UK raid seizes 1,800 flash cartridges

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South Wales Police raided a store in Cardiff seizing 1,800 Nintendo DS flash carts. The devices can be used for playing pirated games or running homebrew software. In the UK, the carts are illegal under the Trademarks and Copyright Acts. The 21-year-old suspect had imported the devices and was selling them both online and in-store. He had over 1,000 devices in his home. Many of them packed and ready to ship. Official statements by the Entertainment and Leisure Publishers Association claim that the hardware irreparably damages the DS handhelds (Which is full of shiet).

Update News: iPhone 3G unlock

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Switcheasy Rebel Capsule Case around the iPhone

Switcheasy Rebel Capsule Case around the iPhone

To appease people waiting for the iPhone 3G unlock, iphone-dev team member [MuscleNerd] did a live video demo this afternoon. The video shows him removing the AT&T SIM and putting in a T-Mobile SIM. After the switch, the phone shows no connectivity. He then runs “yellosn0w” in an SSH session with the phone. The phone then unlocks without needing to be rebooted and the signal bars appear. The final test shows the phone receiving a call.

The target for this release is New Year’s Eve and it doesn’t support the most recent baseband.


How to Add a Buffer Tab Explorer to Vim and GVim

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I like to type and have found Vim to be the best editor suited to my style. Although traditionally a Linux text editing tool, it’s been ported to Windows and is a great alternative to match the likes of TextPad, Notepad++, or my fave, Crimson Editor. However, it is missing one basic but major feature that all the other editors have: no tabs! Tabs make it easy to navigate multiple files open at the same time in the same window. While you can split the screen vertically and horizontally, it still doesn’t make up for the lack of a buffer explorer tab (buffers = files in Vim).

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Mindy’s Daily Links – 12/18/08

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bloody christmas

shoe at bush!

foot in baby’s brain

snow at the vegas strip!

in the news

bloddy xmas

Let Me Google That For You

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Try this


If you really want to have fun with Google, I’ve got one for you. Next time someone asks you a question they should have searched Google for rather than bothering you, here’s a little tool for you. Put their question in the box, like Google, and poke Google Search. A link will created for you to send them, or, even better, if you mouse below the link, you’ll get a button that says tinyurl. Click that. Then send them the link it gives you, so they don’t know you’re having fun with them by looking at the link. Click go and see what happens. Ha! They probably still won’t get it.

Mindy’s Daily Links – 12/17/08

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rom coms spoil love lives

not sprinkles..

Setup Windows Remote Desktop on Multiple Computers with Same IP Address

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If you’re geeky enough to be reading this blog, then chances are you’ve likely got more than one computer on your home network. Every geek worth his or her salt knows how to set up a Windows machine for remote desktop connections outside of the house, but not every geek may know how to set it up to work with multiple computers on the same home network, sharing the same IP address. Today, we’ll share with you the secret to get it to work with all your Windows computers and how to access them.

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Mindy’s Daily Links – 12/16/08

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120 feet of video art

Mindy’s Daily Links – 12/15/08

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George Bush gets a shoe

refrigerated versace beach

Mindy’s Daily Links – 12/12/08

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Free Shipping Day

white bread rest

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