iPad 2 News: Best Buy to Have iPad 2 “Promotion” on April 17

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Well, now we know why Best Buy’s been stockpiling all those iPad 2s for a mysterious “promotion.” Run over to your neighborhood BB on Sunday and you might get lucky! (Then again, you probably won’t.)

20110416 ipad bby 2011 04 15 01 500x370 iPad 2 News: Best Buy to Have iPad 2 “Promotion” on April 17

We’ve heard those rumors that Best Buy has gotten in trouble with Apple over refusing to sell the iPad 2s they have in stock. The retail chain retaliated with a claim that the tablets were being reserved for a “special promotion.” That didn’t stop a certain BB manager from selling one to a customer who agreed to his threats of extortion and coughed up $109 for a service contract.

But now Best Buy is ready to haul out those hidden iPad 2s and give you a chance to buy one. A small chance, but chance. According to this internal memo, Best Buy will be having a big promotion on Sunday, April 17, and to “minimize customer disappoints” will be fulfilling reservations first. The memo also reveals that “the iPad 2 will be featured on the front cover of the April 17 ad and because of this, the reserve order system will be turned back on on Sunday.”

Yeah, we all know the iPad 2 needs all the promotion it can get, because nobody’s buying the darn things and they’re piling up in the stockrooms, gathering dust and taking up space. Let’s move ‘em out and make more space for those RIM PlayBooks coming out next week, or whenever.


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