Free Spore for iPhone or iPod Touch

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While i was surfing…I happened to stumble upon this:

The new spore for iphone and ipod touch

Password for the rar is “iphonearena”

What you need:
jailbroken iPhone/iPod from version 2.0 or higher
Cydia and install ‘OpenSSH’

You will need to FTP to your iPhone

How to:

1. SSH to: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework

2. Rename the MobileInstallation to MobileInstallation.bak. Always good to have things backed up, just incase

3. Now copy the patched file over with 0775 as permission

4. REBOOT!!!

5. Create folders on iphone. Many apps need a Documents folder in the root and mobile partition:

Create a “Documents” folder in “/Applications” and “/var/mobile” and set permissions to 777 or 0777.

6. Connect to the App Store and get download a free or paid app. If you do not do this you may get a synching error.

Other Game Links:

Crash Bandicoot and Super Monkey Ball


7 Responses to “Free Spore for iPhone or iPod Touch”

  • Comment from godsd3vil

    .ipa`s are not installed the same way as monkey ball and crash bandicoot.

  • Comment from Son Riku

    issue resolved

  • Comment from tony

    the patched file is blocked by rapidshare

  • Comment from bro dangdut

    ‘patched file is missing at ra’pidshare

  • Comment from Dave

    no, patched file is working at rapidsharre

  • Comment from Vera

    Patched file is missing: The file could not be found.

  • Comment from wolfi

    I work for Apple, and I can honestly say it is an amazing company! There is such a diverse group of people that have such passion for our brand, and are thinking of new ways to innovate every day. I love when people ask me where I work, I can proudly say Apple! (unfortunately, the response is.. "Cool! Hey, can you get me a deal on an iPhone/iPod!" LOL

    Do look into it, we would love to have another great person on the team!

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