iPad 2 News: Apple Could Ship 45 Million iPads in 2011

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Previous estimates have projected that Apple will ship about 30 million units of the iPad in 2011, but that number has now jumped—by 15 million.

20110415 lots of ipads 500x280 iPad 2 News: Apple Could Ship 45 Million iPads in 2011

Although Apple won’t be releasing its first quarter sales figures for 2011 until April 20, analysts are predicting stockholders will be very happy with what they hear, and what lies ahead.

According to Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, his Asian component suppliers estimate that Apple could ship a whopping 40-45 million iPads in 2011. White told Apple Insider that while he had been given similar numbers last year, “at the time, this number was difficult for many investors and some in the media to get their head around.”

After the introduction of the iPad 2, that’s not true anymore. Since then, estimates of this year’s iPad sales have exploded. Previously, Ticonderoga had projected sales of 31 million in 2011, Needham company guessed 30 million, while RBC Capital Markets went for 28 million. Estimates of how many iPad 2s have been sold since its debut on March 11 have varied widely, from 4 million to nearly 9 million.

Whichever figure turns out to be closer to the truth, Apple could have moved more units if it had them. The wait time for shipping an iPad 2 ordered from Apple’s online store is currently 2-3 weeks, down from the 4-6 weeks shortly after the device came out. Once the supply meets the demand and buyers are able to get the iPad 2 model they want when they want it, sales are likely to surge even higher.


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