iPad 2 News: Apple Admits Verizon iPad 2 Glitch

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Owners of the Verizon iPad 2 are having connectivity problems. Apple has admitted there’s a problem but doesn’t seem to be doing much about it.

20110408 iPad 2 verizon launch 500x292 iPad 2 News: Apple Admits Verizon iPad 2 Glitch

Are you having trouble connecting with your Verizon 3G iPad 2? You’re not alone. This week, Apple’s discussion forums began filling with complaints from Verizon iPad customers who are having problems connecting to the carrier’s 3G data network.

Here’s a typical post: “When I try to connect to the cellular data it just says iPad or Searching in the top of the screen. It did work last night. If I do a hard reset I can get it to work. Switching Airplane mode on and off to reset the modem does NOT work.” This user went so far as to take her problem to Apple’s Genius Bar, but the Geniuses weren’t much help. “I actually spent 2hrs at the Genius Bar last night. I was able to duplicate the problem. They have no idea why its doing that. They did everything, re-provisioned the account, updated the software (twice I might add), REPLACED THE IPAD 2! They think its an IOS issue.”

An Apple spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal that the company is “investigating the issue,” but declined to offer any information on what they were doing to fix it, while Verizon refused comment.

The Journal offered a possible solution: “One fix circulating around the Internet has been to turn the cellular data switch to on and then reboot the tablet by turning it off and back on again. Another message board user has suggested erasing the content of the iPad after backing up the data, which others have commented as effective.” That sure sounds like a lot of trouble for something that might not work.


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