iPad 2 News: Do Stock Shortages Indicate iPad 2 Release is Imminent?

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The current iPad is in short supply in some countries, while a pair of UK mobile providers have slashed prices. Can we expect an iPad 2 announcement soon?

20110222 ipadshortagetop iPad 2 News: Do Stock Shortages Indicate iPad 2 Release is Imminent?

When the supply of an Apple product is depleted, the company ramps up production to fill the need—unless the product is about to be replaced by a newer one. That’s what seems to be happening with the remaining stock of the original iPad, as numerous retailers worldwide are running out of the tablet.

For example, UK- based Carphone Warehouse is out of all 3G iPads as well as the 64GB Wi-Fi only model. Not only are out-of-stock iPads not being replenished by Apple, two UK mobile providers, T-Mobile and Orange, have discounted their remaining iPads by £100.

All of this adds up to a new product launch in the near future. We’ve already heard reports that Apple has greatly reduced production on the “old” iPad while speeding up production on the iPad 2. The iPad 2 is obviously on its way, but when? Nearly a month has passed since the first anniversary of Apple’s official announcement of the iPad without any admission from the company that there will even be another iPad coming in 2011.

Since Apple traditionally “refreshes” its product lines on a yearly basis, the iPad is due for a new model in April, and most clues and rumors point to a replacement being ready at that time. So what’s the holdup?

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