iPad 2 News: 5 – 9 Million iPad 2s Sold in Two Weeks?

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Apple remains mum on the number of iPad 2s that have been sold so far, but estimates by analysts are in the millions. When will Apple give us a real number?

20110329 ipad 2 launch 1 million sold iPad 2 News: 5 – 9 Million iPad 2s Sold in Two Weeks?

Two weeks ago today, I kept checking Apple’s press site, eagerly awaiting an announcement of how many iPad 2s were sold on opening weekend. I’m still waiting, because Apple hasn’t said a thing. That hasn’t kept a group of analysts from estimating how many units of the new device have moved since March 11.

Philip Elmer-DeWitt at the Apple 2.0 blog has compiled a list of estimates from analysts, and they vary pretty widely, with the average being 6.26 million. The numbers cover 14 days of U.S. sales, plus the first 2 days of international sales. The lowest estimate, a conservative 5 million, came from Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank. The highest number, a whopping 8.8 million, was predicted by Hendi Susanto of Gambelli.

When the first iPad came out last year, it took 60 days to reach the 2 million mark, with 300,000 sold on opening day. There’s little doubt that the iPad 2 passed that milestone within the first week. The fact that some would-be buyers are still trying to get their hands on an iPad 2 after a couple of weeks of unsuccessful effort raises the question of how many more units could Apple have sold if it had produced enough supply to meet the demand.


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