhone can do. No word yet on the release date in the US, though it’s already started to ship in some parts of Asia. (Update: Mark your calendars: it’s shipping May 12th in the States). Read more »

Eee PC + Windows XP

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It was only a matter of time when Asus would put Windows on the Eee PC. You can now pick one up at your local Best Buy store for $399. That’s right, it’s the same price as the Linux version.


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