A Justin Bieber Clone Fail

/* Posted May 19th, 2010 at 8:23am    */
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Bored at work? Make sure to watch today’s stupid vid of the day!

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8 Responses to “A Justin Bieber Clone Fail”

  • Comment from kuer lea

    Most likely to smell OK

  • Comment from lakrempert cabalon

    thanks Leon for the link

  • Comment from wasmincape

    What are you five?

  • Comment from edo rowler

    My dad's joke was to ask if you wanted a Yankee dime
    If you said yes he pulled your hair the same way

    I didn't get that either

    I don't think he did either but he got to pull hair so I guess that was funny

  • Comment from pault kinsi

    cuz im so freaking bored , I'm going to give you some funny one liners to use when interacting with women

  • Comment from thaten pawi

    yuuup. And I'd watch it again. :) cuz its that funny

  • Comment from senon nikaert

    rebroze WindyWithBrains CFACT: lol! Too funny! RT omnologos After twitter bot story, this…

  • Comment from mus chagny

    @JoshGrillsItAll That's silly. It just isn't THAT funny.

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