Mindy’s Daily Links – 8/27/08

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phelps is sore winner

lotus look


mobile homes travel the world

ultimate speedbump

space food

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  • Comment from tehKenny

    Detailed notes, readings, assignments

  • Comment from Automotive News

    Daily Mail

    Thomas Magill plunges from 40 stories, survives by landing onto a car
    Thomas Magill survived as a result of crashing onto a parked car. According to eye witnesses, the 22-year-old Thomas Magill plunged from the apartment …
    Owner of Suicide-Smashed Car Is Miffed Asylum (blog)
    Owner Of Car Damaged By Jumper: “I Miss It. It’s My Baby.” Gothamist
    Dodge Charger owner upset vehicle crushed by suicidal fall New York Post
    The Inquisitr  - Gawker  - Telegraph.co.uk
    all 807 news articles »

  • Comment from friz kearter

    When the Chinese gymnasts aged two years in one year, and the new government documents were ruled to be correct and the old government documents were in error, then all is right in the world of communism, where the only rule is to win at all costs.
    If something is worth doing it is worth cheating so don't let a little thing like rules interfere with the competition.
    When judges look at a performance and give points, like figure skating, boxing, and gymnastics you will always have politics affecting the scores.
    I could care less about gymnastics, I don't watch it and who wins doesn't matter to me.

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