iPad 2 News: Apple Adds Suppliers Leading Up to iPad 2 Launch

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The iPad 2 is well on its way to an April launch, as Apple has increased the number of suppliers providing circuit boards from three to seven. Will this cause problems for rival tablets?

20110122 apple a4 ipad board small 500x290 iPad 2 News: Apple Adds Suppliers Leading Up to iPad 2 Launch

There’s not much doubt that the iPad 2 will hit stores sometime in April, one year after the debut of the first iPad. Back then, Apple was overwhelmed by the demand for the brand new tablet, and there were long waiting periods. That’s not going to happen this year, as Apple is planning ahead and ramping up production by signing on several more suppliers of circuit boards.

According to Digitimes, three new suppliers have taken orders from Apple for any-layer HDI-PCB boards. New additions are Compeq Manufacturing, Gold Circuit Electronics, Meiko, and Nan Ya PCB, joining initial printed circuit board suppliers Ibiden, Tripod Technology, and TTM Technologies. All are expected to begin shipments of any-layer high density interconnect boards between the end of February and early March.


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