Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 6/17/09

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Get them now while they’re hot! These iPhone apps have been recently reduced to the recession friendly price of free! There’s no word when these app prices will shoot back up (usually these freebies are only good for a couple of days as app publishers try to get a little publicity) so make no delay and point your iTunes to the App Store and get to downloading!

  • PaintPoker’s Pixo: Color-recombination game
  • Server Corporation’s Checkup: iPhone diagnostic
  • TweetDeck’s TweetDeck: Twitter client
  • Michael Curtes’s DRINK!: Drinking game
  • Toy Kite Software’s iSamurai Lite: 2-Player Sword Fight: 2-Player wireless sword fighting
  • Monitise Group Limited’s Mobile Money US: Mobile banking
  • DigiDNA’s FileAid: Document access



4 Responses to “Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 6/17/09”

  • Comment from a. p

    I'm not sure what you mean by "random", but Fring just released an updated version of its app which allows video chatting over WiFi and even 3G. Fring can interface with many services, including Skype. Just grab it from the App Store and see if it's what you're looking for — it's a free download.

  • Comment from kashjiana

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  • Comment from soojima

    i have the iphone 3G and im with rogers and i pay 62 dollars a month and i have unlimited texting and its actually unlimited and thats also picture and video messaging. i have unlimited evenings after 6 and weekends i have 500mb of data which is a lot. ! lol im always online on my phone and i never go over. and i have the my5 plan on top of that but it works out to be 62 dollars. they are not very expensive at all i had a crappy phone from koodo and my bill was always like 77 dollars and higher im paying less with my rogers iphone then i was paying with a crappy koodo phone lol. ! hope this helps :)

  • Comment from abnowicaut

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