Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 8/10/09

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iphone 3g stock photo trio

Get them now while they’re hot! These iPhone apps have been recently reduced to the recession friendly price of free! There’s no word when these app prices will shoot back up (usually these freebies are only good for a couple of days as app publishers try to get a little publicity) so make no delay and point your iTunes to the App Store and get to downloading!

  • Free the Apps!’ Flash for Free: Photo brightener
  • DeezApps’ iConvo: Conversation topics reference
  • VSO-Software’s GPS Body Paint: GPS-based movement game
  • MJ Labs’ oblah!: 1-on-1 anonymous online chat
  • Oh Wow Studios’ Travelholic Confessions: Travel information
  • Hurryforward’s Rounds: Determines who will buy the next round
  • KDSC Limited’s Good vs Evil: 2-player strategy game



2 Responses to “Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 8/10/09”

  • Comment from schnitzelr imbar

    You probably just didn't click the right button somewhere along the way. You go to the ipod button that shows up when it gets plugged in, then click the summary window. Click on "sync ipod", then make sure you select "all songs and playlists". This should work for you.
    To make a new playlist, all you have to do is go to "file" ans scroll down to "new playlist," which is the first one down. Then you can just drag the songs you want to put into it to the side. Wait until it's highlighted, then let go of the mouse. You can also do it by saving an "on the go" playlist you already created.

  • Comment from corvest

    pq nos EUA o ipod touch é mais caro que o Iphone 4??

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