Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy gets new DLCs

/* Posted June 29th, 2011 at 9:04pm    */
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Square Enix is adding more contents to its portable RPG/fighting game mash-up.


The next wave of downloadable contents for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy will include some exclusive costumes and music created by famed Square Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura.




Available starting this week, PSN users can grab hold of the following contents in the PlayStation Store:

  • Laguna Avatar US$0.49
  • Shantotto Avatar US$ 0.49
  • Cecil (Dark Knight) Avatar US$ 0.49
  • Emperor Avatar US$ 0.49
  • Kuja Avatar US$ 0.49
  • Vaan Avatar US$ 0.49
  • Exdeath Avatar US$ 0.49

Coming to PlayStation Store on July 19

  • Bartz: Dancer Costume US$ 0.99
  • Terra: Striped Dress Costume US$ 0.99 a
  • Shantotto: Wedding Dress Costume US$ 0.99
  • FINAL FANTASY V (3 Tracks) BGM Pack US$ 0.99
  • FINAL FANTASY VI (3 Tracks) BGM Pack US$ 0.99
  • FINAL FANTASY XI (3 Tracks) BGM Pack US$ 0.99

Last April, Square Enix also released a slew of new costumes and some classic tracks for the game.



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