PSP Firmware 5.0 to Have Screen Capture, RSS, More

/* Posted October 7th, 2008 at 8:55am    */
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Though it wasn’t really that long ago the 4.0 firmware was released (and hacked) for the Sony PSP, there are already rumors flying around about the upcoming 5.0 firmware. One of the major features will be something I’m personally looking forward to–the screen capture capability. Now when you want to share your in-game screenshots with your friends or online you’ll be able to easily (hopefully, since this feature is with Sony’s blessing), without resorting to custom firmware extenders and the like. This rumor could very well likely be true as the PS3 2.5 firmware is also rumored to have the same capability as well. Well I suppose two rumors doesn’t make something true does it?

The PSP 5.0 firmware update will also feature an enhanced RSS reader that can read and display text files. One last feature will be the ability to directly download from the PS Store to your PSP without needing to get your PS3 caught up in the middle.


2 Responses to “PSP Firmware 5.0 to Have Screen Capture, RSS, More”

  • Comment from mach schalvi

    [Ajuda] Alterar firmware original de PSP 2004

  • Comment from enrick gonn

    woo love u! other stupid chickhenr2 pic for phat didn’t work but for some reason urs did for me, YES! lol :D hacked!

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