Q&A: apple iphone?

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Question by Jake W: apple iphone?
How much would you be willing to pay for a brand-new Apple Iphone after some1 waited in line for it but then decided to sell it?
Keep in mind the inconvenience and difficulty in getting one of these hot products on the first days of its release

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Answer by {wé ?øñ† ƒîgh† ƒåî®}
300-400 bucks? (canadian)

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  • Comment from mamou braghirn

    My favorite sports game of all time!!! I play with my son several times a week. We need 11!!!!!

  • Comment from laud

    That's weird,maybe it has a bubble of some kind trapped in it's shell.

  • Comment from dia

    how many facebook appz does he have ?!?!!??!!

  • Comment from misaya

    Posted via email from Password Incorrect

  • Comment from ston jack

    Go to Cingular's website, they have a place to insert your "work" e-mail address, not any .yahoo .hotmail .gmal, etc. It has to be a comapny issued e-mail, so use your dads. Once you insert it it will tell you if you qualify, and send a link to the e-mail you put in.

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