Mario Kart Wii Infinite Blue Shells Cheat

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Apparently it’s possible to cheat at Mario Kart Wii during online game play. This video shows someone who starts off the race with a blue shell in his item box and a never ending supply of them after that. The video is pretty chaotic with a blue shell being fired about once every 5 seconds or so but keeps the race pretty close as the back wave catches up to the first wave of racers and vice versa as groups are nailed with an artillery of infinite blue shells. While we don’t condone cheating, it’s really pretty funny to watch. Especially at the end, make sure you watch it all the way through. Let’s all take a lesson from the video though, don’t use this cheat to get ahead and ruin other people’s stats. With great power comes great responsibility… mmm’kay Peter?


Mindy’s Daily Links – 9/11/08

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mass fainting at tanzanian exam

12 ridiculous dollhouses and doghouses

land and water

Super Mario a la Seth MacFarlane

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Presented by Burger King, yeah you read that right, Seth MacFarlane does a Super Mario short Bros in same style that has made Family Guy the wonderfully funny show that it is. I don’t care much for BK, but since this involved video game icon Mario and Seth MacFarlane at the same time, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it. It’s only two minutes of your time and totally worth it. It certainly gave me a good chuckle.


We Will Not Forget

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Android Developer Challenge winners, Android Market is up and Accessories Store goes live

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Google Andriod

Android Developer Challenge winners, Android Market is up and Accessories Store goes live

It’s been busy in the world of Android. In fact, so much has happened in the past week, we just had give you a little recap. Plus, there’s a few new things worth mentioning all you Android diehards are sure to appreciate. For starters, the winners of the Android Developer Challenge I were announced last week. Ten teams won $275,000 each and ten won $100,000 each for their interesting and useful application submissions. Just a few apps worth mentioning are cab4me, which helps you find a cab wherever you are GoCart, which allows you to scan product barcodes and compare product prices at local stores. There are many more, so be sure to check out the winners for yourself.

More Information


Large Hadron Rap – Rapping at CERN

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Just in case you guys missed it, here is the Hadron Rap. A rap song dedicated to what some are calling a dooms day device. The large Hadron Collider is supposed to recreate an environment right after the Big Bang. Initial tests on the device began today and they will actually start colliding protons Oct 21st…. WEEEE?

As a friend told me after reading about the Hadron…

Make peace with your God, family friends and fellow man now. And don’t forget to purge the pr0n from your computer in case it takes some and not all people… God forbid you be remembered as a perv by your survivors…


Mindy’s Daily Links – 9/10/08

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screaming frog 2
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peter sellers – she loves you
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birdie Read more »

The Simpsons Opening Sequence in Done in Lego

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A very faithful recreation of the Simpsons opening sequence using Lego pieces, a tiny bit of clay, and cheesy animation effects (in a good way) won YouTube user bulc96 $40 in a video contest. How can you animate in Lego? The clip is shot using stop-motion photography. From my calculations, that works out to be a super generous prize of about a nickel per hour of work. Good job!


Google Chrome Incognito Mode Allows Simultaneous Logins

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We mentioned earlier that one of Google Chrome’s nifty features is its incognito mode which basically wipes all traces of web browsing activity after closing the incognito session. As a by-product, you can actually use incognito mode to log in simultaneously to two separate accounts like Gmail for instance if you are logged in on the regular browsing mode as well. Since the cookies between regular and incognito browsing modes are maintained separately, you will be able to be logged in under two different accounts to pretty much any website you have an account on. Log in once normally, log in again with a different account but going incognito. Imagine the endless possibilities, like bidding against yourself on eBay or chatting with yourself on Google Talk! Fun!


Dell Pulls a wanna be Apple Air with Latitude E4200

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Thanks for bringing us back to 2007 guys!

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