iPad 2 News: Apple to License AirPlay?

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Is Apple planning a big move into the TV market? Sources claim that the company is considering marketing its AirPlay program to TV makers hoping to connect with Apple’s iOS mobile device owners.

20110324 airply1 iPad 2 News: Apple to License AirPlay?

Who doesn’t love AirPlay? It lets you stream video from Apple mobile devices like the iPad to the Apple TV 2, plus audio to some speakers and stereo receivers. Now a report from Bloomberg claims that Apple has plans to expand its third party AirPlay licensing program to include video streaming to the $100 billion a year TV market.

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to focus on what consumers want to do with their TVs rather than Google TV’s plan of bringing the keyboard and browser to the TV. Apple is currently charging $4 per device for audio streaming and is expected to follow a similar pricing plan for video streaming.

This sounds like a great idea for all of us who would love being able to combine all of our home entertainment into one cohesive unit controlled from a central unit rather than having the TV, music player and computer scattered all over the house and working independently.

Being able to watch your favorite TV shows live, view DVD or streaming videos and listen to your music in any room in the house without spending a bundle on extra equipment isn’t a dream from the future—it’s very close to reality and Apple is more capable than any other tech giant of making it happen.


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