Firmware 6.39 Kernel Exploit PoC

/* Posted May 26th, 2011 at 8:48pm    */
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Update: some1, the original finder of the exploit, has modified his Downgrader to be compatible with . For more information on this you can read the original article here.

Booom! The Firmaware 6.39 isn’t avaible for 24 hours and Liquidzigong found already a verified that the kernel exploit originally found by developer some1 is still available! This is just the Proof of Concept, a demonstration but this was really fast and good work. It dumps kernel memory and key memory to ms0:/.

Editor’s Note: Liquidzigong did not find this exploit. He simply verified that it was still available in firmware 6.39.

It is already signed, so copy the extracted folder to PSP/GAME and launch it via your OFW XMB!

Demonstrate how the sceHttpStorageOpen kxploit works (on OFW 6.39). Added some comments to newbies.
Kudos to the original founder some1.
It dumps kernel memory and key memory to ms0:/.


Via: LZ’s Twitter


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