How to Hack your PSP to 4.01 M33-2 (The Easy Way)

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metallic blue madden psp bundle

UPDATE (10-20-2008): 4.01 m33-2 is NO LONGER the latest hacked PSP Firmware. The newest one is 5.00 M33-3 and can be found HEREHow to hack the PSP.

So if you just bought a PSP and want to get into custom firmware, this is the right place to be. If you already have custom firmware on your PSP and just want to upgrade to 4.01, skip below to the 4.01 section. Update: This works on the new blue Madden PSP as well!


1. PSP Pandora Battery
2. Memory Stick Pro Duo (64mb to 8gb TESTED so far – any will do).
3. psp-grader-v005-lite-setup
4. Official PSP 3.90 Firmware.

1. Install PSP Grader on your computer.

2. Run PSP Grader and select the location of the 3.90 firmware and drive for your memory stick

3. Hit run and let the program create a “Magic Memory Stick” for you.

4. Your Memory stick is now ready, insert the Pandora’s Battery whilst holding the L should button on the PSP. Once the IPL has loaded on the PSP simply press the X button. Wait. After around 1 – 3 minutes the Flash shall be done, press X to shutdown the psp, it is now safe to remove the pandora battery. Its is very important to just wait and not switch off the PSP or remove the Memory Stick or Pandora’s Battery, it could result in a brick if you do not wait.

5. Once that is done, you can format the memory stick with your psp to use to load games. Games are normally loaded in the “ISO” folder. you need to hit select on the PSP to get the ISO mode correct. Use the “Sony NP9660″ one.

This was the easiest way I could find to get the PSP to 3.90 m33-3, from there you are going to just run two more updates to reach 4.01-m33-2

Steps to finish the hack to Version 4.01….

If you already have custom firmware you can skip the steps above and jump directly here.

1. Download the following files:.
a. 401-m33 (Hacked firmware v4.01 m33-1)
b. 401m332 (Hacked firmware v4.01 m33-2)
c. Offical PSP 4.01 Firmware.

2. Extract the 401-m33 files and the official 4.01 firmware update. Rename the 4.01 official update to 401.PBP and then copy it to the 401-m33′s extracted UPDATE folder.
3. Copy the UPDATE folder to the memory stick on your psp to the following location: “/PSP/GAME/”

4. In your PSP go to Games, and then run the update. This will take your PSP to version 4.01 m33-1

5. Delete the UPDATE folder you just created in “/PSP/GAME/”.

6. Extract the 401m332 file and copy the extracted UPDATE folder to your PSP memory stick under “/PSP/GAME/”

7. In your PSP go to Games, and then run the update.

That’s it. You are all patched up to the latest version of the time of this posting!
There is also an add-on pack to this firmware that gives the PSP additional features like Screenshots, video capture, etc.
That can be found here:

How to take Screen Shots of PSP Games and More

Also if you are looking for a jump start to getting emulators to run on your PSP, you should check out:
Capcom CPS2 Emulator for the PSP Slim and also
Capcom CPS1 Emulator for the PSP Slim. Those two articles should atleast get you on your feet.

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169 Responses to “How to Hack your PSP to 4.01 M33-2 (The Easy Way)”

  • Comment from jason

    wow worked great, now my blood red psp is rrady to go! Thanks a bunch guy

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    I skipped to 4.01 m33-2 directly without going through the 4.01 m33-1 steps and it worked. The process is exactly the same except you use the 401m332 package with the official firmware instead of 401-m33. Thanks for helping me get Skype and Google search on my PSP!

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  • Comment from phongthan

    3. Hit run and let the program create a “Magic Memory Stick” for you.
    —> should It be click on create pandora stick?
    thanks for the hard work.

  • Comment from Luis

    This is the greatest guide ever created! It is the simplest and most direct guide I have stumbled upon hehehe. Since I’m new to this, I’m going to need you to clear up somethings for me. Is PSP grader compatible on a Vista or should I do all of this using an xp? Will this work on an OFW 3.95 Slim? Are their any chances my psp will brick even if I follow everything word for word (3.71M33 bricked everyone I know heheheh! :) Lastly, on step 3, should I click on create pandora stick? – just making sure. Sorry for asking alot of dumbass questions but this is the first time I’m going to do this and I’m quite nervous hehehe :P.

  • Comment from Son Riku

    Hi luis, I ran this on a windows 2003k server machine and know it works on Windows XP. I havent tried it on Vista yet, but my guess is that it should also work there as well. I actually hacked 3 3.95 PSP’s last week so it will work no problem on that firmware. I dont really think there is any chance of you bricking your PSP as long as you have a Pandora Battery. If you F up, with a Pandora Battery, you can always bring it back to almost any firmware

  • Comment from mldk

    i tried to install the 4.01m332 version on my psp that already has the official 4.01 version. but it gives me the error 80020148 !!!!!!!. somebody help me!!! please send me an e-mail to !!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I have sony firmware 3.93 and want to upgrade to 4.01 m33 do i need to have pandoras battery?

  • Comment from jason

    if you are running the official sony firmware you will need a pandora battery. The only time you dont need one is when or if it was already on custom firmware and unlocked

  • Comment from Tony

    dude thanks you helped me fix my brick psp

  • Comment from Karl

    Are there any firmware revisions that this method will not work on? I am running official firmware 3.90 so would this method be safe to apply? Thanks for the guide!

  • Comment from Karl

    Ok I read the previous comments (stupid me) and successfully installed 3.90-M33 from official firmware 3.90. I agree with Luis that this is the best guide I’ve ever come across!

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  • Comment from Jim

    When my PSP is breicked and I don’t have a magic memory stick (because I formatted it to use it as a normal one) can I still create one with my bricked PSP an the PSP grader? If yes, then it should be no problem to unbrick the PSP by installing the CFW again as described, right?
    Thanks for your help… and no, my PSP is not bricked … yet ^^

  • Comment from Son Riku

    if you already installed a CFW, it is not possiable to brick you PSP anymore, the CFW installed a recovery mode for you.

    To get to recovery mode:
    Hard shut down your PSP (I like to turn it off then pull the battery out, then put it back in)
    Hold “R” trigger and power on to go into recovery mode

    If your psp is bricked, you need some sort of device to write to the memory stick, as long as you have that, you can create a magic memory stick with the program listed above

    Hope that helps.

  • Comment from Jim

    @Son Riku
    Thanks for your help. That means the PSP is not needed to create a magic ms, right? I can use the prog, as long as I have a card reader or something like that to connect the ms to my PC.
    That means there is no risk at all, right? I never used CFW so far, because I always thought that my PSP is ruined for ever when it’s bricked ^^

  • Comment from Charles

    my psp update version is 3.4 but the 4.01 upgrade requires a minimum of 3.52 does that mean that the 4.01 update is not applicable to me?

  • Comment from Jay

    To run in vista right click on psp grader and run as administrator

  • Comment from Nobita

    Hi, pls help me.
    I have just bought PSPJ-20003, Datel Battery Tool Marker and 4G Memory Stick.
    I had followed this guide to make Magic Memory Stick (MMS), and make Pandora Battery by using Datel Tool Marker. But when I put my MMS and put pandora battery to my PSP, the power light is on, but it does not boot to servie mode, no recover menu appear.
    I also try to keep L button, as well as R button, but result is the same.
    Could anyone help me? How can I do to make my PSP boot to recovery mode.
    Many thanks. (sorry for my english)

  • Comment from Miguel Angel

    Hi everyone,
    My PSP had a 3.80(its hacked)version and I was updating it to the 4.01 through the internet, after that when the update was installing there was an error and after that it dont want to do anything only the power turn on and then it goes off… Can someone help me with this? please… I hold down the R but it still dont work… can someone tell me what I can do? please… thnx in advance

  • Comment from jason

    if you can get into recovery mode you are going to need to bust out your pandora battery and reload the cfw

  • Comment from DA DON1 ONE


  • Comment from phongthan

    trying to upgrade from 3.71m33 to 4.01m33-2. It gave me error about idstorage only on phat PSP. has any1 seen that b4?

  • Comment from ABZ

    I NEED HELP i dont get it i do everything it says no go i have the same problem as norbita

  • Comment from timmy

    people that are having problems what Exactly is happening and where/when does the error happen. it is very hard to even try t figure out what went wrong with the comments you guys entered. so this problem is only happening on psp fats?

  • Comment from eric

    pls help me?
    i had ofw 4.01..
    how can i downgrade to 3.90m33 or upgrade
    to 4.01 m33?

  • Comment from Jason Kimberson

    Howto: Fix idstorage keys


    “The keys are various settings stored in the flash. They are mostly low-level stuff that concerns the operation of things like the USB and WLAN. Screwing up the keys can result in the USB not working quite right, the WLAN hanging, brightness issues, or low battery issues. Generally, you don’t want to mess with the keys. TA-082/86 PSPs need one key to be modified in order to run the 1.5 kernel. Old downgraders messed with more than that one key.”

    So did the downgrader that I used to downgrade my PSP from firmware 2.71 to 1.5. Corrupted idstorage keys were the reason why psplink didn’t work for me when I first played around with it. It took me a while until I figured out that using the first version of the downgrader for TA-082 models was the reason.

    User ChillyWilly from the eXophase forums released his application KeyCleaner that “[...] shows the state of the IdStorage in your PSP, and makes corrections to common problems caused by the old downgraders (TA-082/86 only).”. KeyCleaner is able to restore all keys but key 0×43 automatically. To restore the key 0×43 you need a dump of the non corrupted value. You should be able to aquire a good key 0×43 file from the net, a good PSP, a friend, etc. You can download the recent version of the application:

    That is the way ChillyWilly recommends to fix the keys of your PSP:

    Run keyCleaner
    Choose Dump the keys (just in case). That gives you a copy of all the current keys in a folder called “keys” inside the KeyCleaner folder.
    Choose Fix without files. This should fix all the keys but 0×43.
    Acquire a good key 0×43 file from the net, a good PSP, a friend, etc.
    Make another folder in the KeyCleaner folder, let’s call it “good keys”.
    Copy that good key 0×43 file to that folder. Make sure the name is “0×0043.bin” or it won’t be recognized.
    Run KeyCleaner and choose Fix with files. Hit O on the PSP until you see the name of the folder at the top (remember we named the folder “good keys” ). Press X to select the “good keys” folder. This will fix key 0×43.
    Choose Dump the keys again. This will then rename the original dump to “keys0000? and make a new dump of your now good keys into the “keys” folder.
    As the application reads and writes to the flash of your PSP there is theoretically a change of bricking it. To reduce the risk of a bricked PSP make sure to read the README file that comes with the application and follow the instructions.

  • Comment from Jason Kimberson

    Eric, do you have a Pandora Battery? If you do you can follow the steps at the top of this page and it should work for you. Did you upgrade your PSP to 4.01 or did it come that way?

    There are a few newer psp’s out there right now, (VERY RARE) that have a new mother board that can not be hacked at this time. I do know that the new madden ones can with the older MB so I dont know how common it is.

  • Comment from bk8929

    I have official fimware 4.01 and I want to downgrade it to 1.5 cfw so I can enable windows media playback and flash player and also do more with my psp I’ve tried almost everything can someone offer some step by step help please it would be much appreciated!!!

  • Comment from bk8929

    My email is respond ASAP please.

  • Comment from timmy

    hey bk8929, what version of the PSP do you own?

    If you have a PSP Slim, you can not go back to version 1.5

    If you have a PSP Phat, you can, all you need to do is have a pandora battery and get the OFW of 1.5

  • Comment from ando

    i have madden just got it today, using it’s 1GB mem card… i did everything as intstructed and i have a pandora’s battery… only problem is that when i insert the battery with the memory stick, the green light comes on.. nothing else… i held the L button while inserting it… and still the it wont read the memory card
    What should I do?

  • Comment from timmy

    ok, leave the battery cap off, insert the mem stick into the psp, now take out the battery, hold down “L” keep holding it, while holding down “L” put back in the battery. The madden psp should have no problems being updated by this method. When you see a green light and your psp shuts off, that means you werent holding down “L” when it tried to read it, O YA, make sure your “Lock” switch isnt activated on your psp too, make sure the mem power switch is in the normal postion. The problem is either you didnt hold “L” down long enough of your power button is in the locked postion.

  • Comment from ando

    my psp doesn’t shut off… it’s only a green light… it doesn’t read the mem stick at all, coz the light for the mem stick doesn’t come up… what do i do?

  • Comment from ando

    an the hold switch is not activated

  • Comment from timmy

    1. Retry creating your PSP memory stick…?
    Maybe try another memory stick, run the program again see if that helps.

    2. Are you sure your pandora battery is working correctly?
    Don’t hold the “L” button, and then insert the battery, does it light up green then turn off? How did you make your battery?

  • Comment from ando

    it does not turn off… it’s just green… and it will not read the memory stick… no matter what button i push the memory stick wont read when the pandora batt. is inserted; the pandora battery was made by cutting off the ICO4 pin… it worked on other psp s before… i hacked my friend’s psp with the battery…

  • Comment from Ant3G

    This guide worked excelent for SLIM PSP on ofw 4.05

  • Comment from ando

    i dont want to upgrade my psp to 4.05 it was unneccessary… :( please help

  • Comment from Son Riku

    Hi ando,

    After reading all your comments, I am a little lost one what you can do. I will try to do some research and see what I can find. Seems like a pretty unique problem though. What I would do is try to borrow someone else’s battery and see if I could get it to run from there.

  • Comment from ando

    I’m returning it anyways… probably because i’m using the sony memory stick… the only problem is that, it will have a green light but it wont read the stick no matter what button i press

  • Comment from Enzo

    I have a bricked psp slim ofw 4.05
    Will this work on my slim?
    I tried unbricking it following somebody’s instruction, but when i install m33′s
    it just stops in formatting flash1..
    I’ll just try this out.
    Hope it will work.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    cool go pikkkkk

  • Comment from mikey bro

    my friend has 4.05 official firmware and he want to make it to custom firmware. Will your guide work because a lot of other guides are so complacted.

  • Comment from jason

    While i am not sure when you purchased your PSP, but if you PSP came base installed with anything other than OFW 4.01, this guild will work.

    Quick Ref:
    As long as your PSP is not a TA-88 v3.
    v3 comes (out of the box) with 4.01

    And if you read the comments above:

    Ant3G [September 1, 2008, 3:41 pm]

    This guide worked excelent for SLIM PSP on ofw 4.05

  • Comment from curtis

    do u have to pay for this stuff?

  • Comment from Js

    pay for what?

    YOu might need to get a pandora battery, but everything else should be free…

  • Comment from Daveyboy

    I have the Madden BLUE Edition PSP with 3.95…I ordered a Pandora Battery. NOW will this stuff work when I go to try this?

  • Comment from joebob

    my wife lost my ms adapter for my card reader on my pc.can i make a magic ms by having the ms in the psp and connecting with usb cable?or should i play it safe and get another one?

  • Comment from timmy

    Hi Joe,

    i think (95% sure) it should be fine to connect your psp and use it as a HD to make the memory stick.

  • Comment from timmy

    Daveyboy, as long as your psp didnt come pre installed with 4.01 (from factory, you can upgrade to 4.01 or past and it will still work), this method should work.

    When your PSP comes from the factory with 4.01, that means it is running the newest motherboard, and this method doesnt support that yet.

  • Comment from johnathan`

    i hav a question i did this and i hav a blue madden psp and when i put in the magic memory stick the only that light up was the power light thing but it looked off to me can u guys give me any advise on want to do on my psp to hack it please and thank you

  • Comment from johnathan

    CAn u makee a magic memory stick with a 4 gb

  • Comment from johnathan

    can some1 plz help!
    plz and thank you

  • Comment from timmy

    hi john,

    Yes you can make a magic mem stick with a 4gb mem stick, can you do me a favor and check what version your madden psp has, there have been resports of madden psps coming with the newest mother board, which means it is not hackable at this time. Go into tyour settings and check it in there, under system or something like that. If it has 4.01 then you are out of luck…

    Again this is only a problem with PSPs when they come from the factory with Offcial firmware 4.01. If you had a different firmware and upgraded, it should still work.

    If your psp has 4.01 and it came that way, i would recommend returning it, and trying again. The first wave of madden psp’s came with 3.95

  • Comment from adli

    ive a phat psp..
    its system info says 3.71 m33-3..
    so, is it ok for me to straight away hack it to the 4.01?
    reply ASAP pls!
    and also..
    can u give me a more thorough guidline pls.?

  • Comment from donald




    REPLY ASAP!@1@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Comment from abby

    hi there i have a fat psp version 3.90m33-3, so do i need a pandora battery and a magic stick to upgrade to 4.01 or can i do it directly with th software given above plz help

  • Comment from longan

    I have a psp with ofw 3.80, 4GB memory stick pro duo, and I just bought the pandora battery.
    I followed the steps above, and nothing happens
    The questions are:
    1. Do I need to charge/recharge the pandora battery?
    2. When creating the magic stick, I do it by connecting the usb cable from psp system to computer, is this necessary? Or do it outside with the memory card reader?
    3. After creating magic stick and insert it to psp, do I need to turn psp off or on while inserting pandora battery? because I tried with both ways, the screen is blackout
    4. The AC power supply is always plugged in, is this right?
    I don’t know what to say, because my psp has not been bricked so far after I did several times of doing those steps above.
    Please help me with this, and thank you all

  • Comment from swirly

    nice guide! 5/5

  • Comment from Metalic

    I have a Madden blue psp slim and a 1gig pro duo ms and a 4gig pro duo ms. Im using the 1gig sony ms. Do i have to use a sandisk ms for this to work?

    my second question is my psp came with ofw 3.95 do i ahve to update it to 4.05 ofw for this to work?

  • Comment from longan

    I have a psp 3.80 ofw, 4gb memory stich pro duo(made in Japan), a pandora battery. I followed steps above, and nothing happens
    Do I have to upgrade my psp to 4.05 ofw, and downgrade it.
    How to I downgrade my psp 3.80 ofw to 1.5 using pandora battery?

  • Comment from Metalic

    adding on to my first and second question above in the list, im hearing tht the Igig pro duo ms tht comes with the Madden Blue psp has been blocked by sony, so the ms can’t be turned in to a magic memory stick.

    so now im gonna have to use my 4gig sandisk ms.

  • Comment from TC

    Just have to say, thanks. I was able to install the custom firmware from the ofw of 3.95 to 4.01 m332 without a problem. Just wondering where to get iso’s now without going through torrents.

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  • Comment from Metalic

    Wow been tryin alot of other guides and programs but this one beats them all eay and fast. 5/5 guide shouts to the pplz tht made this guide i successfully hacked my madden psp slim.

  • Comment from RALPH

    how can i get back from 4.01m33-2 back to 3.90?

  • Comment from Son Riku

    hi ralph, all you have to do is reflash it to 3.90 instead of 4.01 m33

  • Comment from nullx3r0

    Do you have to have your pandoras battery charged in order for holding the L button to work?

  • Comment from jason


  • [...] Your PSP will not be able to directly play those illegally downloaded games right off the bat. You would need to install a custom firmware and load the games onto a Sony Memory stick.Here is how someone would go about doing that:… [...]

  • Comment from Miss Game

    Thanks. Work great. Updated from a 3.80 M-33. Your a pimp. Now I am running a 4.01 M33-2.


  • Comment from Miss Game

    I am trying to play MPEG movies on my PSP, with this upgrade. Why wont it work?

    I drug them into the correct folder.

    Help me. D:

  • Comment from Villuka

    Got a madden with 3.95 – Did the battery hard mod cutting the trace and the battery still work as original and charges like I would have done nothing. Almost went to the other side cutting, so the trace is completely cut. The battery is the one that came with the psp.

    Any ideas.


  • [...] ayuda como datos extra tenfo el FW original que es el 4.01 y encontre este tuto, creen que sirva? How to Hack your PSP to 4.01 M33-2 (The Easy Way) | Code Retard saludos __________________ ?ltima edici?n por jorgemetallic; Hoy a las 00:57:40. [...]

  • Comment from Metalic

    Villuka just throwing this out there, i recommend tht you just by a datel pandora’s battery tool for about 30 bucks.

  • Comment from sparti

    hey guyzzzz…!!! if this whole hacking thing doesn’t work out, will i be able to bring it bring it back as it was when i bought it?? =)

  • [...] una volta ricevuta la Pandora Battery, seguite i primi 5 punti del superlativo tutorial di CodeRetard (in inglese): tutti i software necessari sono direttamente scaricabili dal sito stesso, basta cliccare sui links [...]

  • Comment from c dragon

    can you do it on vista

  • Comment from prism

    hi, i have the madden blue edition. version 3.95 .
    so my main problem is i can’t play downloaded games since i need to use CFW. so i been reading forums re: how to hack psp. but i’m getting a hard time understanding it.
    can someone please explain to me what is a pandoras battery? so i need to buy one? what will i do with the battery that comes with the psp package?
    second, what is a magic memory card? is it an ordinary memory card? the one that comes with the package?
    third, what is the best CFW as of today?
    and lastly, whats the worst thing that can happen if i try to install a CFW and i failed? is it irreversible? thanks

  • Comment from Son Riku

    1. You can make a “Magic Memory Card” for any Memory Stick (Some say that the one pre packaged with the madden PSP will not work, can’t confirm)

    2. The easiest way to get a Pandora battery is prob to buy one. You can make pandora batteries from PSP fat batteries but that requires that someone already have hacked or FW1.5 PSP.

    Here is a link to a Pandora Battery on Amazon

    PSP Pandora Battery

    3. The best CFW still is 4.01 m33-2 at this current time.

    4. As long as you have a Pandora battery and magic memory set up, you can reflash your PSP as many times as you want without worries.

  • Comment from prism

    wow… thanks Son Riku,
    another thing, so its better to keep one memory stick acting as magic memory card? just in case? and as for the pandora battery? is that the one im going to use while playing? or just when intalling custom firmware? and after installation, i will use the same battery that comes with the package?

  • Comment from timmy

    the pandora battery is only going to be used for flashing and reflashing your psp, once you mod you psp, you can load software onto your psp to convert that battery to a normal battery or just keep it as a pandora battery. I just left my memory stick as a magic memory stick, but thats only to flash other peoples PSPs. You can make the magic memory stick any time you want, so that too isnt needed to stay. If you do it right you can always get your psp back by holding one of the trigger buttons when starting your psp. That will take you to restore mode.

    It is prefered that you use the battery that came with your psp

  • Comment from dman

    man this guide was the best i guide i found.I almost payed someone to do this mod for me today,until i woke up this morning and found this.Way to go dog!!!!thumbs up.

  • Comment from [Dj-ChOpIn]

    i bought a psp with 4.01 ofw…but it has a TA-88v3…..and this tutorial doesn’t function

  • Comment from Metalic

    TA88v3 cannot be hacked yet

  • Comment from phil

    hey, i have downloaded the programe to create a mms but the file is a .rar file and my computer dosent reconize that file. please tell me what to do! help!!

  • Comment from Son Riku

    you use a program called winrar to unzip or unrar rar files

    you can find it on

  • Comment from Hiaho

    Hey will it work with a newly bought psp or do i have to upgrade or downgrade it plz respond

  • Comment from Blake

    Works fine on Vista.

  • Comment from Son Riku

    hi hiaho,

    This will work on any psp that does NOT come from the factory with firmware 4.01 or higher. If you upgraded yourself to over 4, this will still do the trick. You dont have to be on any certain firmware to do this, you just can’t have a psp that came from the factory with firmware 4.01 or higher.

    The reason is psp’s that come from the factory with firmware 4 or higher use a different motherboard, and that motherboard has yet to be cracked, it doesnt really have to do with the firmware. The firmware just tells us what motherboard the psp has.

    Hope that clears things up

  • Comment from joe

    PLZZ help… i got everyting going right till i press create then a pop up comes and say’s access to program files/psp grader/injectipl.cmd is denied WHAT does that means i need help bad i have a blue madden psp
    i up graded to 4.05 it was a 3.95

  • Comment from joe

    its ok i got it….. thank you……. this site is the best whooo wooo got go play game c ya

  • Comment from as

    im having the sam problem as joe

    “i got everyting going right till i press create then a pop up comes and say’s access to program files/psp grader/injectipl.cmd is denied WHAT does that means i need help bad i have a blue madden psp
    i up graded to 4.05 it was a 3.95″

  • Comment from URGENT PLease

    when u say run what button do you mean to press on the PSP Grader program , please reply ASAP as i do not want to click the wrong button and f up my psp

    thanks in advance


  • Comment from Son Riku

    “as” did you use the memory stick that came with the blue madden psp?

    if so, please try another memory stick


    hit “create pandora stick”

  • Comment from as

    sorry i dont have the blue madden psp myn is psp-1003 if that any help and when i go to program files/psp grader the file it wants is missing >>injectipl.cmd<< is what it asking for thanks


  • Comment from sean

    All over the net there is the the 1.50 kernel add on for 4.01 M33 what does it do? Also will it still work even after I have updated to 4.01 M33 2 as I can’t get it to install due to the 150.PBP. Also i get 8200148 error msg when trying to play latest UMD’s such as FIFA 09 would that be because of the kernel add on not being installed or any other ideas please??
    thanks your guide is the clearest out there!!!

  • Comment from sean

    Hey have the kernel working now downloaded ofw 1.50 again from a diff source. Help needed tho please i’m running 4.01 M33 2 but FIFA 09 UMD wont load I just get 8200148 error. Most forums seem 2 say it should work with my cfw….. any ideas pls?

  • Comment from jason

    hey sean did you hit select and change the read mode to sony xxxx ?

    The 1.50 firmware add on is made for psp phats so that they can install home brew apps that no longer work on newer firmwares

  • Comment from sean

    Yeh tried the sony read mode and also m33.Still not working. The posts that said it worked were in america I think. Is there a difference in code between the Uk and USA disks maybe I should get it on import?

  • Comment from sean

    Ok cool I take it that includes emulators I might have a hunt for an nes emu…

  • Comment from Son Riku

    hey sean, i thnk you should try to get another ISO of that game to see if it works, sounds like you might have a bad iso

  • Comment from nafanny

    hi guys i have been reading some of you comments and would just like to add you guys said that you were having your memory cards not reading with green power light i think its because you got fake memory cards to check if its real got games/memory card press triangle then x and if its says magic gate supported then your alright i read somewhere that if you want to make a magicstick you need a pro duo that supports magic gate

  • Comment from nafanny

    can some 1 tell me i have just bought a phat psp with custom firmware 3.40 oe-a(and i have the 1.50 which is switchable in the recovery panel) how do i upgrade this i have the datel battery as i am going to fix a few peoples to play homebrew

    also my brother has psp running 3.03 how should i upgrade this 1 also can sum tell me what firmware i have to go through on both of them to get them to 4.01 m33-2

  • Comment from steven yuen

    can i upgrade myself using windows xp home without pandora battery and using just 32 mb memory card?



  • Comment from Son Riku

    if you psp is already hacked or modded, you should be able to run the update without the battery. If you are on orignal firmware, then you will need a pandora battery

  • Comment from Son Riku

    FYI, there has been a new update to CFW (custom firmware) The latest is now 5.00 M33

    Here is a link to it:

  • Comment from christian

    do u noe any ppl dat hack psp for other ppl .i afarid 2 do it myself , can u please help me find sumone 2 do it for ,and im willin to pay 2 get my psp hacked

  • Comment from Son Riku

    Hi christian,

    if you own a pandora battery, there is no way you can brick your psp. With the Pandora battery, you can recover your PSP anytime, so there is no risk. The pandora battery is basically a Sony service battery. The way it works is it tricks the psp into thinking its at a service center and allows updates to be installed. If you screw up at any point, you can always restore.

  • Comment from james

    Hi I have a problem I have a psp the Madden BLUE Edition PSP and I was able to hack it following the guide above and my younger brothers has the white psp and I did it to that one as well and yesterday I got the black psp-2001PB/98510 and I tried to hack it the same way as the other two but it didn’t work when it was in the service mode I put in the memory card and nothing happened what did I do wrong?

  • Comment from jason

    checkyoru black PSP to see if it came from the factory with 4.01 firmware. My guess is that it is, which means it is not hackable at this time because it has a new motherboard.

  • Comment from greftfv

    that is not tue his yous lyeng .his trieng to get somthing on your psp

  • Comment from tito

    so of if it came from factory with 4.01 firmware is totaly impossible to hack?! please tell me it aint so because mine came from warranty and im havin trouble to start up the pandora! please tell me theres a way

  • Comment from jason

    sorry to say, but if it came from the factory with 4.01 or higher, odds are that they are running with the new motherboard which isnt hackable at this time

  • Comment from mruiiz

    need help, when I run the create pandora stick an error appears it says access to path denied, please help

  • Comment from timmy

    hey, make sure the drive is the correct drive when you create the memory stick stuff

  • Comment from Juzar

    i tried to install the 4.01m332 version on my psp that already has the official 4.01 version. but it gives me the error 80020148 !!!!!!!. somebody help me!!! please send me an e-mail to!!!

  • Comment from juzar

    pls help me?
    i had ofw 4.01..
    how can i downgrade to 3.90m33 or upgrade
    to 4.01 m33? my id is

  • Comment from timmy

    hey juzar, right now you are out of luck, the new motherboard hasnt been hacked yet. Either return and exchange or just wait it out

  • Comment from waaaaazta


  • Comment from jason

    can you buy a second hand battery but it has to be older and made for the PSP phat. You then would have to get some software to change that battery into a pandora battery. The other way is to get any current battery (not psp 3000), crack it open and soilder two points together

  • Comment from Alex

    hahaha This is definitely not the easiest way to modify your psp into a custom firmware. thats all im gonna say.

  • Comment from Alex

    hahaha j/k…it is

  • Comment from John

    I have a Pandora’s battery and and magic stic to install 3.80 cfw, can I update the cfw to install the latest cfw without having to make a new stick?
    If so could some tell me how.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    how the hell i fucking hack ass hole

  • Comment from mohammed ali

    please i need your help, because i’m trying to hombrew my psp. it is a blue thin psp and the version is 4.05. so i’m asking if you guys can help me get my psp homebrewed?
    thnk you for your time and please write back soon as posible.

  • Comment from son ku

    hey i always wanted to hacked a psp. always wanted to download bleach and etc. i need some serious help. i just bought my football teamate’s psp for 30 dollars lol. had one before but effed it up. and the firmware on iit is. 3.4 uhm can u guys show me how to hack it so i can download games thats all thanks.

  • Comment from james


  • Comment from Gurpreet

    i hv got new psp with fw 4.01. how can i downgrade or upgrade to play games from my memory stick. Plz help me?mail me at

  • Comment from Tom

    Hi, I just recently bought the madden psp bundle. I beleive it came with the ver. 3.95. I want to mod it but I was stupid when i first got it and accidently hit it to update to ver. 4.01. I canceled it a little more than half way through. Now my setting say i have version 4.01, can I still mod it or do anything about that? THanks so much!!!!

  • Comment from Tom

    Hi again, also when i go to my game tab on the psp, I scroll down to the umd symbol and it says psp update ver. 3.95, what do you think that means or do i need to do that or is it nothing? thanks

  • Comment from Son Riku

    hi Tom,

    As long as your psp came with something less than 4.0 you should be fine. In the UMD that update file is the update file that comes with the game, you dont need to worry about that. If you follow the instructions above, everything should work out perfectly for you.

  • Comment from Son Riku

    hi James,

    you can make any of the older batteries into a pandora battery, but they have to be from the PSP-1000 series the new slim batteries can not be soft modded. If you wanted to mod a PSP 2000 (or slim) battery, you would need to take it apart and solider some stuff

  • Comment from Son Riku

    ali, psp’s that come with 4.0 or higher (which is yours) are not hackable as this time. Though there has been a break through in the last few days, there have been no releases yet.

    Son Ku, Just follow the instructions on the page and everything should work out for you.

  • Comment from Tom

    Thank you Son Riku. It must have, i really think it was 3.95 because i put the wifi on and it asked me to update and i hit yes and i am almost positive it was 4.01 because thats what my version currently is…

  • Comment from Tom

    if mine came with version 4.01 or 4.05 it wouldn’t ask me to update once i switched on the wifi and set it up right?

  • Comment from Tom

    Son Riku, hey I was reading an earlier post from you to luis( I believe it was the 6th post), you said you modded 3 slims v3.95 already? Were any the new madden blue slim psp? Thanks

  • Comment from adm_snackbar

    The new Madden blue PSPs are hackable.

  • Comment from Son Riku

    hi tom

    just try the hack, if you have a new motherboard and try to hack it, nothing will happen, and there will be no damange, it just wont work, so you really have nothing to lose to try it.

  • Comment from Tom

    hi i just returned the new madden psp and got the black slim. IT came with 3.95 firmware. I am unsure on how to get it modified. MY buddy messed with it and said it was modded but we are unable to get the games to play on it. It has the 4.01 m33 software on it at the moment. My buddy said i don’t need the pandora anymore because he did that part. ANy ideas on how i can get it going or fix it? Thanks…

  • Comment from Tom

    by the way my psp came with the 3.95 software…

  • Comment from Son Riku

    ya thats an easy fix, format the memory stick with your psp, then connect the memory stick to a computer and drag over the psp games to the ISo folder on the memory stick. On the psp, hit “Select” and change the ISO mode to “Sony NP9660″ GO to exit then try loading games from the memory stick in the games section

  • Comment from Tom

    you mean hook up my psp to usb to computer right? then open memory stick and move the files..?

  • Comment from Leonardo

    Please help me I need to hack my PSP 2001PB / 98510.

    Can anybody here help me with this PSP? I have try everything and when I put the Custom Battery the PSP is not turning on but then green led is working, please HELP!!!

  • Comment from tDgXnEo

    HI i have a blue madden psp official firmware 3.95 and i have apandoras battery+magic memory stick.
    Well not yet but will
    how do i make a magic mem stick(using ur guide) when my psp is not connected 2 psp
    ALSO i was wondering if i need a phat PSP,cuz i only have a slim, 3.95 will ur guide work? THANKS

  • Comment from tDgXnEo

    Can some1 reply plz i need to no how to downgrade my psp 3.95 (slim) without using psp phat..

    PLZ how do i downgrade using a pandora battery? how to make a magic mem stick?

    Also psp grader doesn’t work on mympc PLZ PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPZL help PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ

  • Comment from luis

    i have a psp that came with ofw 4.01 is there a way to install 4.01 m33?

  • Comment from timmy

    to luis, psp’s that come with 4.0 or higher (which is yours) are not hackable as this time.

    tDgXnEo: just follow the instructions on the page

  • Comment from Pierre

    Hi i got the TA-88v3 Motherboards in maiden 09 edition psp. I upgraded yesteder to 4.05.
    Is is gonna work for me too?

    Thanks you a lot for any ansers

  • Comment from dae

    i dont know how to modify my psp 4.01 version and i cant find the modifier of that version.what should i do

  • Comment from dae erasquin

    i have my psp version 4.01 i dont know how to modify it and i cant find the modifier of that version

  • Comment from son riku

    tom, that is correct, but make sure when you hit select that you have it on memory stick mode for the USB select (after you modded your psp)

    tDgXnEo: do you have a memory stick reader? You can put the memory stick into the computer then run the program as listed above, this will format and change your memory stick to boot up your PSP.

    “Also psp grader doesn’t work on mympc” What is the error you are getting???

    dae: If your psp came with anything higher than version 4.00 you are our of luck right now, there is no hack for newer PSPs yet.

  • Comment from MAC

    i have a Blue Madden PSP and it comes with 4.01 firmware i want to have it donwloaded a software of M33-1, i already tried the procedures above but it doesnt work. it says “CORRUPTED DATA”.What shall i do? please help. email me thanks.

  • Comment from puppy

    if i don hv any requiremants ,how can i modify it?i still got any way to solute it?my psp model is version 4.01. pls email me ya..

  • Comment from clintgardner

    when I’m trying to create Pandora stick but it saying access dined please help me

  • Comment from gen

    good day… i need little help, my son got his psp 2k edition 4.01 version… he wants to have lots of games in there, all i know is that its not yet ready to be downloaded with games… please i need some help..

  • [...] worked. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra one though. I used the PSP Grader method to flash mine. Here’s the instructions for that, it worked and was really easy to do. The way in the video might be [...]

  • Comment from nate

    ok quickly get back to me… my friend gave me her psp to mod and its a blue madden one and it wont load the ipl off the stick ive already hacked 3 other black 200 psps and they work fine but this is pissing me off

  • Comment from Shan Khan


  • Comment from Rich boy

    Why dont you just buy a goddamn game from the store so you dont have to do all this kinda bullshit.. If you dont want to buy games poor fellas then dont buy the psp itself, buy a tetris game or whatever that doesnt require you to buy a game constantly.. If you dont have the money to buy a game why dont you concentrate in finding a job you bum.. Quit acting like a geek and start your life right..Fair enough!!

  • [...] This is the method I found to be the easiest, combining tips from sites like PSP Slim Hacks and Code Retard. Note that this is customized for the PSP Slim, which is the only PSP you can go out to stores and [...]

  • Comment from blue psp maniac

    It didn’t work…
    it said that the updater is corrupted…
    can someone help me

  • [...] 0 This Post is Semi outdated, the improved post is here: Hacking the PSP to 4.01 m33 [...]

  • Comment from satti

    Just go in iTunes with your iPod plugged in and hit update. otherwise, you have to hold down the SHIFT key and click update and select the .ipsw that you downloaded

  • Comment from rebert

    thats wierd because thats how i do it on mine and it works fine =/
    hope everyhting works out

  • Comment from podu trizah

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    apenas R$ 398,00. Brinde, um cartão de 2 Gb de memória. Confira
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  • Comment from KyLe

    Tnxx Dude!!!!

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