Nintendo White GameCube Controller: Wii White Edition

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GameCube controller white Wii Nintendo

With Super Smash Brothers Brawl just out and the Mario Kart Wii release around the corner, there’s suddenly renewed interest in the old GameCube controller for those who want to game without using the Wii remote. In response, Nintendo will begin re-selling the GameCube controller, but this time in white to match your Wii. This is great for those gamers who just hopped onto the Nintendo bandwagon with the Wii and find themselves without any old GameCube controllers but still prefer using it over the Wii remote and don’t want to buy grimy one’s off *ugh* eBay. It’s also great for those hardcore gamers who just must have four white GameCube controllers to go with their white Wii. The cord is a luxurious 3 meters, a whopping 50% longer than the original. Pricing is $20, however it’s currently only to be sold in Japan so be ready to pay an “import” tax. Ready? Then get for $24.90 at


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  • Comment from trewickali igle

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  • Comment from enc

    the dsi has a built in camera and with the camera you can draw on pics, see how related two people are, etc. i think you should buy the dsi, it is much better and they come in nicer colors

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