Mindy’s Daily Links – 2/19/09

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yelp being creepy
13 year old father..

young boys claiming to be fathers




5 Responses to “Mindy’s Daily Links – 2/19/09”

  • Comment from orius

    Gatau beh haha gue nyontek aja deh besok pasrah -_-RT Ape tuh artinya nes? Wwkwk T_T RT …

  • Comment from gas

    Please (Remix) (prod By Kajmir Royale) by Kid Ink feat. Picassho via @KajmirRoyale please listen 2 this!!

  • Comment from schwantham lica

    Super Mario Bros 3 beats all Xbox 360 games. LOL

  • Comment from zaga

    Great Video! Very Helpful! I took out the memory and forgot to replace it before trying to POST and got a little nervous when the power light started flashing. Inserted the memory and all was fine. I was easily able to follow your instructions exactly and the laptop works again. Postpones the cost of a new laptop for a while. Thanks for the great instructions. It took about 4 hours. I think I would have you do it next time as the little connectors are fragile indeed!

  • Comment from kadownalle pard

    You can check out Fact Check which is non partisan and
    1)calls a fact a fact
    2) outline when statements are out & out lies or just twisted to sound good

    You can also check out a website set up for Independent voters

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