iPad 2 News: Analyst Predicts Bigger Sales but Shorter Lines for iPad 2 Launch

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Should you plan to take Friday off work so you can get in line at the Apple Store to buy an iPad 2? One prominent analyst says not to bother.

20110309 longline 500x375 iPad 2 News: Analyst Predicts Bigger Sales but Shorter Lines for iPad 2 Launch

What should we expect when the iPad 2 goes on sale Friday afternoon? Longer lines? Shorter lines? Are buyers more of less interested than they were when the original iPad went on sale last year? Piper Jaffary Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster expects bigger sales, but shorter lines on launch day. Munster thinks the iPad 2 will easily outsell the first iPad, which will be quite a feat since it moved a million units in just 28 days.

So why no long lines? Because there are so many more places to buy your iPad this time around. Back in May 2010, the iPad was sold in about 1,200 stores, including 221 Apple Stores and another 1,100 Best Buy locations. In contrast, this year finds the iPad 2 making its debut in a whopping 10,000 stores, including the major nationwide chains Best Buy, Target and Walmart. If you’re looking for a 3G model, they’re being carried by both the Verizon and ATT stores.

So unless you live in a cave hundreds of miles from civilization, it won’t be hard to find a place to buy an iPad 2 on Friday. That means Munster’s equation of more stores=shorter lines will probably work.


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