Samsung and Adidas to compete against Nike+iPod

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Samsung and Adidas have announced the launch of the miCoach workout tracking system in an effort to compete with the popular Nike+iPod program jointly run by Apple and Nike.

miCoach will combine the Samsung miCoach mobile phone with “a heartrate monitor and stride sensor to provide accurate feedback about workout activities.” There was no word on pricing yet but the system will be available in Europe beginning next week.

“miCoach is the most advanced interactive training system in the marketplace, blending sophisticated mobile technology with the most advanced in sport innovation and training,” added Eric Liedtke, VP of Adidas Brand Marketing. “The uniqueness of miCoach is that it collects and analyzes personal data and then customizes training plans based on your fitness level and specific goals, while giving you real-time feedback during your workout via the miCoach phone.”

The mobile phone in itself has good specifications without the heartrate monitor or stride sensor including seven colorways, a 2 megapixel camera, 1GB memory capacity and a slider portion.


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  • Comment from scheusle water

    Apparently you don't.

    First of all, you can't use a phone as a modem if you are not paying specifically for the service. This would mean that you would have to either purchase the service beforehand from t-mobile, or that t-mobile would provide you with a way to purchase it for a monthly fee at the time you turn it on.

    Second of all you would have a disc with the connection software to install on your computer. Your phone would have come with this disc, and it would have been a separate disc… all by itself.

    Third of all, this is a Camera Phone with extra features. It doesn't even have WiFi to connect to your home network. You have to use the widgets it comes with and you can't add more. It is not a Windows or Palm OS phone. This is a phone you can take and process pictures with, that has the ability for limited web browsing, text messages, playing music… things like that.

    Fourth of all, the documentation that came with the phone would include instructions for how to use it as a tethered modem, if that was one of the abilities of the phone. However, you saw NOTHING about that in the documentation (you did read the manual,right?) but for some reason, assumed that it has this function but the details were just left out?

    Sorry. Next time, explain the features you want in a phone BEFORE you buy it, so you can get a phone that will do what you want. Don't just buy the one that looks neat.

    end of line

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