Warner execs claim anti-piracy behind “The Dark Knight’s” success

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Warner Brothers executives are claiming a huge win in the war against piracy was instrumental in ‘The Dark Knight’ becoming a huge hit. According to company representatives they spent months ensuring that no copies of the film would disappear, and no one was recording it in Australian theaters in the two days it ran there before its US opening.

“One of the reasons why it’s so important to try to protect the first weekend is that it prevents the pirate supply chain from starting,” said Darcy Antonellis, president of Warner’s distribution and technical operations. “A day or two becomes really, really significant. You’ve delayed disc manufacturing that then delays distribution, which then delays those discs from ending up on street corners for sale.”

The problem with this reasoning is obvious. Tickets for opening day showings across the country were sold out far ahead of time. The record box office results were being predicted weeks in advance. Oh yeah, and people like the movie. It’s entirely possible that might have some sort of impact.

Eric Garland, chief executive of BigChampagne Online Media Measurement, was quoted in the LA Times saying “If the movie’s a stiff, and word gets out too early that it’s a stiff, it’s devastating to the business model.”

Maybe Hollywood should concentrate on the part of that equation where the movies don’t suck, rather than the part where people find out how bad they are.


Nintendo Sues R4 Maker

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Nintendo, along with 54 other companies, have launched an extensive new lawsuit against the makers and distributors of the R4 Revolution device that allows for playback of ROMS on the Nintendo DS.

The popular R4 device is a flash cart and MicroSD adapter that allows user to install the custom Moonshell software on their DS and then load ROMS onto the MicroSD card and play them back on the handheld. The R4 bypasses all Nintendo firmwares and loads the Moonshell allowing the game playback as well as music, movies and even classic system emulators.

Although the R4 can run all sorts of homebrew, most use it exclusively to play pirated games, and Nintendo has noticed. The new lawsuit hopes to stop the manufacturing and distribution of the R4 and among the companies supporting Nintendo are SNK, Capcom, Square Enix, Tecmo and The Pokemon Company.

Nintendo says the R4 is “causing severe damage to our company and software makers, and this is something that we cannot possibly overlook.”

The suit was filed in the Tokyo District Court and is using the Unfair Competition Prevention Law as its legal basis.


Mindy’s Daily Links – 7/29/08

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10 thngs to scratch off your worry list


world of gummy bears


Water Fountain Vortex Fountain


doggy style?


‘World’s Cheapest Laptop’ Now Available

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The average cost of a laptop is about $700, so who would think that someone can purchase a laptop for $130! Yes that’s right $130.

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iPhone 3g Availability Checker, Updated Nightly

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Looking for a iPhone 3g? Use this tool to check for the latest updates. Refreshed nightly at 9pm. Note that when the store opens, the information is removed.


MPAA Pays 15k to hire “Hacker” for Pirate Bay info

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The Pirate Bay Ship Logo

According to new court documents, it appears that the MPAA hired a hacker to reveal the identities of the administrators of the infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay, the same hacker who was found to be ‘spying’ on the torrent site TorrentSpy last year.

Robert Anderson, the “hacker” and the center of the new scandal was paid by the MPAA in 2006 to steal e-mails and trade secrets from TorrentSpy. Anderson later admitted to this but it was unknown that he was also asked to spy on The Pirate Bay.

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FCC votes to Punish Comcast for Web Neutrality Laws

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Two weeks ago we reported that the FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin was recommending that the ISP Comcast be punished for violating net neutrality laws.

It appears now that most members of the FCC have voted in favor of Mr. Martin’s proposal and that Comcast will be facing some sort of punishment soon.

Comcast is the United States’ largest cable company but has been in the news over the last year for violating net neutrality laws by throttling BitTorrent traffic and not allowing its users free access to the Internet.

Three out of the five commissioners have already voted in favor of the punishment, which is obviously a majority. However, the remaining two commissioners still need to vote for the decision to be final. That should be completed by August 1st.

Chairman Martin did note however that any punishment would not include a fine. It will most likely “require Comcast to stop its practice of blocking; provide details to the commission on the extent and manner in which the practice has been used; and to disclose to consumers details on future plans for managing its network going forward.”

“I continue to believe that is imperative that all consumers have unfettered access to the Internet,” Martin said today. “I am pleased that a majority has agreed that the Commission both has the authority to and in fact will stop broadband service providers when they block or interfere with subscribers’ access.”


China Blue High Def DVDs!

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Shanghai United Optical Disc has announced that the first CBHD (China Blue High-Definition Disc), formerly known as CH-DVD (China high definition DVD) production line as been established and is ready to begin production on the format.

Volume production is set to begin in the Q4 2008, for the Chinese market exclusively at first and then moving to other parts of Asia later.

However, many optical drive producers in Taiwan feel CBHD is already a dead format and will not be able to compete against Blu-ray, in China or elsewhere. They did note however, that DVD production lines can be refitted to manufacture CBHD for $800,000 USD, much cheaper than the estimated $3 million USD price tag it costs to set up BD production lines.

The sources also noted that royalty fees to produce CBHD players is almost half that of BD licensing rates, about $8 USD.

The new format is also not yet supported by the major Hollywood studios and that should add to the new format’s disadvantages against BD.

MPAA Setting Up Website to help you find Movies!

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It looks like the MPAA has come up with a novel approach to getting consumers to stop downloading illegal movies on the internet. Well novel for them anyway. Instead of concentrating on lawsuits like the RIAA they’re apparently developing a website to help consumers find legal ways to watch movies.

According to an anonymous source the MPAA is building a new website where consumers can search for a movie and be presented with options to buy, rent, or view it legally. For example, a search for a movie that’s still in theaters might result in links to online movie ticket sites, while an older release would give you options for buying or renting the DVD, and perhaps others for downloading or streaming it.

Variety was reportedly told that the project was initiated after research showed that consumers often have a hard time distinguishing between legal and illegal sources for movies online.

Office Games: Ways to Kill Time at Work – Super Fun!

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Got nothing to do at work? Trying to kill some time? Well here are some fun and creative games to play at work. The games are based off a simple point system. The person with the most points at the end of the day wins a beer for each point that they are ahead by.

Distance Peeing

One fun game to play at work is distance peeing. Read more »


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