Krap PSP v1.18 *RELEASED*

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v1.18 is released. is a plugin came up from nowhere, indeed it is just an idea before, but because of someone’s help(freddy), i manage to implement a feature which is permit/forbid the battery from charging(that’s why its Krap).. and then suddenly some more features we’re implemented because of users suggestions. You want to easily manipulate your psp? check your battery status? how about listening to music and yours always aware with the battery life percent, is it good to may just hear a warning sound than picking onto it all the time? How about the uptime? Now, do you want to make your psp more krapy? then try this one and if you find it useful, then that’s great


v1.18 6/11/2011
[!]Fix the screenshot bug ( that auto creates a Krap folder!)
[!]Fix some errors in krap menu
[!]Fix a bug that when the “Stop charging is Disabled” the psp will not charge at 0% battery lvl.
[+]Added Wlan Saver Option in Settings menu(Now you can turn it on/off while in game mode )
[+]Added the ability to disable/enable screenshot,music mode,reboot,sleep,shutdown
[+]Added the ability to change the Powersaver CPU/Brightness
[+]Added the Farenheit value of the Battery temperature in the krap menu
[!]Improved music mode feature
[!]Changed some of the default buttons such as
- Force shutdown from (NOTE+START » NOTE+SELECT)
- Force Sleep from (NOTE+SELECT » NOTE+START)
- Screenshot from (NOTE+LTRIG » NOTE+RTRIG)




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