Apple puts iPhone jailbreakers in crosshairs

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Apple iPhone backside
apple iphone
Image by niallkennedy
The rear of the Apple iPhone.

2 megapixel camera on the upper left, chromed out Apple logo in the center.

Bottom of phone has an FCC pre-production warning and the "Designed in California" text.

Apple puts iPhone jailbreakers in crosshairs
Apple has applied for a patent covering various methods for identifying and disabling unauthorised use — including jailbreaking and other hacks — of electronic devices, such as its popular iPhone and iPad products.
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Stop Freaking Out: No, Apple Is Not Seizing Control Of Your iPhone
Just because Apple can shut down your iPhone if it’s gets jailbroken doesn’t mean Apple will.
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    All the type drawers bring back happy memories for me. Printing presses may be my madelines.

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