iPad 2 News: Analyst Expects iPad 2 Shipments to Double in Next Quarter

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While the Q2 numbers for the iPad were underwhelming, look out for major growth in Q3.

20110421 ipad 2 Sold out iPad 2 News: Analyst Expects iPad 2 Shipments to Double in Next Quarter

The Apple financial report for the second fiscal quarter of 2011 was just as impressive as expected, with one notable exception. The iPad, which had been estimated to ship somewhere between 4 and 9 million units, actually came in at a not-so-impressive 4.69 million units. This low figure is being blamed on Apple’s inability to satisfy the demand for the iPad 2 when it launched on March 11.

According to one analyst, that’s not going to happen again. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concorde Securities predicts that shipments of the iPad 2 will balloon “by a big margin” in the next quarter, “jumping over 100% sequentially.” Kuo claims that Apple will especially be ramping up production on the white iPad 2, because it accounts for 60-65% of sales.

What about the iPad 2’s competitors? Kuo expects them to also accelerate shipments in the third quarter. Android tablets could ship 2.5 million to 3 million units and RIM’s PlayBook 2.5 million. Kuo does advise the makers of iPad 2 wannabes to carefully monitor “sell-through and return rate closely.”

Those predictions do not sound promising for the competing tabs, especially the Motorola Xoom, that was launched with such fanfare but seems to have failed to capture the enthusiasm of the buying public. There’s never been any doubt that Apple could have moved more units of the iPad 2 if they had them—maybe millions more.


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