What is a home thearter PC?

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A Home Theater PC, or HTPC, is a computer used to watch movies, television, or other video in a home entertainment setting, usually connected to a television and home theater receiver.

A HTPC may simply use basic media player software with a standard mouse and keyboard interface. However, most modern HTPCs use media center or PVR software designed for use with a remote control. The interface is similar to dedicated DVR and satellite/cable receiver boxes, although more features are generally included. Although there are more software options for Windows computers, HTPCs can be built using both Linux and OS X workstations.

A typical HTPC includes a video card with some type of TV Out signal, either analog or digital (or both), as well as a sizable hard drive for storing media files. A DVD-ROM drive or DVD burner may be used for DVD-Video playback. Watching or recording from TV requires either connection to a terrestrial, cable, or satellite receiver or a add-in card or other peripheral with a built in receiver.


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