Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 6/12/09

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iphone 3g stock photo trio

Get them now while they’re hot! These iPhone apps have been recently reduced to the recession friendly price of free! There’s no word when these app prices will shoot back up (usually these freebies are only good for a couple of days as app publishers try to get a little publicity) so make no delay and point your iTunes to the App Store and get to downloading!

  • Houdah Software’s ACTPrinter: Print to iPhone: Print documents to iPhone
  • Pepper Stuff’s BlackJack Teacher: Blackjack strategy teacher
  • Lentrica Software’s Bowman: Physics-based game
  • Signal Pattern’s Personality: Personality testing
  • theM Dev’s Morse Code Alphabet: Morse code reference
  • Slopware’s iBeg: Panhandling mimic
  • Enlume’s Password Manager: Password reference



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