6.35 Custom Beta 2, a PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware *Updated*

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Ok firstly a big fat warning on this one. This only for PSP-2000?s that are fully hackable. Ones that you can use a Pandora battery on because this is a beta CFW and it could just brick! has just released Custom 6.35, which is a WIP . You need to run this from original firmware 6.35 with the 6.35 HEN via Minna no Sukkiri demo exploit


Wololo on Custom 6.35:

According to this works only on PSP2000 models for now (and I don’t have a PSP 2000), the files don’t ship with any Readme, and my Japanese is broken enough that I’m not entirely sure about the usage. Nevertheless, the sources (mamosuke’s website and ’s twitter) are trustworthy, so I’m posting this for the people brave enough to give it a try.

insists that this is a Beta version, and that you shouldn’t use it if you don’t have a pandora battery handy. This will only work on hackable psp 2000 models. If you have a ta88v3 or any other model (psp1000, psp3000, pspgo), do NOT attempt anything with this. This is a full custom firmware, so if you install this on an unhackable motherboard you will get a permanent brick.

Source: neur0n via twitter

Download: PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware Beta 2

Download: PSP Firmware 6.35

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