Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 6/8/09

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iphone 3g stock photo trio

Get them now while they’re hot! These iPhone apps have been recently reduced to the recession friendly price of free! There’s no word when these app prices will shoot back up (usually these freebies are only good for a couple of days as app publishers try to get a little publicity) so make no delay and point your iTunes to the App Store and get to downloading!

  • Jamasan Software’s Laundry Pro Free: Clothing care explanations
  • Eyedip’s TWSS Junkie: "That’s What She Said" library
  • Game Crazy’s Game Crazy: Video game information
  •’s GeoCorder: Geotagging
  • Drive Thru Interactive’s Hello Vino: Wine Pairing Guide: Wine pairing information
  • LuckyG Media’s LuckyG: Chinese language practice



3 Responses to “Free Apple iPhone App Store Apps of the Day – 6/8/09”

  • Comment from demi divine

    the iphone rawks…but at&t i'm not so crazy about!

    i think it just comes in the one color

  • Comment from zilisinge

    Did you know that this is illegal. There is nothing differant from doing this and stealing from a shop. They are both stealing…

  • Comment from solitt zers

    iPhoneのApp Storeで50以上溜まったアップデートを一気にやってるんだが、1時間経っても終わらん。つーか動いてるのかな?

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